'Re-imagined by you...'

23 Feb 2023

'40 songs re-recorded by us, re-imagined by you.'

Artists and creators from across the globe were commissioned by the band to create a video piece for each track on Songs of Surrender. 

Save this YouTube playlist to watch them as they drop. 

The video that kicks off the series is created by Ukrainian born photographer Yana Yatsuk. "I wanted to make something that told a story about love," she says. "I thought the dancers would be perfect as I wanted to tell a story with movement and not words."


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17 Mar, 2023

The new collection is here. Re-imagined and re-recorded. (And there's more…)

16 Mar, 2023

Lyrical tributes to all forty Songs of Surrender.  Search this interactive map.

8 Mar, 2023

Subscribers Special - Notes From the Edge on Songs of Surrender.

7 Mar, 2023

Fender honours Adam today with a signature combo bass amplifier, perfect for gigging and recording bassists.


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