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Oct 3 2010
Coimbra, PT / Estadio Cidade Coimbra
with Interpol

Introducing a new song from the stage in Portugal tonight, Bono said, 'In honour of last night and tonight... and the incredible welcome you have given us... we want to try something we have never played before. This could be interesting! This is Boy Falls From The Sky.'

This is indeed the song Reeve Carney performed on Good Morning America last week for the launch of Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark. The sixth new and unreleased track that the band have performed on this European leg, the reception from the 55,000 capacity audience was huge. But then maybe nothing would surprise us on a tour like this one. After a day of heavy rain, the skies had finally cleared in time for the band to take the stage for the second show here and although we'd all got soaked earlier, the welcome for the band was overwhelming.

'Thank you for making us feel at home, this Irish weather is perfect,' reflected Bono. 'There's been some bad weather in the economy for both our countries but it is not going to stop us being who we are and tonight is going to be one of the best nights of our lives.'

And so it turned out, all the way from a blistering version of The Return of the Stringray Guitar - what an inspired choice of opener that's become - to the final benediction of Moment of Surrender.

Can't stop without mentioning Bono leading everyone in the football chant after Pride which was pretty special and the moving segue into Walk On: 'A message of love from Portugal, Coimbra all the way to Burma. Do not give up, one day freedom will be won. Until that day we'll stand by you...'

