'The Best Concert Ever...'

25 Aug 20095
Alma Catel was the star of Bill Carter's award-winning documentary Miss Sarajevo in 1995. When the band returned to the region, for the show in Zagreb last month, we tracked down Alma to see how life has changed for her... and for this part of Europe.

Alma's life during the siege of Sarajevo in the early 1990's was desperate. 'The situation is everyday worse and worse here... I have lost my friends, my flat is burned... the situation is really hard.' When U2 kept their promise to play in Sarajevo, on the PopMart Tour ib 1997, it was she says, 'the best concert ever' bringing together Bosnians and Serbs as never before.

Today, another twelve years on, Alma has a new life - and life in this part of Europe has been transformed. But can U2's concert in Zagreb scale the heights again - and what else is in store for Alma?

Part 1 of a two-part U2.com documentary.

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This is why U2 is so relevant ...
This story is so real ... 'no more war' (SBS) is more relevant by seeing this witness ! And U2 did a great job in 1997 ... now it's clear to me ! Historical concert in Sarajevo ... and it meant surely a lot for the people there ! Alma, take care and walk on ...
So interesting to see this young woman now. Sad to note her free spirit early on in the documentary, singing in the car and then, a little while later, how her whole life had changed because of the loss of friends and family. One so young surely never truly recovers from something like war. You can see it in her eyes now. Hopefully Alma can realize the next part of her dream, which is to go to graduate school in the US. Crossing my fingers for you Alma. Blessings to U2 for helping to heal these people.
They did a beautiful thing when they played in Sarajevo for those people after the war.
Very moving clip. Unfortunatly the tensions have moved to other parts of the world.
What a great documentary to have on this site. For me, being American, I forget what is must be like living in a war torn country. How it must be to go with out the fundamental basics like; water, food, soap, friends, family, etc. I don’t know where people like Alma find the strength and courage to forgive and not hate. I guess we all have the same fundamental need and want. To live in peace and a world with no hate and everyone is equal. Thank you U2 and U2.com for always making me think and teach me about the world outside the USA.
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