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Nov 26 2010
Auckland, NZ / Mt. Smart Stadium
with Jay-Z
'Dunedin, Wellington, Tauranga, Auckland...' Second night in New Zealand and Mt Smart Stadium is rocking again.

'Thank you to Jay-Z for getting this space ship off the ground,' said Bono, 'The hip-hop heavyweight champion of the world and not just hip-hop... that band is scary.'

Tonight, he promised, 'we're gonna have a greater night. Because we can, we must. It's Friday night, we're a long way from home... and we're feeling a little flirtatious.'

And so we were into the second night of U2's fifth visit to New Zealand: '84, '89, '93, '06, 2010' - as Bono listed the years when the band have played Kiwi shows, it seemed like everyone in the house was yelling for 'More!'.

'It's been a long romance with this wild and extraordinary country but tonight I think we should go all the way...'

And they did, with another blistering 24-song set including a series of second-night surprises including New Year's Day, Angel of Harlem ('This goes out to the Queen B' - Beyonce, who is at the show tonight) and Hold Me Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.

One Tree Hill was again particularly poignant as Bono recalled it was written about 'a life unfairly snatched away... we wrote it for Greg Caroll, whose family are with us tonight. But tonight it belongs to the miners of the West Coast Pike River...'

And as it ran, beautiful as ever, down to the sea so the red balloons rose from the stadium into the night and the names of those who have lost their lives lit up the huge screens above the stage.

Other notable moments: 'Streets' featuring some great new video footage of Edge walking the hills back in The Joshua Tree era and thanks to the U2 audience for campaigning for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi: 'She sends her thanks to you all and now we campaign for the more than 2,000 political prisoners... then we will truly rejoice.' And into Scarlet..

