'All the promises we made…'

5 Dec 201758

'All the promises we made, from the cradle to the grave…' 

The band  were at Abbey Road Studios in London last month, making a one-off BBC special which airs on Tuesday December 19th.

Performing with choir and orchestra, they played tracks from Songs of Experience, talked to presenter Cat Deeley about the making of the album… and dipped into the back catalogue for a number or two, including this pretty wonderful version of  'All I Want Is You'.


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Turning left on the North Strand..
These are the little moments why I hold this (sometimes infuriating) band so close to my heart. What a magical performance lads. A room in the Royal hotel With sea facing views A man with a suitcase Full of things he doesn't need I'm looking through your window I'm walking through your doorway I'm on the outside Let me in Let me love you Let me love you Let me
One of the greatest songs ever
Comment: Let is speak for itself.
Air date in the States?
When will this air in America? On BBC America, perhaps?
Wow - Walk to the Water at the end of a beautiful song. Walk to the Water is in itself a stunning song too. Quite a partnership x
Jo Van de Vreken
Played this song on my wedding 21 years ago. It still gives me goosebumps!
My favourite song hope you play it in Montreal in June.
Great performance!!
All i want is you are one of my best song, and this version live are amazing!! Great!!
Walk To The Water
Wow, wow, wow, you guys. What a gig. I will forever walk to the water with you.
All I want is you
A love letter has to be these lyrics r precious
I love this Classic song, it has so much meaning for me
fucking brilliant!
Threads of our lives
Awesome. I walked down the aisle to this 14 yrs ago. What a brilliant Christmas gift and a twist for our blessing next year. U2, you are threaded into our lives x
Incredibile version ...like the album version...One of My dream is reality..tnx... Friends ....God bless you
nick\\\'s original species
That is the best version
Classic Track, welcome back U2
wahou !!
Superbe version de All i Want is Youuuuu !! une vrai pépite de 6mn30, j'en ai la chair de poule, magnifique voix de Bono et ce son de guitare façon the Edge nous transporte vers un tout autre univers. Mention spéciale à l'orchestre maison,BBC ... un délice pour les oreilles !! vivement la prochaine tournée Européenne et passage à Paris, avec peut être cette version en Live qui sait :)
All I want is you
What can you say timeless classic
U(2) keep your promises...
I fell in love with this song when I heard first time Rattle and Hum. Loved the Fellini styled video and had sometimes heard it live in concert. Last time was a snippet in Rome for the 360° Tour. Now this version....it's not really new. It's perfectly equal to the record version...but this time it is played LIVE with the orchestra on the stage. A wonderful version; hope that I could be able to see BBC special here in Italy. I am still adsorbing SOE and I'm curious to hear it live wiht the orchestra. Thank you guys, hope to see you in Italy for i&e tour next year.
Looking forward to the rest!....it's music, wonderful music.
Just watched this, floored, absolutely fantastic. Fantastic music.
So many meanings to all that hear this s
This is one of my favorite U2 songs, it has been since I heard it when it was released. Please pencil in on the St. Louis setlist :). This performance is outstanding......the strings are golden to the senses.......Thank you.
This song touches my soul!!!!!!!!! Thank you! All I want is U2!!
All I want is U2
Great performance everybody !!! Great song on the Rattle And Hum album. Let us not forget to celebrate Rattle And Hum next year. See you next year.
Can't wait to see the BBC's show on 19 December. Thank you for this little peek of what is to come and THANK YOU U2 for the fantastic new album. It was well worth the wait. :-) :-)
Beautiful -- Thanks
Thanks for sharing this on your website! I saw the link yesterday on Twitter for BBC One or BBC Music, but couldn't access the video. This is great! So excited to see the band when U2 comes to Philadelphia in June. It has been ages since I've gotten to a concert. This one will be just in time for my husband and I to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, too. Could you please make "All I want is you" part of your set list? That was our wedding song : )
A phenomenal pleasure
In addition to being an impressive performance, it is a phenomenal pleasure to a fan to see his favorite artist looking back, watching the orchestra playing the sound of his own work. And I'm dreaming that the same may have happened with "light of home" in the string version. I was astonished with the "Walk to the Water" in the end.
Magnifique. U2 dans mon cœur
2018 tour Add to Set list. what we think
Can we vote this song back on the 18 tour I think it would be a happy song we need now days. see you in Tulsa ok..All I want is you to in Tulsa all we want is you to in Tulsa Oklahoma .. happy Christmas
New and Old
This is absolutely lovely. Between this and getting to listen to my new Songs of Experience CD last night for the first time... I am so thankful. Life has been rough lately- you've helped to make it a bit better.
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