'A Girl Called Party'

8 Feb 2024

'A Girl Called Party'

The 31st show of 40 and the first live outing in nearly ten years for 'Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl' aka 'Party Girl' — the B-side of their 1982 song 'A Celebration' released between the October and War albums. And dedicated to comedian Chris Rock, here celebrating his 59th birthday.

'Wherever you are, there is a pint of Guinness on its way to you, and a song that we may have forgotten how to play — we're doin' this for you'.

There were musical nods to other friends and inspirations throughout the set, including 'Sympathy for the Devil', 'Paint It Black', and 'Wild Horses' by the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison's 'Into the Mystic', and 'America' by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. The set closed with some lines from the band's own 'Gloria' and a verse from 'Blackbird' by The Beatles.

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos here.

What Bono Said

After The Fly: 'This is not a Wednesday night…  this is any night we wanna make it. This is Christmas Eve, this is New Year's Eve. It's not Thursday's eve, it's not Wednesday night, it's the best night of our lives!'  

Quoting adrienne maree brown:'Feeling good is not frivolous, it's freedom.' 'I like the sound of that. We're feeling pretty free here this evening, are you? Don't let anyone take away your freedoms, America. We love you'.

Before 'Beautiful Day', the last of the 22-song set: 'I'd just like to apologize for committing the odd show business crime. Like, pretending there's no encore. There's an encore...'

Shout Outs

To 'Guy O', aka former U2 manager Guy Oseary, and British comedian Jimmy Carr during 'Elevation'

On the Socials

'”Feeling good is not frivolous... it is FREEDOM!” B quoting Adrienne Maree Brown #U2 #U2Sphere - followed by Don't dream it's over with the best choir in the world & BONO in best vocal form!! So grateful for tonight's Mixlr!!... When your heart stops while the stream buffers at such a holy night...' —@HerzensSonne22 on X

'doesn't feel like a wednesday night when you've got ringmaster Adam Clayton & his mystical powers & his special jumpsuit AND PARTY GIRL!!!!!!!!!'—@AdamsKimono on X

'First time in 40 some odd years I heard Trash, Trampoline, and the Party Girl at a @U2 concert. #U2 #U2Sphere —@usckevin on X

'Sang late into the night with my better half and a ton of Gen Xers at the

@SphereVegas watching @U2 put on an absolutely incredible show.'—@BAComer on X

From Zootopia/U2Faniverse

'Kinda funny since the lyrics to Landlady are “And when the doorbell rings you tell me that I have a key”'.—mich40

'Damn, and it's Party Girl tonight!! What a treat'. —neasa_vyu2

'This show is full of surprises. So fun.'—riceek83422

'I love the turntable set because you really never know what they will do.'—zooropa99


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