All The Colours Came Out

6 Mar 202425

All The Colours Came Out

It was a Beautiful Day. All forty of them. Thank you Las Vegas.



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What's rare in life is truly wonderful
It was a privilege to see a band play off the foil of technology that only now gives technicolour to the vision that was Achtung Baby. You guys played with the liberty of youngsters and it was a joy to watch. Thanks
We were lucky to catch the 3/1 show after a serious heath issue prevented us from going to the 12/1 show. The Sphere was electric with U2 fans singing and swaying along to the songs we love as the band played and the room rocked and rolled. I would have gone back again to see another show. Can’t wait to see what U2 is cooking up next after a much needed and deserved rest. Wherever it is I will be there God willing. In the meantime slainte
I have so much gratitude for these shows and the beauty they created within the U2 community. So many age brackets. So many decades long fans feeling every word of every song mirrored with graphics that left me speechless many times. I have felt sad on several occasions that not every fan got to experience this show. Thank you to Larry for being humble enough to let the show go on through your recovery and for choosing Bram, in all his brilliance. Bram will always be a part of the U2 family to me! Can’t wait for the next album and tour!!!
Thank you U2. We miss you already
Thank you to the Band, the Crew, the team and every single person who had something to do with 40 great shows. You gave us a gift that none of us could ever imagine. Covid put the fear in a lot of us, making us all think that perhaps live music and intimate U2 shows would soon be a thing of the past. But this band once again gave us what we so needed; (Bono's book tour held us over and gave us a U2 micro dose until this beautiful dream could be realized. - you kept us going :) And you gave so much to us over the last 7 months. We are the luckiest ones. Re-entry, detox, coming down, whatever you call it- Your fans are all experiencing it. We are scrolling through photos, tagging each other in videos, dispelling rumors, scouring for any tidbit that might tell us what's next. Just so you know - this is our mental state :) You keep us holding on - Until soon- xx T.
Thank you U2...for all of it
So it looks like U2 are at another journey’s end…What a remarkable couple of years it’s been for U2…and us lucky U2 fans! I last saw them live in 2019 at the E & I tour in LA, I thought “this might be the last time I see them live”…they are getting older, Bono had some serious health issues, no one could blame them for hanging it up and they certainly have nothing left to prove to anyone ever again...decades of awards, accolades, albums, world tours, what more could they possible have left to accomplish? So it was such a remarkable and beautiful surprise to hear about Bono’s book Surrender, not only as a print book, but as a mesmerizing performance piece as an Audible book, and an even more mind blowing live book tour show (Bono ever the showman…). With a front row seat at a New York show I got to bask in all the imperfect perfection that is Bono. It was amazing being in such a small venue and seeing him perform at close range. Although not a U2 show, it was an intimate portrait of an artist, a truly unique experience that I won’t soon forget. As if that was not enough, we then got Songs of Surrender, a whopping 40 reworked songs from the boys. Although maybe not our first choice as fans as we would probably prefer new music, some (not all) of the songs are sublime in their reimagined form. Certainly a more reflective version of their most passionate songs coming from an older, more well worn, worldly perspective of life. Just as that sank in, they announced the Sphere shows and all hell broke loose in the U2 community, with half being excited to see what madness this would bring and what they would be capable of doing with it to half being disillusioned since Larry was sadly sidelined and U2 were apparently washed up has beens by doing a Vegas residency. I was largely of the former opinion and was lucky enough to catch the Sphere shows twice, once opening night and again Feb 17. Both shows were remarkable as U2 shows always are, but the energy, excitement and confidence exuded by the band in the latter show was off the charts and Bono sounded better than ever. And they looked like they were still having FUN doing this. I’m under no illusion that the band is getting older, maybe they aren’t the same band that slapped us in the face with Achtung Baby/ Zoo TV in the 90’s, but they still have a such a spark and a love so big that it fills up the Sphere every night they played. To see Larry watching them play on the March 1 show and the love and respect they pay to Larry and his stand-in Bram, every night was truly heartwarming, the love this band of brothers have for each other, the life they created for themselves and the music and message they gave to the world, I can’t imagine they ever thought that this was possible as teenagers in Dublin… Ending their Sphere run of 40 shows with “40” was the most beautifully poetic way to end this era, it brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps alike to hear the crowd chanting the chorus long after the band left the stage. I’m in such awe at where they have been, where they have taken us and where they are going next. 45 years on and they sold out 40 shows in one venue, meaning fans had to come to THEM to see them. I love the attention, affection, praise, respect and love they are getting from fans and maybe more “casual acquaintances” of the band alike. I love being a U2 fan, I feel so fortunate to have grown up in the era of U2 and been witness to their career. I don’t know what’s coming but I’m ready for what’s next…
What a beautiful ending to this epic run in LV. I was grateful to attend a few shows in person and seeing the evolution of it from the beginning to the end. Let's get together soon again. Much appreciation to all the U2 crew, techs and assistants for their efforts to made it a success. The Sphere was worth the
Thank you U2, thank you Bram
Thank you, thank you, thank you U2, without you I don't know if I would have ever been to America, thank you U2 for making me meet wonderful people, see extraordinary places, experience unique sensations. Thank you Bram for helping make this possible. I just heard Streets on the stereo and I went back there with you, in the sphere, in the desert, what a feeling, wow!