Were you at the second Auckland show tonight? Tell us what it felt like. Add your review and post your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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5th Concert in 4 decades
I am proud to boast that I first seen U2 perform in Christchurch in Nov 1989 (Lovetown Tour with BB King). Chch in Dec 1993. In Sydney Nov 2006 (NZ was sold out) and the two shows in Auckland in Nov 2010. The highlight of the Auckland shows was capturing some great photos and Bono mentioning "Dunedin" (my home town!) As well as the magic of the concert.
Most incredible night
Thanks so much U2 for such an overwhelming performance. It was my second night. I went to the first show with my husband. Wow what an awesome time we had. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer for the ONE organisation at the second show and met many avid U2 fans, many of whom were supportive of the ONE organisation.. It was made even more special when the ONE volunteers and Amnesty international volunteers were able to walk on stage during the "walk on " song. We all held lanterns in support of our organisations and charity. Thank you so much for making me feel so much a part of such a special occasion. until next time.... JIll
My night at U2.
I am an 18 year old boy from the North Shore, New Zealand. My father and I booked our tickets to the second U2 show eaarlier on this year. Between then and the gig my father passed away and therefore could not be at the show. At his funeral, midway through, 'Walk On' was played off the Live at Slane Castle DVD, this was his favourite DVD and a family favourite song. He was carried out to 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own'. We had seen U2 on their previous visit to New Zealand in 2006. So we both were very excited for the show. I was very scared to go to the show, but once U2 played, I knew it was the right place for me to be at that particular time. As soon as the opening riff for 'Walk On' played tears filled my eyes and I was over come by emotion. I was so glad to have heard it live. The show in its entireity provided me with great closure, and I would like to thank everyone involved, even those who go quite unrecognised behind the scenes for the amazing experience that I had. I have felt almost more at ease with my fathers passing since and no ordinary rock concert could have done this for me. I look forward with great interest and excitement to the next time that I see U2 live. Thank you very much and God Bless, Henry McLaughlin.
My night at U2
I was supposed to attend this show with my father (a die hard U2 fan), as we had done the show in 2006. Though with his recent passing I went with a few of my friends and stood around fifteen metres away from the stage. I grew up watching U2 Live at Slane Castle religiously. Walk On from the dvd was played at my fathers funeral. When U2 played this song so powerfully, with the Edges piercing riff and strong backing vocals, a close friend of mine and I were left in tears. What an amazing show, I was completely caught up in the moment. In comparison to the Vertigo Tour, I believe that it can be said that the 360 tour was far superior, even the music was unbelievable. I would like to thank U2 for bringing me one of the best nights of my life, I couldn't have asked for more. I hope to see U2 again one day, and I will be forever grateful for the closure I got from the amazing show that I witnessed at Mount Smart stadium in Auckland on Friday the 26th of November.
Awesome Night
We saw U2 back in 84 the week we got engaged. Here we were back seeing them again the week we celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary. A fitting celebration for us. This was the forth time seeing U2 live. They just keep getting better. The whole night was brilliant from start to finish!
Wow is all i can say, i went to both Auckland shows and they were both amazing. Ist show "I will Follow" just what i wanted to here. And when they played "One Tree Hill" and dedicated it to the 29 Miners it was very emotional and more so when they showed the names of the lost on the big screen. Great show never seen anything like it. 2nd show we were positioned right in front of the outer stage in the thick of it all and it was very cool. All the band members walked by us, Larry played his bongo type drum right next to us during "I;ll Go Crazy" and the croud was fantastic. When they played "Elevation we the croud did so, we went off. I got a photo on the 2nd night of Bono . Its been a week almost since the shows and i am still amped. Thanks U2 it was great to see you lads agin in NZ hope you come back soon. Regards Anvil
Friday 27 Show
What a awesome night great music great weather The stage was amazing lights, sound, band. Best track Angel of Harlem Thanks what a night and Bono also new there was life past the Bombays a plus
Beautiful night
Thanks for the wonderful show. Sound and visuals were compelling; the video screen was clear even from directly underneath. You warmed our hearts.
Both Auckland shows
Well Australia you are in for some great concerts. The 2nd night at Mt Smart up close to the stage was great but been a die hard fan I don't like to compare as different concerts do different things to the phsyche.
The One Concert in my bucket list
Kia Ora! This was my first U2 concert and as a citizen of South East Asia, as a guitar player, an environmentalist, who grew up listening to U2 as a kid in Africa when my father was working for the poorest of the poor doing development work, at $100 NZ Dollars for a concert ticket, I first thought it was a little too much. But after watching U2, I don't think I paid enough, this was a priceless experience.I have 4 other siblings in the Philippines who are the biggest fans of U2, for their music and global impact to the poorest of the poor around the world. I dream that someday I will get to watch U2 with them, next time in Manila, Philippines. Definitely the highlight for me was hearing "With or Without You" live.Finally.Wow! However, one of my new favourites, Stuck in a moment was not sung, which only means one thing, I have to watch them again the next time they come back to New Zealand.
Friday night's show was the most amazing show I have ever been to in my life. I was right up the front of the GA (not in the circle). It was a great spot and the crowd was amazing. I left wishing I had gone to the Thursday night show too. I'm sure I wasn't the only one with tears in my eyes during the emotional rendition of One Tree Hill. The other best songs of the night were: Elevation - Generally a much better song live than on CD, a great crowd song and probably the pick of the night. Magnificent - Great vocals by Bono on this one. Stuck in my head after the show so was a memorable one. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Another great heartfelt rendition by the band. I was a little disappointed in One and Mysterious Ways as I thought both songs sounded a little flat. But overall a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Hopefully 4 years from now they will be back again and we won't have to wait too long like after the Zoo tour.
