Achtung Baby - Choose Three

22 Dec 2021156

Achtung Baby: Choose Three

Hard as it is to believe, in November we marked the thirtieth birthday of Achtung Baby.

(Although not as hard to believe as it had been the month before, when we marked the fortieth birthday of October. )

Arriving a couple of years after the band had vowed to go away and 'dream it all up again',  Achtung Baby was a promise kept and the record was widely seen as a sonic and visual reinvention.

As Miriam Jonker posted on our earlier story, 'I loved this album from day one and it is still the album I listen to the most. Excellent capture of the zeitgeist at the time and a great reinvention of U2….'

Or as pawel_peczak added, 'No one has ever recorded anything like Achtung Baby before, after and ever after. It's a masterpiece. Reflects the whole generation. It's Yellow Submarine of the 1990's. Its new Europe, unified. It's personal story of love and divorce, love hurts, love loves emotional. It changed my entire life forever...'

But let's imagine you're making your own playlist of the band's finest songs and you can only choose THREE songs from any one album… what are the three songs from Achtung Baby that you could not live without? 

Vote for those three in our poll…  then tell us why in the comments below.

Achtung Baby

1. Zoo Station 
2. Even Better Than The Real Thing 
3. One 
4. Until The End Of The World 
5. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 
6. So Cruel 
7. The Fly 
8. Mysterious Ways 
9. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World 
10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 
11. Acrobat 
12. Love Is Blindness

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What kind of madness is this?! Three?! 1. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 2. all of the other songs 3. Including the b sides
The fly Love us blindness End of the world
Theresa A.
Top 3…
Ultraviolet is hands down my number 1. Until the End of the World is one of the greatest songs live. Mysterious Ways because The Edge is AMAZING (as always!)
One, Until the end of the world, so crue
3 excellent songs, great melodies, great lyrics, great instrument performance. The whole album, still great, 30 years later & counting.
Only 3
1.Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses ❤️ 2.So Cruel Edge’s Guitar Work BRILLIANT 3. Ultra Violet (light my Way) ‘Your love is like a light bulb Hanging Over My Head ‘ What more can I say
I refuse !!
Picking 3 from the best album in their library. Come one. As me a serious question !
So cruel/zoo station
So cruel just because it’s a beautiful song how it just rolls along so easily. Zoo station because it was the first song at my first concert at age 15. I was just in awe of the sound…fell in love with U2 and live music.
Ach ...
Achtung Baby in three songs? The Fly, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses and Love is Blindness. At the time, Achtung Baby was an exciting and forceful shove to my psyche but in advance of first hearing The Fly, a couple of school friends warned me, "Have you heard U2's new song? It's weird - you probably won't like it". And then I did hear it, and it was such a sonic injection of Vitamin Rock. Also still Edge's best guitar solo ever. After the album came out and I had time to play it, and play it, and play it some more Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses eventually settled into my heart as my favourite on the album. The Temple Bar edit on the single release was great too, but I eventually settled back into preferring the album version (although the live version on Live at the Apollo is for the standout on that album). As the 1990s edged into the 2000s and Love is Blindness took on more and more personal meeting, it arguably became the most important song on the album, although not always an easy listen.
Hard to choose from my favorite album
The fly, ultra violet and who’s gonna ride your wild horses.
Mysterious Ways, Acrobat, Love Is Blindn
All visceral songs. Special mentions to Zoo Station, One and Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
Your arms around the world
Wonderful sono
Until the end of the world - The fly - U
The fly ... First single, the start of the story Until the end of the world ...with "Achtung Baby" Ultra Violet ... Sometimes I feel like I don't know how to choose just three songs
Three is not enough
Zoo station + Ultraviolet + Until the end of the world... I would select the whole album, a masterpiece...
incluso mejor que lo más real
Elijo 3 veces incluso mejor que lo más real.
Top 3
Until the End of the World The Fly Acrobat Zoo Station at a close fourth
Achtung Baby
Kathy Wetterlin
Kathy from Texas
Achtung Baby is one of my favorite albums from U2... Top 3 for me would be: 1. One 2. Until The End of The World 3. So Cruel
Even Better Than The Real Thing + The Fl
Song full of energy, sensation and light
Surprising result
I wouldn't have expected So Cruel to top the charts on this one, but as the spread of votes shows its a hard ask picking three. I went for Fly, Horses and UltraViolet.
One + Mysterious ways + Who's gonna ride
My top 3 have to be "One" + "Mysterious ways" + "Who's gonna ride your wild horses?"
Just 3???
Just 3? That’s like asking me which 3 digits I want to keep on my hands… • “The Fly” takes me to a different place. Edge’s solo transports me, interstellar at beyond light speed. • “Ultra Violet (Light My Way)” bridges the gap that previously I was unaware was bridgable between relational longing and divine love. • “Mysterious Ways” was my first exposure to the band. I was 14 years old and this song, played on the radio, dragged me off to a place of defiance and hope beyond despair.
Top 3 If Stuck on a Desert Island…
Ultraviolet (Baby Light My Way) Love Is Blindness One
So Cruel - because it was a tough time in my life when I heard this song the first time. Zoo Station - my first U2 concert Zoo TV and when the concert started and I saw Bono on the speaker kicking in the air....... a moment I'll never forget Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World - A true dysfunctional love story - A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
Top 3
Ultraviolet/The Fly/Acrobat
Zoo Station, Even better than the real thing, Until the end of the world.
Top 3
1. Ultraviolet 2. Who’s gonna ride your wild horses 3. So cruel
Extraordinary songs
Achtung Baby perfectly represents times of changes happening both on a political level and in U2´s personal lives. It´s a stunning soundtrack for the beginning of a new era characterised by the fall of the Wall and German reunification. It´s hard to choose three favourite tracks, but for me The Fly is one of the most extraordinary songs. Having heard it for the first time at the age of 17 on the radio I was both confused and fascinated by that fierce mixture of unusual sounds embedded in a gloomy mood. The guitar solo belongs to the most brilliant parts of music The Edge has ever created. Acrobat is another masterpiece, with its intensive sounds and vivid rhythms accompanying lyrics that evoke feelings of inner struggles and contradictions. In 2018 I was mesmerised to hear it live for the first time in Berlin and U2´s performance was so special. Until The End Of The World also amazes me through its enormous energy, which became especially evident during numerous live performances. With lyrics reflecting themes like spirituality, sexuality and the moment when Judas betrayed Jesus, it offers a variety of possible meanings.
Once is never enough
After years of listening to the Joshua tree i bought this album and thought they’ve lost it ! Now listening to One,Acrobat & End of the World I can’t believe back then I thought it was crap. When I listen to One especially I can’t believe I nearly dismissed this album. I still follow U2 and find they improve with age like a fine wine
Definetely the best one
# U2 Achtung Baby Songs I cannot live wi
1. One 2. Until The end of the World 3. So Cruel
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