If you get stuck, why not check the list posted by Matt McGee stretching
from a 1993 'Bad' in London to a 2001 'Streets' in Boston.

McGee is the editor of fan-site @U2.Com and this week posted his top ten
favourite live U2 song performances.

'U2's songs,' he writes, 'Become something more when the band plays live,
something bigger and better than they are on CD, cassette or vinyl. U2
reveals the real identity of its songs when it plays them live, and it's in
that setting, not in a recording studio and not on a CD, that a U2 song is
made a classic.'

Matt's goal was to whittle down 20-plus years of concerts into a list of
U2's Top Ten Classic Live Songs - and for each classic live song, identify
the best single classic performance of that song, the one live version that
you have to hear to believe.

The one additional rule was that the song has to have been played on more
than one tour - thus eliminating tracks like "Kite," "Walk On," and "Hold
Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me".

Below we carry Matt's top ten - and if you visit his site you can read why
he chose each track.

1. "Where the Streets Have No Name"

Classic performance: June 6, 2001, Boston

2. "Bad"

Classic performance: August 12, 1993, London

3. "Bullet the Blue Sky"

Classic performance: August 12, 1993, London

4. "One"

Classic performance: (tie) September 23, 1997, Sarajevo, and April 15, 2001,

5. "Please"

Classic performance: December 12, 1997, Seattle

6. "40"

Classic performance: January 10, 1990, Rotterdam

7. "All I Want Is You"

Classic performance: January 10, 1990, Rotterdam

8. "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Classic performance: November 8, 1987, Denver

9. "Mysterious Ways"

Classic performance: October 14, 1992, Houston

10. "With or Without You"

Classic performance: December 19, 1987, Tempe

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Discuss your own classic U2 live performances in the U2.Com community area, zootopia.

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