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Ahead of U2's first ever performance in India, today the band release a new track, 'Ahimsa', a collaboration with legendary composer A.R. Rahman. 

Stream 'Ahimsa'

'Ahimsa' – the Sanskrit word for non-violence - celebrates the spiritual diversity of India and connects the ethos of U2 with the mastery of A.R. Rahman. The song comes less than a month ahead of The Joshua Tree Tour arriving in  Mumbai on December 15.

“Ahimsa requires courage and strength.” explained A R Rahman, a composer and producer renowned for integrating Eastern classical music with electronic music, world music genres and traditional orchestral arrangements. "A quality that is impervious to weapons or power. It's a mission which is most needed to heal the modern world and it is incredible timing to collaborate with U2, with their amazing legacy, to revive this movement.”

Working with A.R, said The Edge, had been "an absolute joy”. 

"A superstar and a talent both towering and generous, we are especially excited to visit his homeland in just a few weeks.
"India has been on our bucket list for a very long time, the principles of ahimsa or non-violence have served as an important pillar of what our band stands for since we first came together to play music. We can't wait to experience the culture of India first hand, a place that brings together the modern and the ancient all at once.”

The fight against injustice has always been so important to us, added Bono.
 "We were somewhat shaped and formed by Martin Luther King who was a student of Mahatma Gandhi. Martin Luther King said 'The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice….' I don't believe that anymore… It doesn't bend towards justice, it has to be bent towards justice. We have to be actively involved in our democracy to preserve it and show people how we feel and what we care about.
"We come as students to the source of inspiration. That is Ahimsa… non-violence. India gave this to us… the greatest gift to the world.  It is more  powerful than nuclear energy, the armies, the navy's, the British Empire. It is power itself. And it's never been more important.”

As well as 'Ahimsa', 2019 will also see the release of four highlights from U2's extensive catalogue of songs, remixed by local Indian artists. Streaming now.

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U2 means "Worldwide"
Beautiful collaboration. U2 is simply the BEST! Thanks
6-year old singing this
I played this song on a drive during Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe just a few times during the long car ride, with my 10-year and 6-year old daughters. My 6-year old has been singing this today (Bono parts) - I haven't played it since - amazing she remembers.
Evil doesn’t care though
Peace be with you.
Not streaming
Ive brought it I wanted my own copy. Utterly beautiful track.......!!!!!! Patrick Rhatigan a Fan since 1983. The white flag original Top of the morning xx
Love Ahimsa
What a wonderful surprise! Great to have new music, a lovely (and catchy song!)... very special for me after having seen U2 perform just last week in Brisbane. I agree that the moral arc of the universe has to be bent towards justice.
Bono sounds fabulous lovely surprise!
Thank you Bono, Adam, Edge, and Larry fo
Dear U2 Heartfelt thanks for taking up the Jain Ahimsa hands symbol signifying non violence to all life forms to the world stage. (I tweeted the similar symbol on 25 October @u2.com. great to see it unfold). Where can I buy the Ahimsa t shirt signed by the band to the concerts in Japan and Singapore? I had already booked my flights the day before you announced Mumbai....gutted to not being able to change flights to see you on Ahimsa tour. See you in Singapore then Tokyo...
AHIMSA: what the world needs!
How strange life is! The other day, I started reading a book about Ahimsa's Gandhi, and the next day, my favorite band released a new song called Ahimsa... This song makes me feel good, it's been a long time, thank you so much! We're ready for a new U2 album full of hymns! Bless you
#1 band in the world !!!
80,90,2000,2010 ... 4 decade number 1 band in the world!!!
Ahimsa ❤️❤️❤️
I absolutely love this new song! Love BONO’s voice and love the music!!! Best band in the UNIVERSE! I just purchased the single from ITunes.
I absolutely love this new song! Love BONO’s voice and love the music!!! Best band in the UNIVERSE! I just purchased the single from ITunes.
Sublimely Beautiful and Haunting
Instant classic. Our boys never cease to amaze me. Thanks for being the soundtrack to the movie of my life.
Bruno Mendes
Que surpresa maravilhosa!!!!!!!!
Simple but profound
This song connects with my heart and is a message the world needs to hear now. Thank you for a wonderful gift, U2.
What a beautiful song! So melodic and peaceful. We need that in these crazy times. Thank you so much for always giving us amazing music. It's why after all these years from the start I still absolutely love you!
Surrender to humanity
Beautiful idea and song. In a tumultuous world divided by haves, have nots and haves that just cannot get enough... it's helpful (essential actually) to listen to a soothing, peaceful chant. A salve for our aching hearts. Thanks Boys...g
Ramesh Paramjothy
Another masterpiece
Ramesh Paramjothy
Another masterpiece by genius
I like this! I don't think it's one of their best tracks ever, but it doesn't even need to be. It's still very enjoyable and I really love the concept.
Sounds great..just the right song to hear in the times that we live in U2 is the perfect band to deliver this message Awaiting to hear the full version
Nice track.
Good to hear something new from the band again. Lovely track and grows with every listen, typical U2. Love the sentiment of the title, all for that.
Love it!
Thanks once again U2
Brilliant as Always!!!
Class Act!!!
Great message of peace
What a great collaboration with that legendary composer from India! This is a wonderful piece of music reflecting the values U2 have always stood for, Starting with soft guitar sounds and female voices, the intro already creates a genuine feeling of positivity. It´s such an uplifting song that particularly builds up much energy in the chorus. "Ahimsa" comes across as a powerful call our world needs, with Bono singing that word with beautiful long drawn-out notes.
AHIMSA - non violence
Living in Chicago it’s no brainer that “non-violence” should be one of the most urgent things on our priority list. Everyday innocent kids and young adults get gun down, either as totally random bystanders or recruited into gangs, dreaming of better life. Unfortunately the outcome they get is a nightmare, not a dream. Beautiful song. Thanks U2 for making another poignant contribution into our consciousness, our hearts, and souls.
A little encouragement for peace is never ending, but yet somewhat difficult to achieve by choice.
Peace ......is what I felt upon playing this for the first time. Thank you for the link, I downloaded, and am looking for to the album. J
Respect for all living things
Amazing just listen
What the world needs now is ...
Total frequency lifter - on rotation already! Thanks for always using your music and energy to tickle the psyche of the world towards what's important. You alter and guide the zeitgeist and always have. So grateful. Rock on.
Non violence is the old testimony
A worthy value of all. Wonderful song. Come to
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