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Sep 15 2010
Munich, DE / Olympic Stadium

'I can't wait any longer for your love/ Praying the night will come quickly...'

They've played it live barely a handful of times and yet tonight the Olympic Stadium in Munich sang the beautiful ballad North Star back to the band. 'That would be the internet,' surmises a surprised Bono. 'That's an unexpected surprise - Thank you. That's our love song to the universe...'

And tonight was a bit of a love song to Germany, to Munich and especially to the gifted health professionals who helped Bono recover from injury earlier in the year. Frankly they're the reason we're all here tonight. 'This is a very special city to this band and to me personally. Without the good doctors and nurses of University Hospital, I would not be standing here, this tour would not be happening...'

'It's a funny thing but if you're a rock star or a film star or a sports star, people think of you as heroic just for doing the thing that you love - but we are not heroic, nurses and doctors are truly heroic.This is the best city in the world for physicians.'

Doesn't take much imagination to sense the ovation that received, after which Bono took a moment to thank Professor Tonn who performed his back surgery - and is in the audience - and Muller Wolfhart and Klaus and Imke who also worked on his recovery.'

The 360 Tour has had a great time in Germany over the last couple of years - ever since the German Music Awards way back in the Spring of last year. Not only were we in Berlin and Gelsenkirchen for shows last year but we were back to play at the Brandenberg Gate to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and this year again with shows in Frankfurt and Hannover before reaching Munich.

'So this is Wednesday night in Munich,' reflects Bono, at the end of Until The End of the World. 'This is the right place to be at the right time - good luck with the match!

'This band has been coming to Munich nearly as long as Oktoberfest and we are 200 years old in November,' he digresses, before revealing that he'd been trying to think which band member is which beer: Augustiner (Edge?), Bockbier (Larry?), Radler (Adam?). 'I'll stick with the Guinness if that's okay...'

As for the match, this was the opening Champions League fixture between Bayern Munich and Roma and sensing that more than a few of the crowd tonight are wondering about the score, by the time the band are back on stage for With or Without You, Bono is wearing a Bayern Munich shirt and can announce the result. (Two nil to the home team, as you ask). Beneath the crazy glass roofed stadium, there was always the threat of another downpour tonight - Edge has a new cover over his amps for extra protection - but if the rain arrives during 'Mothers of the Disappeared' and continues through 'Walk On', it is soon gone and we're not to be drenched as in Zurich.

Sure we get some more rain at the end of the show but as usual a bit of weather can't dampen the spirits of fans who've waited for this band for so long. 'We've had an incredible 2 years in this country,' says Bono before dropping in another snatch of 'Singing in the rain' during Moment of Surrender.

Seemed like everyone here was singing with him...

