Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own


31 August, 2012
My father
October 29th, 2006. My dad (57) sneezed, fell to the ground and never got up again, despite all attempts by my mother, me and the paramedics to get his heartbeat back. Being a U2 fan, I just had to play this song at his funeral. And I'll never forget the 2 words a friend said to me afterwards about my song choice: "I understand." I still have a very hard time listening to the song without tears.
01 September, 2010
Love the intro...
Powerful, beautiful... excelent. When are we going to have a unplugged of U2... Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam just think about it
13 August, 2010
Absolutely Amazing
This song is beautiful, Bono's tribute to his father. I love how he is able to write such a moving song about such personal things and perform it publicly. One of my all-time favorite songs.
23 March, 2010
My all time favorite U2 tune!
This song is amazing! I always love Bono's voice, but it's particulary strong and powerful in this song. I even cried when they performed it when I saw them during the Vertigo tour because it was so moving. LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!
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