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Dec 3 2010
Melbourne, VIC, AU / Etihad Stadium
with Jay-Z

Another rocking night in Melbourne tonight with Bono leading everyone in a chorus of Happy Birthday to Jay-Z and guests in the house including The Pretenders and Blondie.

Adam Clayton, explained Bono, was 'getting even better looking - the international man of mystery' while Larry has been 'staying up very late and seeing the town of Melbourne.' This city, said Edge, was even better than he remembered it.

Lots of highlights but maybe the stand-out moment came with the opening bars of 'Stuck In A Moment', the first time it's been played in 2010, and dedicated to the man it was originally written for, ' a friend we really miss.'

'We miss Michael Hutchence and this is a song we wrote for him...'

'I'm not afraid of anything in this world
There's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already heard
I'm just trying to find a decent melody
A song that I can sing in my own company...'

Were you at tonight's second show in Melbourne? Add your own review and post your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Best Seats In The House
Looking down on the little people, they're called pop stars.
The ringing in your ears
Great concert. But by God, was it loud!? Though the loudest, it was definitely the clearest sounding concert I have ever been to. The other thing was just the sheer enormity of the stage. I was general admission just back from the stage and I wondered if it was better to be in the seated area to get a better sense of the enormity of it. Wouldn't change it for the world. Rocking night!
Energy Electric
Amazing night, it was very electric and there was a beautiful energy to it. Highlights for me were 'Mysterious Ways' and 'Ultraviolet' :) Ended up at 4 shows (2 x Melb, Syd, Perth) and this night would be one of my favourites.
Even better ...
Went to the Wednesday show in the Red Zone but this time Gen admission standing on the floor. What a buzz. I was hanging out to hear Pride - and you fulfilled my wish. Thanks guys. The best thing was when you finished and we - the crowd - kept singing and singing and ... The lighting was fantastic. This show was - dare I say it better than the Wednesday show. So much energy and electricity. I keep getting chills when I think back. U2 could have kept playing all night. Absolutely fabulous!!!!
take two
I went to both Melbourne shows - wed night i was on the floor, fri night in the stands (second level) awesome from all perspectives, nothing beats the floor though! U2 you are amazing and like a good bottle of red get better with age!
Achtung Y'all!
Well I must the show was just brilliant! And hearing Ultra violet was soo exciting! Hadn't heard that live since Zoo TV. Thanx guys had a fantastic time!
Definitely better than the real thing
This was a moment to remember, being at the front and seeing Larry strut his stuff then stop in front of me for a photo shoot. Only wish I could go again
A night to remember
I have never been on the front row before (Red Zone) and it was worth it. Even better that the real thing, when all 4 guys stopped right on front of me so I could get great photos.
Brought tears to my eyes
Loved it when Bono sung 'Stuck in the moment' and dedicated it to Michael Hutchence. It brought tears to my eyes :-( Fantastic show. l went both nights. Highlight Wed. night was when they sung 'Bad' & 'Mercy'. Highlight Friday night was when they sung 'New Years Day' and 'Stuck in the Moment'. l'm still on a high a week later.Awesome guys!
what I love about U
What I love about U2 concerts, the love, the atmosphere, the incredible music, the amazing energy, the stage and the fantastic people you meet..U fans are awesome people...You can feel the love...the people that you stand next to are always fabulous people...no bullshit in the crowd...Melbourne 1 and 2 were like this...I bet really great people at Melbourne 2 as I was on my own.....thanks so much for the beautiful vibe you continue to pump out their boys...its almost a religious experience when you have your hands in the air, feeling the love. feeling the love....C U all in Perth soon...and thanks to all the amazing fans and all that support this band....we are awesome family xx
Not Stuck
Another Great show in Melbourne - my favourite moment was that feeling of 'Stuck in a Moment' being played for Michael Hutchence.... Another great moment was seeing Larry right in front of you banging the drum in "Crazy"! Last mention: the 2 young boys playing and singing U2 songs on the avenue from the stadium........ thanks for that 3rd encore : )
the boys are back in town!
