Two more clues about the new record have sneaked into the public domain. Journalist Neil McCormick, writing in the Daily Telegraph, records a visit to Dublin to hear' 'the complete set given its first playback.' 'It is a big album, full of big ideas, delivered with beginner's energy and veteran's craft. Charts adorn the walls of U2's HQ, laying out the stages of a global campaign, the aim (indeed, the expectation) of which is to sell multi-millions. It struck me that U2 are probably the only long-serving, superstar group who don't rest on their back catalogue, and whose new music is still greeted with a sense of anticipation....' More (but not much) here. Meanwhile, longtime U2 crew person Dallas Schoo has been captured on tape by one Mike Sturgess for his fan site And Dallas has also dropped some clues about the new record. '...The Edge has played some of his most innovative guitar moments and recording tracks that I have witnessed. Bono's singing has been simply the most brilliant performance with his voice being in top form on this record. His guitar playing on this project is as well to be reckoned with and often provides the canvas for The Edge to follow with even more guitar ideas..Adam's very very fresh big time bass grooves and tremendous comments and direction with the record.Larry drums on this recording like he is 17 years old...really full on. When you hear this record, I can see NO WAY that you will disagree with my take on this new work of art by this still to be reckoned with world important necessary and still very much 'current' band....' And there's more from Dallas here.

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20 Feb, 2020

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Director Matt Askem on capturing the eXPERIENCE (+ iNNOCENCE) Tour On Film

24 Jan, 2020

Announcing our 2020 subscription offer. The complete show on limited edition DVD.

22 Jan, 2020

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14 Jan, 2020

In the US? More screenings of the live show on the way.

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