'A Very Big High'

16 Feb 201132
'It was overwhelming for me and for the band. ' says Bono, of Sunday's opening U2360° night in South Africa. 'A very big high that show...'

This morning Bono spoke at length to Redi Tlabi on Talk Radio 702 in Johannesburg.

Click the player below to hear the whole interview which covers everything from the band's first visit to South Africa since 1998 to the ONE Campaign, from songwriting and the creative dynamics in U2 to global political issues.

A great listen!

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Keep Knocking
Keep knocking on the doors of conscience U2, we need that knock now more than ever. Great interview Bono, as usual your grace shines!
U2 360 Cape Town
The best show EVER! Took my teenage kids to see the band that I loved as a kid and Unforgettable Fire was the first ever album I bought. They were speechless - for once! Thank you so much for coming to SA! I feel so lucky to have got hold of those tickets - Jackpot! Yuta
Bowled Over.... again!
Dear Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry Thank you very much for coming all the way to Cape Town to treat us to your sensational show. I have been a fan since I was 16. Your PopMart concert here in 1998 was spectacular, but last night was the cherry on the top. Thank you for playing so long for us. Besides being head and shoulders above any other band in the world... what I really love about you all is what you do with your celebrity status and wealth. Thank you for being so generous with your time too. Thanks also for acknowledging Madiba and for getting Archbishop Tutu to do a clip for your concert. Thank you all for being so down to earth. You certainly have earned god like status. I hope you have had a fantastic time in South Africa. Sincerely Andrew
It`s great that some people like Bono consider the importance the all people and family, and doing many things also.
Dear Bono I’ve been a fan of U2 for what feels like an eternity, and after Sunday’s phenomenal experience, I knew that I was forever changed. Until then, I had been a somnambulist in my own life...now awakened. I joked with my friends that I was going to quit my job and follow the band around the world, even if it was just to make the coffee. I never imagined my elation could be topped, until my poem was read to you on air and you responded with such warmth and kindness! For me time stood still...your words of thanks a kind of stigmata on my soul. Your spirit, your sense of humour, your love for humanity, your kindness, your humility, your integrity, your sincerity, your passion... YOU have made me want to be a better human being. You’ve inspired me to use my life to improve the lives of others and make this world one we all want to live in. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for Africa. We loved you then, we love you now, we’ll love you forever...son of Africa! Good luck in Cape Town (I wish I could be there too!) and with the rest of the 360° tour. Since I didn’t succeed in meeting you at the 702 studio on Wednesday (your security guys were really strict, and I was asked to leave the premises – LOL! ), I offer you my tribute again... You lit up the City, you lit up our sky You lit up my conscience You left me on a high. Bono, son of Ireland, one of ours too You’ve left your mark on all of us Mother Africa’s indelible mark’s on you The Motherland’s still burning, but this phoenix’s on the rise to soar once again through clear blue skies Your spirit shines bright Keep shining your light Walk on...walk on Shannen Hendricks
Great interview, I enjoyed listening to it. It's always a pleasure to hear Bono speak. Loved the lyrics spoken at the end.
Thank You for posting this interview of Bono. I really enjoyed listening to it. I always enjoy listening to Bono talk about his work and U2's work to make a difference in the world. Bono and U2 are very inspiring and I am very proud of them for what they do and for what they are fighting for. I very proud to call them my favorite band! Thank you!
Thank you for your kindness
Bono should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He is a so great, great man !
Bono and Redi
Fantastic. Thanks for sharing this. Post-Tahrir this is a huge shot of inspiration and reflection. Justice marches on...
Thank you Thank you Thank you, a big hug to U2, what an amazing awe inspiring concert, the best day ever, a day I will never forget. You just get more and more amazing thank you for that wonderful high Cape Town get ready for the best night of your life!!!!!
Thank you
