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6 Sep 20163

'To mark the band's 40th anniversary this year, U2V threw a big party in Valencia, inviting people from all over Spain, as well as fellow fan sites. U2chile, U2place, U2songs, U2start were among the ones that made it to this Tribal Gathering of the Faithful!
"The idea of this party was born thinking how we could pay tribute to U2's 40th anniversary (1976-2016), 40 years after the day they first met at  Larry Mullen's kitchen on the North side of Dublin", says Javi Vara, founder of U2V. "We wanted the party to take place when U2 would not be on tour, so May seemed like the best option. We were very happy that friends from all over the world were able to join us, as well as fans coming from all regions of Spain."
"You know, U2 have never played here in Valencia. We are lucky enough however, to have one of the best U2 tribute bands from Spain, called  'Spyplane', who also happened to be celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band this year, so all the more reason to throw a big party!”…

Read the rest of Harry Kantas's write-up for Zootopia.

And if you’re marking the anniversary yourself, tell everyone about it here.

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In Colombia We Celebrate it too
In Bogotá, Colombia, our band, Ultraviolet Cover Band (we don't have twitter but you can check us out on Instagram @ultravioletcoverband) will be hosting a concert and party for #U240 on Thursday, September 22nd. The show will take place at a renowned venue called Armando Music Hall. The concert will have a great setlist, curated by longtime fans and members of the band, as well as visuals specially designed for the occasion which will be projected in a couple of giant screens. We can't anticipate other surprises that we'll have but a gospel choir and a belly dancer will much likely be on stage with the band for certain songs ;) . After the concert, a very well know local radio DJ, @UribeDJ, will host a 2.5 hour party playing a DJ set at the height of the occasion. We might be looking at around 400 guests and we hope to see every and each one of you there! We'll be uploading clips of our rehearsals before the show to our instagram account (@ultravioletcoverband), as well as full songs performed at the show on our youtube channel. Also, on Septembre 24th, we'll carry out a more intimate show for #U240 at an also great rock venue in Bogotá called Ozzy Bar. This will feature a performance where fans will vote for what they want to hear this day. This show has the support of the U2 Colombian Project (@U2_Colombia) and Universal Music Group, both highly committed to seeing the band in our country. Thanks for allowing us to share, Pablo Buitrago
Dutch + 2 English Fans Reunion & 40th Bi
Hi Just replying to the article, this last weekend (3rd September) a large contingent of Dutch fans and two of us English, or as re became known "The Brexit Refugees" :), had a U2 queue reunion (lets face it queues and after show parties are where many of us meet) and combined it with celebrating 40 years of U2. U2 Olympics (with The Brexit Refugees were on the gold medal team), a BBQ, U2 Video's and 2.5 hour acoustic driven set of U2 classics by a 2 (later 3) man band. Lots of beer & wine then a large dorm room to get our heads down for a few hours. Thanks U2 for everything over the years, thanks to my dutch friends for putting it all together and finally for inviting us. Love to all you and I hope other peoples parties are as fantastic as ours. Richard (one of the Brexit Refugees).
The parties for #LarryMullenBand40 have just begun! Great writing Harry - it made me wish I had been there! Cheers!
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