With or Without You
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Still, simply the best.
Loved it in ‘87. I love it more now. Timeless.
With or without you a classic video!
Oniric, this video holds heart and it does forever!
With or With You
I first paid attention to the lyrics of this song like 1988 and realized that my husband always told me my eyes where of stones, that i had thorns on my side, or even that he was sleeping like a "FAKIR":-On a bed of nails- Every time we where angry...When i first realized someone had write a song with those words-but another language-we speak spanish- i said to myself Boy!!!we really are all the same!!!we are brothers and sisters!!!no matter how far away we live or what a different culture we have.....Still my favorite song..and still huge fan of U2!! My husband is more a jazz type.....
My #1
Besides the fact that this is an incredible song, beautifully sung and produced, its most personal meaning for me is in the video. My mother happened to see the video (many years ago now) and was stopped in her tracks by Bono. In this video, she said he is the very image of my father. My father died when I was only a year old, he was 23. So it haunts me a bit, but in a good way. This song connected with me again, years later, when I broke up with the 'love of my life'. Together we're toxic but I haven't loved anyone as deeply so "with or without you" truly resonates. This is a song that is with you in your darkest hour, that helps you unburden your pain or at least know that its shared. True art, timeless, an honest classic.
First love
When I was 16 I met my first love. We were together for 3.5 years when she suddenly decided that she needed to move on and she dumped me. I was crushed and With Or Without You reflected exactly how I felt. No matter what U2 may ever release, this one is the most special to me.
With or Without You
It was 1987 and I was 17 years old when I saw the video of "With or Without you" for the first time. I was instantly fascinated by the music - it seemed somehow mysterious. And I absolutely liked Bono: his voice, his style of singing and the long hair... The next day I didn´t buy the single but the "Joshua Tree", which contains up to now one of my all times favorites of U2 - "Streets". But it was "With or Without You" that made me become a U2 fan forever.
My favorite song ever
With or Without you is my favorite song of all times. It is my ringtone on my phone and I want it played at my funeral.
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