At first you know the rockstar who is a super-artist, but then you discover the sensible, completely unselfish person that he is, and on top of that, so nice and funny!! It's hard to find a special person like that and when you find it, touches your heart. Thanks for the great interview and thanks for giving us information about ONE and the smart aid, and which way the things are going, and what has to be done. In fact I would like to know a bit more about that. Looking forward the next concert (Great to see we're not the only ones who get a big high :D)
The most thrilling long awaited concert I've ever seen! Great to feel goosebumbs when your favourite band in this whole world enters a stadium! I was totally mesmerised by this awesome show! U2 rock my world!!!!!
How to sing a heart out
Dear Bono, thank you so much for this incredible and long interview!!! I have been a U2 fan since 1989 and your music has taught me so much about universal laws like love and humanity. Listening to your great songs I can always sense a very deep connection between music and humanitarian work. "Where you live should not decide whether you live or whether you die" from "Crumbs From Your Table" is a touching line that captures your absolute dedication and commitment to social justice and equality so perfectly. Your passion is such a huge contribution to turn Africa into a hopeful place full of new possibilities. Positive statistics like the reduction of HIV and some good education for 44 million children show promising ways to a better future. Great music means so much more than just entertainment, because it is always such a healing power and its intensity sends shivers down my spine. Thank you so much for your beautiful and moving concert in my country Austria last year! U2 don;t have a choice but to lift me up! B-)
When I grow up...
I want to be Bono ! A great interview, a really humble guy. Fan for life, loved the Joburg concert at Soccer City. Wish I was at the Cape Town one as well...
Debbie Stafford
What a concert!! What an interview!!!! I love U2!!!!! I have been waiting to see them for years......it was worth the wait. I will never forget it!!! Thanks!!!
What a brilliant concert, and a great interview with a very inspiring, humble and intelligent man. Well done Redi, and thank you to U2 for visiting SA again.
Thank you from the depth of hearts
To Redi Tlabi for a fantastic interview with the "Man with a Massive Heart". And thank you U2 for gracing us with the technological wizardry and awe inspiring music. You moved me and my wife emotionally, spiritually and physically - a feeling taht will remain with us forever. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Johannesburg for being there with us under a beautiful African night sky :)
Thanks for the greatest show on earth. What time is it in the world??? SHOWTIME
The Greatest Show on Earth
Sunday's concert was truly amazing! I have never experienced anything like it. How sad for all the idiots who jumped on the Media band wagon and missed out on the GREATEST show on earth!
Saved by Grace :)
Always knew this was Bono's + U2's feeling towards hate speech and song... after all U2 are christian by heart... we live by Grace, love, compassion and understanding :) You go guys :) we will be on a high from the concert for a very long time indeed. I say keep on spreading the words, the music and the consciousness :) Ps See you guys in another 10 years LOL
a lovely conversation. enjoyed.
Excellent Interview
Well done Redi...a really great interview. You were well informed to the U2 story. Bono thanks for a great concert in Perth last year and would love to have been back in South Africa for this tour.
Mundane and plain, but awesome
Bono, what a dude! I can't help but be gob smacked at just how, dare I say it, down to earth he really is. Driven, focussed and passionate, we could all take a leaf from his book. Keep making music and inspiring us and you will be remebered for a long time yet.
Thank you for this interview "BONO" a very emotional moment for me *-* it's nice to hear :))) Soon, "BONO" <3 at February 18 <3. Big kisses to all U2.com team for these great items ..... loveandpeace83 *-*
More globalization
To begin with, i admire Bono, but it seems to me that in certain parts of the interview this very americanized, you need to be more general and globalized in some terms, you are the best, but when comming to La Paz, Bolivia? thanks
For your love to the human kind
Thank you :)
Thank you so much for this great interview. Love you Bono! :)
Legend of a Man
One of the most inspiring men of the planet. Hope we can all learn from him and follow in his footsteps. He lit up South Africa in more ways than one! Much Love -Nicara (Durban, South Africa)
One Word
Rock on!
We can all change the world ONE step at a time. Walk on and thank you for the always inspiring words. You guys make us go out everyday with a song in our heartsand honesty in our souls trying to make a diffirence. Thank you for touching our hearts in South Africa! Always in the Name of Love xxx
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