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News - U2360° 2011

08 July, 2011
Got tickets for the Montreal shows? Planning to follow online? Here's how.
07 July, 2011
Cancel your plans for Saturday night! Three songs coming live from Montreal for registered members.
06 July, 2011
Seen the t-shirts produced for the Glastonbury show ?
06 July, 2011
'The booths, the counter, the old boy on the stool with his gruff greeting...' Willie discovers a special food establishment.
05 July, 2011
'Run like a river, run to the sea'  Remembering Greg Carroll in Chicago.
05 July, 2011
'Soldier Field is a great-looking stadium and sits right in the centre of the city.' Willie in Chicago.
04 July, 2011
Got tickets to the show in Chicago? Planning to follow online? Here's how.
02 July, 2011
The spirit of Johnny Cash in the house tonight and the whole city listening in to the 100th show of the tour.
02 July, 2011
Got tickets for tonight's show in Nashville? Planning to follow online? Here's how.
01 July, 2011
Some pretty unexpected tracks made their way into the set list as U2360° moved from 2010 into 2011? Which of these 5 were you most pleased to see in the show?
29 June, 2011
'A love song to the universe...' North American debut for  a new song in Miami tonight.
28 June, 2011
Got tickets for Miami? Planning to follow online? Here's how.
26 June, 2011
'Where you going to take the Irish?'  In East Lansing tonight, we went all the way back to 'a pub like Dooleys'.
26 June, 2011
Got tickets for the show in East Lansing? Planning to follow online? Here's how.
24 June, 2011
U2 headlined Glastonbury tonight and it was a rock'n'roll tour de force.
24 June, 2011
Follow the build-up to the show tonight.  Here's how...
23 June, 2011
Edge has the  latest as the band head to the Festival.
23 June, 2011
Here's Bono talking about Spinal Tap.
22 June, 2011
'What a beautiful midsummer nights dream'.  A hot night in Baltimore.
22 June, 2011
It's Glasto on Friday and the Countdown Clock is ticking ...
21 June, 2011
Four days ahead of Glastonbury, Larry called in to Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show last night.
19 June, 2011
Got tickets for the show in Baltimore ? Planning to follow online? Here's how.
19 June, 2011
'Shrink This Stadium, Turn It Into A Club....'  Second night in Anaheim.

18 June, 2011
'For the first time ever on the U2 stage...' It's a happy 60th Birthday to Paul McGuinness tonight.
17 June, 2011
Been at any of the North American shows ? Don't forget to tag yourself on FANCAM.