01 days. Countdown to iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 #U2ieTour

13 May 201532

01 days. Countdown to iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 #U2ieTour

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2 Days to go until my U2 based adventure
Having seen the guys all over the UK since my first tour when I was 17, I now find myself hurtling towards 40, recently divorced and not sure where me and my two boys should head to for a birthday holiday. Then I spot U2 are playing in LA on the night of my birthday! Deciding it must be fate I get myself a ticket & build a holiday round it! We leave from Manchester for San Francisco on the 16th! See you on the 27th May in LA guys - I can't think of a better way to turn 40 and start a new chapter in my life xxx
ultra violet love!
Can't wait to see you in LA!
We are waiting!!!!
Sleight of hand and twist of fate?
You give it all, but I want more and Atlanta is waiting for you. In 20+ years I never missed an Atlanta show; even did Nashville in a pinch. In lieu of whining; it's a pleasure to know the band still follows their collective heart after so many years and doesn't let life get in the way. I wish the band all the strength to get through this tour.
Brazil on hold
U2 fans in Brazil waiting for the new tour
Buenos Aires is Waiting for ietour
Come back to Argentina, please!
Thousand Mile Rule
Break a leg guys, see ye all soon pg.
We´ve been forgoten
Please come to Mexico!!!!!!!
Like a good old friend coming to town af
I've been seeing you guys live since 1997. Every 4-5 years you show back up in town for a visit and oh what a visit it is! Got tickets to see the last greatest band on earth next week in Phoenix. I can't wait!!! Is it May 22 yet???
Fight on, guys! "The Spirit ... is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty.... and freedom to prisoners." Some Bob Dylan for you from a friend in his Northern Homeland: "I hear the ancient footsteps, like the motion of the sea. Sometimes I turn, there's someone there, other times it's only me. I am hanging in the balance of the reality of man Like every sparrow falling, like every grain of sand." Praying for all of you as you fight the good fight and stand strong. It will be done through you, not by you. Larry, you are in our prayers. "to comfort all who mourn...."
Quick on Paris, I Can't wait to november to see the Band!!!
Welcome back Bono and U2!
Mentally and Physically fit and ready to Rock! Great to see! Bono, your comments on the Marriage Referendum coming up in Ireland were wonderful, the Universe is giving you a Huge thumbs up! Very Credible. Dedicating a Song to this event on one of the nights in the next few days would be Incredible. Best of Luck on the first night guys. Plenty of Video footage please, and Fan comments etc. Looks like a Great show for a Great album! I can feel the Energy build up already. Love it, all good!
Two consecutive gigs on different contin
Hometown fan hitting last night in New York followed by first night in Turin....gigs number 25 & 26.......and Dublin still to come....will not be INVISIBLE .....!! Cant wait..
I flew in from LA for the show tonight! I have seen every tour opener since the Unforgettable fire tour. This is show #55. Next is all 5 nights in LA and NY!! Love you guys!
Counting the minutes in YVR...
Second straight opener. Second time in (red) Zone. 12th and 13th shows incoming! Can't wait! Ps. Please play "Bad"!
See you in Amsterdam!!!
I want to know where you guys will be in Amsterdam before the show. I really really hope i can get a picture with you all then in september in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome.
Can't wait til tonight!
It's been a long time since Montreal 360. Can't wait to be back with the boys in Vancouver tonight!
Roll on Amsterdam. Roll on Barcelona. Roll on London. Roll on Glasgow. See ya there!
I'm waiting for you
Turin Italy on September 6 will be the seventh time with U2
Break a leg tonight in Vanvover (not an
C U2 N San Jose and in every US city The 21 show countdown begins Monday 5/18
I'm flying from Melbourne to New York to
Can't wait until tomorrow night to see the set list from the first show. I'm flying all the way from Melbourne, Australia in July to New York to see 6 shows in NY. I'm counting down the days!!!!!!
..from innocense to experience..
Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen jr & Adam, today is the day you journey into experience. A new chapter has begun ..
So flippin' excited!!!!
Flying from Atlanta for the Montreal dates--cannot wait. Bringing my 13 year old son for his first U2 concert. So relieved that Bono is okay and so grateful for the joy this band has brought to us and the world for so long (not to date myself ;)) You guys get better and better, which is truly remarkable. Love U2!!!!!!
From JAPAN 2 U
Hope you have fun and safe journey to Amsterdam, where I'm going to join my first shows of U2, all the way from Japan!
Cannot wait for SOI EXPERIENCE!
Amazing!!! waiting for the return to Cedarwood!! and For me wating for Barcelona, Glasgow and Dublin gigs! There is no them, it,s only Us!!
Just read that there is going to be film with the songs during the concert, I just hope that it doesn't take from the live show. U2 is the greatest live band period.
Much luck!
In these hours before the first concert of the U2ieTour we all feel a lot of joyful anticipation and excitement. I always love the energy and intensity U2 deliver on stage. I wish them much luck for this tour and look forward to seeing them in Berlin. May band and audience have a great time in Vancouver tonight!
Robert from Rotterdam
I hope U2 set up a live stream , from one of the concerts from the united states, just like last time, so we can already injoy the concert The stage looks smashing looking forward to my U2 concert in Ziggodome / Amsterdam
Nyt se alkaa !
Koko talvi odotettu ja nyt se on ohi.. Laittakaa kuvia ja videoita, lohtua meille jotka ei pääse paikalle.
Dream Out Loud
I hope the GA lines will be well managed especially for the Paris shows. Can't wait to be surprised by the new songs live. Dreaming out loud from Singapore at the moment!
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