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me and my friend LOVED u2 about a year by the time pride came out and we both had crushes on adam we were 16 years old ...baited breath when he stood up beside the speakers in the video and we were in lust...then we saw them live for the first time at the barrowlands ballroom in glasgow at the end of 84 ..bono climbed the side of the stage scaffolding and stated that they were gonna take the roof off that night and as far as im concerned they did ...last time they played a small venue in glasgow ...after that the rest is history and they are STILL the best band bar none ...and adams still looking pretty good now as are all the rest ...my favorite song evokes such carefree times in my life...please at mtv bono hoody also brilliant song...and original of the species a more recent gem...thanks guys for giving me pleasure every time i listen to your songs almost daily...XXXX
Pride in a supermarket car park..radio..
15/16 yrs old,sitting in a supermarket car park as my ma went in for a few messages and this was on the radio.Sept 1984,and it made the UK charts No.4 methinks,very uncool. Love the band.Love the music,but them were the days.I'd been into them a couple of years by then,but it was a first arrival of sorts.
This song was my intro. I was 12. By 13 I had all the "tapes". The band and the message will continue, indefinitely, thanks to technology. My children will be shaped by the music and message just as I have been.
This was my first single. I was thirteen and now i'm 40 years
Best lyrics
I've listened to and sung this song for over 20 years and I can honestly say I still do not get tired of it. In my humble opinion this is Bono's best song.
This is the song that did it for me. Strong vocals...their best song.
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