flew to dublin three nights life changing, camped out for all 3! wow! flew to melbourne with my two kids age 13 and 10 they just were blown away, first time for big concert, first time for me with seat! was great but cant wait for sydney will be there the night before about 4pm gotta be up front there is nothing like being in eye contact with the boys! and my 10yr old wants to come to so got him a ticket! cant wait! see you in sydney boys, and if the rumour is true that they may finish the tour in belfast ill be there for that too!
Jozef Horvat
Super super show
I can't really add any more than what has already been said! I guess this image saya it all about Bono and U2! Its all about closing your eyes and soaking up the music and the atmosphere!
Still Smiling!
We flew over from Perf for the two Melbourne shows. This second show was my favourite of the two. The sound was fabulous, the vibe was fantastic, and the setlist contained some of my favs (New Years Day, Pride, Ultraviolet). The band appeared happy and smiling and the crowd went off! (Jay Z was smiling on both nights too which was fab to see as my image of rappers/hiphoppers was they are a bunch of cranky pants. ) I was in the mosh pit and the vibe was electric. Seeing U2 so close was amazing! Im still stunned we were that close. Blah, dripple, collapse. Im still on a high. It might take a few more days before I can write anything sensible. Wonderful wonderful night! Just perfect!
Everything and More
What an amazing and surreal experience standing under the spaceship claw. The atmosphere-electric. Bono what a showman. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, for infusing such energy into us all. I went both nights and Friday night seemed to see the guys more at ease, perhaps also because I was much closer to the stage. I am still buzzing and can't believe that I was part of such an event. I now understand why people follow them around the world to see their shows. It's intoxicating. Come back soon guys. You fill our lives with joy. Miss Sarajevo just perfect, Still Haven't Found and terrific version of Think I'll Go Crazy. Felt like lifting off with Vertigo and Streets. Thank you. Thank you Thank you. "U2 needs a big kiss"
on a high
I am still on an enormous high after the two Melbourne shows in the Red Zone - The Edge's side on Dec 1 and Adam's on Dec 3. Must sat Friday night was HUGE - there must have been something in the air. Wednesday was pretty special hearing Bad and Mercy but Stuck in a Moment on Friday was awesome. Looking forward to Sydney and wishing it will never end. Thank you U2 for coming back Downunder :-)
U2 in Melbourne 3rd December
Awesome gig - 5th time I have seen the boys and first time out of Ireland. Ultraviolet was absolutely sensational. The Red Microphone, the lazer show on Bono, the darkness, the voice, the drums, the base, the guitar - all working perfectly in motion. WOW!! Absolutely outstanding. Reminds me of Achtung Baby all over again Well done lads!
Under a Melbourne Sky
How do you come down off the excitement of the first Melbourne Show? See them again two days later! Friday's show was nothing short of amazing, My 17th time seeing the band live and up there with the best. The band was on fire and the crowd turned it up to 11. Perhaps the Friday night bought out everyones ability to go crazy. Wednesday seemed a little dull in comparison.. The hightlights? besided everything?, Ultravoilet! Sydney awaits!
Even Better Than the First Night
AMAZING! AWESOME! Just when you thought they couldn't play a better set than Weds night, THEY DID it on Friday. They were on FIRE, the setlist was so much better and you could tell the band were so much more into it. You could feel the connection and the electricity in the air. I am a big music fan (in general) and have been to 100s of concerts, but no other band can produce this sort of live experience. It's truly an experience to see them live! Being right up near the barricade, I could see every expression on Bono's face and it nearly brought me to tears many times. To be rocking on for so many decades and still have the 'fire' in them, U2 are just the most mind blowing band live, their music makes the world and better place and I am truly grateful to have been able to see them live so many times. A truly phenomenal experience on Friday! Worth the 9 hrs wait (both days) in line. THANKS BOYS!
Jo Lamb
Melbourne 1 and 3
Had the most amazing time at these concerts. Want to see them again and again around Australia, but must save and see them in Ireland instead...Loved the mix of songs, and the band was in fine form..Just keep falling in love with this band over and over and over again..Think my husband may be sick of my small obsession over these past few weeks..