Thank You U2
Thanks so much for coming to New Zealand and delivering such a magnificent experience to us. I went to both nights and loved each. For me, Thursday was a little more raw and emotional, and the crowd sang better, lol. But Friday Rocked! It was brilliant and I did not want the night to end. Loved that you played Angel of Harlem. Loved all the songs. Would love to see a dvd put out of the NZ show, with One Tree Hill on it (hint hint). Please come back to NZ again. I know its a long way to come, but we so appreciate you - bring your families for a holiday and go sightseeing, lol. And while I still don't like hip hop or rap, Jayz was pretty cool and his band were great too :-) God Bless and best wishes for the rest of the tour.
One of the best
Hi, Had a fantastic time on Friday night. Many thanks for the chance to see Bono and the boys up close in the inner ring on my much treasured GA ticket. (I missed 84 but have been to all NZ gigs since, even "skipping the ditch" in 99 to catch pop). At last I got a good view.
U2 you are amazing
Thank you so very much for what was two nights of pure magic. I have seen every U2 Tour since Unforgettable Fire and each time you continue to amaze me by getting better and better. The stage was mind blowing and the set was fantactic. I loved the fact that you played 'Pride' in the country that made it your first ever Number 1 hit. The dedication to Tthe Pike River Miners with "One Tree Hill" and the on screen tribute brought a tear to my eye. Once again you have given me a lifetime memory. Please come back soon.
Thank you U2
To be at your concert in my own country is amazing. I had tears in my eyes as you came on stage and to start with Beautiful Day was an emotional beginning to an utterly amazing concert. I thank you for mentioning the mining disaster as it was a terrible time for our country. Thank you for travelling so far to get to NZ. I hope you make it back again some day. You guys rock and will forever be in my heart.
Traveled all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to watch U2 in Auckland on 26.11.2010. It was an amazing experience!
AWESOME - 26 November 2010
AWESOME show guys - THANK YOU! Small world - I used to work with Greg's father - Tom Carroll -at the Eastown Railway workshops here in Wanganui. See you next time, when you return to our shores. Take care & God Bless
Stu Noble
27 years in the making!
First time ever for me seeing the band, despite been a fan since War. Its been a long time coming. Thursday night in the outer GA, then inner circle back rail for Friday which was so so good. Thursday was great, Friday greater, the crowd atmosphere and energy from the band on Friday were amazing and doing the baloons in OTH was very special and emotional. So many other great moments. Still smiling and wanting more!!
Auckland 26/11/2010
What an awesome night. The stage was incredible the atmosphere electric and U2 brilliance as usual. Having bought tickets in the 'cheap seats' I was a bit concerned we would not feel part of the night.....but I think we had the best seats in the house. U2 used the whole stage, we felt close to the action. We came away feeling incredible. Fantastic show. Please come back.
U2 360 Friday Night
It was a great show visually and bands energy levels were very high. Bono had some nice interludes with the crowd including his memories of flirting with New Zealand and a nice converstation on a cell with some guys mum on the phone. Respect for giving it Up to the Pike Miners Bono. I felt the vocal sound quality was not very good particularly for the first two songs- Beautiful day etc, even my wife commented who was listening on the phone that she couldn't here the words very well. After going to Vertigo 2006 Saturday night i was a little disappointed as purely on a sound basis it did not live up to 2006 Vertigo or ZooTv in 93. In saying this it was still great, the stage was awesome and the band were super interactive. Thanks for the wink Adam. Thanks Again for rewarding GA tickets with the chance of getting super close U2, It was great to see you again. Come Back soon!
friday 26 th november 2010 auckland
lovely tribute to the miners of the pike river disaster well done boys
For the past 20 years I have purchased tickets to U2 when they come down under - but have never been able to go due to family deaths, work, kids etc. Finally the stars aligned and I saw them for the first time at the opening Auckland concert. It was worth the wait and exceeded my expectations! The boys were amazing! To hear my fav song - Sunday Bloody Sunday live was one of the greatest moments of my life! But my husband and I got separated in the crowd when our wedding song played (Beautiful Day) which was a bit of a bummer. I will never forget this amazing experience and just hope that the boys have on more tour left in them so that I can hear their amazing music live again!
GREAT show last night. Bono's voice was much more powerful tonight and the crowd was definitely a Friday night crowd! So many highlights. Having traveled all the way from Raleigh, NC. USA to see the band in this beautiful country was made an even bigger privilege when the boys belted out One Tree Hill. The red balloons were a powerful gesture to honor the Pike River miners. Scarlet was so beautiful and as always, Streets rocks a nation! See you in Melbourne!
Red Hill Mining Town
In light of recent events on the west coast, we're praying at this point that the miners will come home to their families and loved ones. Out of respect.
11 oclock Tick Tock
Would be awesome to hear this played live again, even as part of a Medley:) Live at Red Rocks is what got me hooked on that awesome live sound U2 has. Ecotony
Thank you
...for making this possible. Now just a small unplugged type version for the stress relief of a quake stricken Christchurch. The band has had a wonderful reception here in the past so I hope you'd look into this again. Even just a small musical get together would please so many!! *big grin* !! Especially my wife who cant fly to Auckland!!! Dennis
Burma-pre blurb
Guys - just got tickets - this has been on my what to do list before I die - awesome. Hey we have numbers of Burmese refugees in NZ and I have friends who work with Parnters NZ and cross the boarder regularly into Burma, taking supplies, they have health camps along the boarder, distribute aid continuously and much more- a request - can you play for them, AungSungSueChe and the powerless millions of Burmese in such a beautiful country yet so oppressed. Also I salute you for your call to justice and freedom for all - NZ can respond to the Burmese people they are our neighbhours. Aroha
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