How long......... Take this song and Larry back to Europe.
Proud Ireland
I travelled over twice from Ireland to see the most remarkable concerts on the planet. Thank you U2 and all their staff. Long way from a field in Leixlip where I first witnessed this remarkable group. So proud of this Irish band.
Thank you…I Love U2
What an incredible and life changing experience. I am still on a high after Saturday’s final concert. I was fortunate to attend 4 shows including the first and the last. So happy to have had U2 woven into my life’s experiences over the last 40 years and attending several of their concerts. As long as they are on this earth performing, I will follow!
Most incredible experience
I’m eternally grateful that I got to experience this! My first U2 concert was at the Worcester Centrum in 1984 on the Unforgettable Fire
Out of this world is the perfect way to describe this show! Thank you U2 for being the music soundtrack of my life, for soothing my soul and making me so happy. I love you
Thank YOU U2!
So many thoughts and feelings about this band, this residency, their songs. Words are not enough to explain what it all means to me. U2 was the first fan club I ever joined. While I am sad that it is over, I am extremely grateful that we were able to go 3 times. I don't think concerts will ever be the same for me.
Thank you for making my first U2 show absolutely incredible. Even though I was only able to make one show, my dad and I were on the railing on Edge's side. There really are no words to explain it.
❤️ Suzestuff
Was lucky enough to get tickets for the 15th Feb, it nearly bankrupted us to get to this gig from the UK, but when I say it was worth it, I have never meant it more. U2 are my favourite band, their songs are the soundtrack to my life, I had to see this amazing band, in an unbelievable venue and it is a day I will remember for the rest of my days. I have just watched this video and it has brought me to tears, well done whoever put it together, it sums up beautifully a perfect, unforgettable day!
Thank You
Thank you U2 for the amazing shows and experience at the Sphere!
Thank you Thank you!
Went to 3 shows including the last 2. Incredible, awestruck. Innovating again, what U2 does best! Pure joy watching and singing along at the top of my lungs and dancing my heart out with everyone in GA. The best band, the best fan community! Thank you for the music. The emotion. The stories. The comradely. Bono, Adam, Edge and safety net Bram for bringing it every night! Larry, heal up soon. Rest, reset. We’re ready when you are! We’re ready for what’s next! Thank you to all involved-crew, techs, sphere crew! Collective amazingness! Closing with 40 had me in tears. Much love, your fan of 35 years! ❤️
Beautiful show
Had the privilege of seeing 3 shows in a row in 2023. Each show was a beautiful show. Each day was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful week. It was a beautiful band - 4 beautiful people on stage. It was a beautiful sphere. It was a beautiful residency. U2 gives me a beautiful life. Thank you U2 and crew.. And I'm counting down for what's next... How long to sing this song... AMEN.
U2 my Band
Thank you U2! Waiting a new album Rock and Roll!! Edge guitar!!
Such good times! Viva Las Vegas - Our A
I'm at a loss! We saw U2 at the Sphere in October, December, January, and February; now what? I need my fix! Las Vegas will never be the same! We went to the Zoo Station at the Venetian many times and have great pictures with the Trabi; we were even able to listen to the digitally-remastered Achtung Baby album with the sound engineers who remastered it at the cinema there. Such good times! I really wish I had been at the Golden Tiki and gotten a few pix! So now what are we supposed to do? Wait a few years for the new album? Take a rest, get Larry healed up, and return! Thanks for the great memories and Viva Las Vegas!
Thank You, U2!
It was such an unprecedented residency, and all too short in my selfish opinion. I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend the 10/13 show with my 10-year-old autistic daughter. It was my second U2 show, though I've been a fan since Joshua Tree days. It was my daughter's first ever concert, and to this day she still talks about it daily. It was such a special experience for us both that it will never be forgotten. And for giving me the opportunity to bond and share a part of my life with my daughter, I will be eternally grateful to the band. We travel to Vegas fairly regularly (though not for the casinos), and I have to say, I will miss all the excitement about my favorite band that was palpable during the residency. While I'm excited for new U2 music and the next tour, you all will be missed when we return to Atomic City later this year. But I will never forget the almost otherworldly experience of U2:UV.
Thank you Vegas, Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry
I’m still going through withdrawal after luckily seeing this amazing show 3 times, believe it or not I want more! Saying that I understand, it’s time to dream it up all over again. Thank you, to Las Vegas (Atomic City) for being a wonderful city and destination for the most amazing concert venue on Earth. Thank you to the Sphere for being the Sphere, but also for selecting U2 to open it up and welcoming all of us Zootopians and for those “who feel we are not on our own”. Thank you to the best band in the world for your music and to the crew who created a show that will forever be the first of its kind. Larry we miss you and pray you are well on your way to recovery. It had to be tough to step aside to allow the band to play without you, but thankful with your support the show went on. Bram was amazing not a replacement but did an amazing job and quickly won over fans (not easy to do). Until the next chapter (hopefully sooner rather than later)!
lørdag 17 februar 2024 vil jeg huske resten af livet ❤❤❤❤❤❤
What beautiful life this is!
It was a beautiful spherical astronomical day (20 Oct). I loved being a tiny part of something oh so spectacular. It will always stay with me, and be a favourite best in my life. I look at everyday spherical objects differently now, they transport me back to the desert, where we all gathered, to be ONE. Thank you everyone xxx
12 of 40
Grateful to have been able to attend a dozen U2:UV Sphere concerts. What a band, what a venue, what an experience like no other. My first U2 concert was December 15, 1984. Show number 40 was my 73rd U2 concert.
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