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Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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You touched my heart
I have seen your show in Berlin last year and it was by far the best concert ever. The Munich show touched my heart even more. Miss Sarajevo and Mothers Of The Disappeared made me cry because of my memories when I served as a peacekeeping soldier in Sarajevo in 1998. Your music helps me to deal with the nightmares I got when serving in Afghanistan. Thank you guys! You probably save my life.
From Phoenix to Munich with Love
My sister and I were in Dublin last summer and thought Croke Park was fantastic, Munich by far topped it!!! What an amazing crowd. The fans in Germany were great, the band was totally on fire not to mention it was my cousins first concert. After the show he said we ruined him, how will any show ever live up to this one!! I told him just wait till the next tour!! Thank Munich for an amazing time. Well worth the plane ride from Phoenix AZ.
Great show...
thank you so much for everything.
Munich went crazy!
Brilliant gig as always, love the new songs! People went crazy with the first riff they played! U2 are everything to me! U2! Until the End of the World!
Danke for a really amazing concert!!! Mercy and North Star were a fantastic surprise and playing Mothers of the Disappeared, one of my all-time favorites, moved me so much!! I really cant wait for the next album, and pleeeeeeease include those two songs and Glastonbury on it!!!
Olympic Hills
Hello there! I was at the Berlin show last year, in the inner circle right in front of the stage and it was amazing. This year in Munich I decided to watch the show from one of the hills surrounding the place and that was very special too.. I could see the "spaceship" and the lightshow as one thing which I couldn´t in Berlin, - and it was mindblowing. I loved the setlist, especially the brand new songs. The atmosphere on the hill was great...U2 fans know how to party. :-)
Mercy in Munich
WOW! What a show... The band is taking some major risks with the setlist on this leg. Amazing to hear Mercy and North Star in the set. Mercy was made for stadiums and just oooozzzedddd U2isms... Bono was in fine form, fine voice, and fine humour. Even flubbing a few lyrics along the way which only added to the show. Loved Bono calling Adam a Radler beer. A show better by design. Perfect.
wonderful night
It was such a perfect concert, I didn't even care about the weather, it was much better than what I expected, I had a very, very, very great time and I hope that I can go to other concerts - if not in this tour, but the next one. I really loved the new songs and I was so happy that I could hear Miss Sarajevo live - it's one of my favorite songs. I didn't even mind the terribly huge crowd on the public transport with the memories of the show in my head.
best show ever
it was my 3rd concert of U2 in munich and everytime i think, this could not getting better, BUT they did it again...im still flashed, could not believe what i saw. this was not from this planet it was the best concert i have been! THANK you guys for create this band. thank you for doing such a good job and i hope you guys will never stop beeing U2!!!! Thanks for mercy, thanks for north star!!!! looking forward to your next stop in munich-i hope it will not take 5 years again ;o))) u are still the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
i have been too many u2 concerts,came from southampton england to munich for the concert,great concert glad the sound has been sorted,awful at first night wembley last year.highlight has too be bono singing amazing grace then into where the streets have no name
Baby, baby, baby....
thank you guys for playing MY song <3 and omg thanks for mercy, north Star, I will follow...!!!! this is the best U2 concert I have ever been to!!!
Gracias totales
I've been to many concerts of U2, but this was incredible! The sound, images, walkways, ufff .... too much! Thank you very much U2 for giving us this opportunity to continue to see them live, davoxs...
Just home
Had been in Edinburgh for two days until yesterday lunchtime. flew from there to Munich. Got to the seat at 8.45pm and met some friends who live there. Wow was it good. Saw four shows last year, but the sound, the strong voice, the togetherness of it all. End of the World was as good as it was on Zoo. the Edge was sensational, and to hear Miss Sarajevo live for the first time... well.....Just walked in home in Dublin to check what was on the site. What a great night out AGAIN. Keep going. See you in Tampa next year. and maybe a couple of other ones if I can get a pass!!!
Magnificent Munich
Just arrived back in Scotland & have to say the gig was superb. U2 were in brilliant form and Bono was really up for it! Ok, we didn't get Bad, but it didn't really matter. Nice to hear the new songs too - some really great tracks in there! "Singing in the rain"
Thank you for the fantastic evening, will never forget ! Special thanks for Mercy and Ultraviolet , C ya soon !!!
Keep us dreaming.....
Thank you for that great experience! A great gig in a great stadium with an amazing crowd. It was a perfect night to dream, to enjoy and to relax and all the stress with the traffic was forgotten as they entered the stage. My highlight was 'Mothers of the Diappeared', it's such a heartbreaking song but sadly so true in our world today. Wish that such a concert would last forever...keep us dreaming....
Please come back to germany next summer!!!
Don't let us forget
Thanks to U2 for the great show, thanks to the people in munich which really enjoyed it and thanks to amnesty international and ONE for information. But, don't let us forget Aung San Suu Kyi, which is part of the U2 show, after the tour is over. She ist still under arrest, she is still fighting for her rights. Don't forget! Wish you all the best!
Did 1200 km in one day to see U2 at Munich... It was worth it... :)
you light my way
thanks for ultraviolet. what a night. what a band!! what a mess with the traffic, hahaha. thank you bmw welt for the parking. thanks to the people on their seats for such a huge la olà - it looked fantastic! ONE LOVE for U2 - forever and ever and ever!!!
AMAZING!!!! They rocked Munich!
This is my fourth U2 concert. I have to say I loved this one sooo much, plus i had standing seats right in front of the walkway on Adams side. I took the most phenomenal pics. One Republic was a great choice as the band beforehand and they just did an incredible job and really got the crowd going. The new songs Bono wrote and then performed were absolutely sensational and i didn't know them yet and not as Bono said heard of them through the internet, but I was able to pick up on them quite quickly. Such a great show!!! Most amazing band ever and i am so glad that the rain didn't drown the concert like it did 5 years ago. All in all: breathtaking concert! Best band ever!
...please please please!
Strike @ public transportation
You better start early on your way to Munich´s Olympic Stadium tomorrow as there is a strike infecting the subway, the bus service and the street trains... There should still be a lot of trains, busses etc running but keept the strike in your mind when you schedule your trip to the stadium.... See you tomorrow :-)))
tomorrow, I will breathe again.
after dublin in 2009 and zurich on last saturday, I would love to see ultraviolet tomorrow. would you make me cry? what a question. you always do. in a positive way.
heard that song in Munich in 1993, I hope to hear it again tomrrow! See you Munich!
BAD BAD BAD for Munich
Please take these requests for BAD and make the fans so happy. All would be so thankful :-) 1st time BAD on this Leg :-)
Not long now girls and boys 2 more days cant wait counting the minutes doesnt matter what they play it will rock
I was at the show in Zürich and i wish for the show in munich that the will play "Bad"...so special song!! I'm happy to be in munich for the show..:-)
from afar .....
I have at U2 in my blood since 1989 and I have crossed to from subamerica (Chile) to see them in Munich. I hope to arrive early in the morning to the stadium to enjoy every moment. I'll be with my flag of Chile, if I meet another compatriot. Viva U2!!!!!
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