Hey Brian, Drop me a line you posted a photo of bono standing in front of the irish flag.. I'm holding that flag.. if you got anymore top photos like that would love to see them cheers mate!
Melbourne Shows 1 & 2
I have to say show 2 did it for me. Wednesday night we had $178 tix and were up with the gods while Friday night we had the $40 tix and felt we could almost touch the band. The sound was far better, the crowd was far better, the band went off, we went off. I went to the Under Australian Skies tour in Melb 1984 and every tour since, this 360 show is by far the best one they have ever done here. Welcome back guys, don't be strangers.
Live Performance -u2 the best Friday night was the best ever performance I have seen of u2. I hope they release the DVD of the concert. To Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry thank you so much for coming to Melbourne and giving me wonderful memories I will cherish forever. Please come back soon
Rendered speechless
Woke up Saturday morning, unable to speak, impaired hearing and a whopping big smile on my face. Greatest night in the mosh pit, danced every song, sang every song, loved every moment.
Thanks for an amazing performance!
Would love it if a (double) CD of "U2 360 degrees LIVE, Friday 3 December 2010 in Melbourne" was made :) Please let me know when and where I can buy it (seriously)! While Jay-Z wasn't my cup of tea, opening the interim between Jay-Z and U2 with John Lennon's "Power to the People" was almost electrifying (the song has special significance for me) ... and I also really liked how U2 chose David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and Elton John's "Rocket Man" to book-end a truly spectacular event. It was also really nice to be able to visually appreciate the truth of Bono's comment about Adam's good looks, despite being seated at the far end of the stadium on Level 3 ;) This was my first U2 concert, but from what countless others have written here, I feel like I lucked upon the best to date :) :) :) On a philosophical note, I thought Bono's "Rejoicing" at the release of Aung San Suu Kyi was very touching. I only wished that the "rejoicing" would have echoed much louder and longer around the stadium. To Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry and all the U2 production crew: keep rocking! Great to experience your collective energy live :)
No Band Plays Live Better than U2
Saw the boys on Wednesday night in the red zone and loved it. Went again in the red zone on Friday night and loved it. I have seen all tours in Australia and numerous tours overseas. Two 60,000 crowds in Melbourne over 2 great nights. Please come back. Can not wait to see you in Brisbane next week , then Sydney and Perth.
They say you should never meet your heros as you'll only be disapointed. On Wednesday and Friday night (with great tickets in the Red Zones) I feel like I got to meet U2 and it was EPIC. The boys walk on stage with the amazaing sounds of Stingray Guitar blaring. Then the first few notes of Beautiful Day ring out - there were tears in my eyes and I'm not an emotional typpe! I've been to all Melbourne U2 shows in the last 25 years but this was trully something special. My only problem is now I feel a sense of sadness as I'm not going to see U2 next week, even worse, I may never get the same oportunity again. Oh well, I put NLOTH on the CD player and the smile returns to my face. Thanks lads and please keep coming back to Melbourne and keep the music coming. Cheers Karl
A memorable night in Melbourne
For those that don't know, this time in Melbourne was better than Edge remembered it as last time he was here he said "good night Sydney". So we appreciate the "indirect" apology! Thanks Edge! A massive night, the best of 2 in Melbourne. I can't wait to see them next week in Brisbane!
I got up front on the rails on Edges side, it was AMAZING!!! Greatest experience of my life by far!!! so far anyways haha. They were just phenomenal!!! I was really happy with the setlist changes too! Going both nights it was great to see the extra songs, and the ones they kept were just as enjoyable a second time of course :D If I could choose which nights setlist I preferred, I couldn't they were both as great as each other with excellent songs! U2 are THE greatest, thats all I can say for now.
Rockin Melbourne
We managed to get five metres from the stage and had the night of our lives. Jay Z got the fans in the mood early with some great beats. U2 blew us away with a fantastic mix of classics and new songs with the most memorable of the night for me being " Where the streets have no name". Viewing was incredible from the mosh pit and I cant wait to do it again. Im eyeing off tickets to Brisbane this Thursday just to experience it again.!!. Long Live U2!
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