'Album Of the Year'

10 Dec 2014
'U2 unleashed a brilliant surprise, Bruce Springsteen hit a new peak, St.
Vincent made deliciously weird noise and more...'

Rolling Stone Magazine named Songs Of Innocence their 2014 'Album Of The Year'.

Here's what they said.

'There was no bigger album of 2014 ­ in terms of surprise, generosity and
controversy. Songs of Innocence is also the rebirth of the year. Bono, the
Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. put their lives on the line:
giving away 11 songs of guitar rapture and frank, emotional tales of how
they became a band out of the rough streets and spiritual ferment of
Seventies Dublin. This is personal history with details. In the furiously
brooding "Cedarwood Road," named after Bono's home address as a boy, he
recalls the fear and rage that drove him to punk rock. "The Miracle (of
Joey Ramone)" is a glam-stomp homage to the misfit voice that inspired
Bono to sing. And that's his mother, who died when Bono was 14, still
guiding and comforting him in the chorus of "Iris (Hold Me Close)."

This is a record full of the band's stories and triumph, memory and
confession detonated with adventure and poise. In its range of sounds,
there may be no more complete U2 album: The band bonded its founding
post-punk values with dance momentum in "Volcano" and the raw, jagged
"Raised by Wolves," and humanized the digital pathos of "Every Breaking
Wave" and the harrowing "Sleep Like a Baby Tonight" with the vocal
folk-soul warmth of The Joshua Tree. "I have a will for survival," Bono
sings in the closing track, "The Troubles." Songs of Innocence is the
proof ­ and the emotionally raw rock album of the year, at any price.'


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