Were you at this last-but-one show in Europe tonight ? What are the images you can never forget, the songs still ringing around your head, the moments you'll never surrender. Add your own review below and upload your photos.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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beautiful U2
the best concert ever! thank you for all these incredible songs :)
Great Show!!!
One word to describe it: BREATHTAKING!!! Great multimedia show, amazing voice, superb crowd...perfect night!
Wonderful night listening Fab Four
Thanks to the "Fab Four" for the wonderful night in Coimbra, october the 3rd. It was the dream come true
Thank You U2 For The Best Concert Of My
Best band in the world + Best crowd in the world (the portuguese!!!) = Best concert ever!!! I have no words to describe what happened in Sunday night at Coimbra Stadium! I only say that is worth each centime I have payed and that is worth the year I have waited for the concert! I beg to you to come back soon, you can make 2, 3, 4 or 5 concerts in Portugal that will always be sold out! Thank you once again for the amazing night you offer to all of us. PORTUGAL LOVES YOU!!! U2 - PERFECTION IS POSSIBLE!!!
Singing in the Rain
was a great great show despite the rain worth all the travelling to get there from the uk the portuguese crowd were amazing and made it a really special night
Best night of my life
They say that after the rain comes the sun, and that was absolutely true in Coimbra on Sunday. After hours waiting in the rain, the concert made our night into the most Beautiful Day ever saw. It was an unforgettable night! Thank you U2 for that!
Great weekend in COIMBRA!!!
Hey guys, Me and my (future) wife loved both concerts in Coimbra. It was something magic and fantastic! When Bono thanks to all fans about give U2 a great life, i like to thanks U2 for the unique moments on that stadium. Today, October 4 before we return home, We have watched the empty stadium, the "broken" dismounted claw...everything passed so quickly, that for moment i think it was a dream. Bono, You scared the hell out of me in "Magnificent". But i realized the brotherhood of the band is bigger than everything in the world. I hope you're felling OK now.. You should play BAD...you placed between () and you missed...Better luck next time...You are GREAT!
In two words FunTastic... please come back soon because Portugal loves you too! In my last trip to Ireland there were a guide that told us that Irish and Iberian people have a common genetic past. Probably this is why we feel so much your musical vibes. This concert was the light that made the rainbow in a rainy day... As usual in some parts there were 55001 singers and 3 musicians playing. There was One that made me leak a tear and other 23 songs that leak my energy. Gártha Dia U2
One of the best nights of my life
October, 4th. Indeed one of the best nights of my life. A super show, a super band. I was happy to know that I was helping people with aids in Africa with my red zone tickets. Thank you for a night with such an amount of emotions.
hello, it was my second and third concerto of U2 (yes, I went saturday and sunday). The first concert was in Lisbon in 1997. Thanks for my uncle for in the 80's make heard the songs of this band. This weekend was fantastic. Rita Banza
Sunday Glorious Rainy Sunday
After almost an entire morning and afternoon of standing under some heavy raining,it could only mean that something great was happening that night.An it sure did. Amazing show of U2 combined with a vibrant crowd made an fantastic atmosphere. How about this for perfection: after an entire show with clear sky,just at the very end when Bono was thanking and saying goodbye,the first drops of rain start to fall,as he walks Singin in The Rain... I could say i was there! P.S. Eferreá is not a football chant,but a traditional university student´s one from Coimbra. Cheers :)
Best night of my life
Thank you U2! Sunday, October 3, 2010, was the best night of my life. I'm only 17, but you are my favorite band since I was a baby. Instead of listening to kids songs, I always asked my parents for your music. I'm from Coimbra and I hope you loved my city, because Coimbra loved you.
It was a MAGNIFICENT show, given to us by the best band in the world. The happiness of everybody singing and dancing all songs. It was fantastic. Great songs! Biggest musicians! Congratulations for your shows, and thank you for making us so happy.
God bless you!
Yesterday was my fourth show of U2 360º tour and my seventh since 1993 (Zooropa in Alvalade) but this weekend in Coimbra, I saw my band U2 playing two glorious nights as if they were the best shows of our lives. These moments will stay with me and to those who were there until eternity, Thank you Larry, Edge, Adam and Bono! May God bless you with a long life. JOSE AFONSO.
1st counting mounths, then countings weeks, now days and soon hours .Can't wait to attend t this great concert, performed by the best band ever! U2 4ever!
No one is going to stop me this time
For 23 years i have been a huge fan of U2, and for some reason i missed the U2 concerts in my country. This time is for real. I'll be there.
Counting down....
October 3rd, Mum, Dad and Son will be in Municipal de Coimbra, cheering and and enjoying musical history made by you. Can't wait for the start of the show.
15 years and the biggest fan of U2
I'm 15 and I'm Fantic by U2 since I was 8, I follow the band, I know the news, all the songs and lyrics and also are my Idols! I am sorry for not having gone to any concerts before because since U2 are already a band with some year career, but the opportunity arose to go to the concert of 360 ° Tour in Coimbra on October 3 ... But I wanted very much to have attended a concert tour of the zoo tv! Loved! But I think this concert will be unforgettable in my life and I still love U2 more because they fascinate me the way that leads to life and your career! Bono is a person I admire most in the world! Hugs best band in the world!!! Ivo Pissarro
Set list wishes
pleasepleaseplease, for old times sake, 11 O'CLOCK TICK TOCK!!!!! This will be the 6th time I see them live. This song is really a long time ago, but awsome when played live by them! The audience will go trough the roof!
Set List Wishes
I'm going to see them for the first time and I'm so excited!.I saw Live From Slane Castle dvd for like 60 times and I think it was the performance of their lives..I just wish they could be as good as they were back there... Please play New's Year's Day and Elevation, it's all I can ask!!
U2 in Coimbra
Hi! I saw U2 all the times in Portugal, in Zooropa Tour, Pop Mart, Vertigo Tour and i'll see U2 in this tour next month in Coimbra.I hope Bono will sing Unforgettable Fire and Bad.Unforgettable Fire because never sing to us in Portugal and Bad because is a great song. There are another musics i hope Bono sing like I Will follow and Gloria. I hope a great Show. Cheers From Portugal
Ultraviolet - 3.Oct
I'm looking forward for the Coimbra show... This tour is absolutely fantastic - have been to the the concert in Berlin last year, and it's just my favourite from all the U2 shows I have seen. If I could just hear Ultraviolet again ... I never have enough from that one. Please.... and yeah, Bad is also a great one - actually two of my favourites
Play it please
BAD...BAD...BAD...BAD...BAD...BAD...BAD...BAD...BAD... C'mon guys. See you there both nights.
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