The band have been talking to the LA Times about Ordinary Love, Nelson Mandela ... and that new record.

On Ordinary Love
:  "We thought it should be a love song, a very human song. Not epic, not earnest in dealing with world-changing political shifts but personal in two people trying to hold on to one another in the face of dreadful mistreatment and heartbreak." (Edge)

On Nelson Mandela: "He would always turn on the humor, mock you a little and then mock himself. Mostly himself." (Bono).

On the new record: "From the few tracks of the new album heard that night," writes Steven Zeitchik, "It has traces of the Clash and Sex Pistols and Kraftwerk — "stuff we were really listening to when we were younger," Bono said. But it also comes laden with soul and old-school R&B, genres Bono said he and friends were listening to in the 1970s "but once punk came along, no one admitted it."

Read the whole piece here.


26 December, 2013
u2 ever the best band
we love this boys u2 are simply the best band we wait years for the boys the life,,real love,,next year the u2 bomb,,always the best band ever,,love from portugal
26 December, 2013
girl drummer
Edge, in his trademark knit hat and biker-esque facial hair, volleyed back, "I told you we should have had a girl drummer." Not a bad a guest onstage of course. Girls ROCK!
21 December, 2013
U2 come to Idaho. Home of Hemmingway...
What a mellifluous cacophony! Can these guys get any better? They are just AMAZING!
19 December, 2013
Krfatwerk and the Clash?! I hope that is the case!
19 December, 2013
I want to watch!
19 December, 2013
Looking good our rock god's
19 December, 2013
Techno Punk! Yeah Baby!
Hints of The Clash, Sex Pistols and Kraftwerk - hmmm, sounds like the U2 I remember! Interesting times, looking forward to the new year.
19 December, 2013
Extra-Ordinary Love
My musical Gods are never usual looking forward to what they are cooking. I do love their first three albums, so, if there are things from the past, be my guests!!!! You are you, period!
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