'American Soul (New York)'

23 Mar 201814

'American Soul (New York)'

'Blessed are the arrogant, for theirs is the kingdom of their own company…'

It opens with Kendrick Lamar, features that live performance on The Hudson River in New York City and once again has some special animated magic from the Broken Fingaz crew.

It's a new video for American Soul.


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Love for others.
blessed be the volunteers who give their time to make the world a better place.
We are the arrogants
We love to BE arrogant,we have the Heart in our mouths,hold me close and don't ever let me go...
Blessed are our children
Blessed are our children and grandchildren whom we can inspire to continue to make this a better world to live in for our future generations... Love the song and the videos inspirational messages...just love the whole album... So looking forward to my upcoming shows in TN and especially in Dublin...what an experience that's gonna be to finally see U2 perform in their hometown...so excited...can't wait!!!
Bless the Blessed...
Bless are The Peolple who Make This World a Better Place, and don't Ask for Nothing in Change...
Blessed are the lawmakers, lobbyists and conservative news outlets who belittle and ridicule teenagers, Dreamers and African-Americans for marching for their lives, while they embrace White Supremacists for marching for their "rights".
Beatitude for parents
Blessed are the parents as we get to inspire a second chance to be better than we are
Nice slap !!!
For those that sowing intolerance and hate! Whatever, at the end of day the reason, good feelings, and LOVE over everything will reign around over our blessed America and the world !
which song
which song should they open with?????? this would be a great choice!!!!
American Soul
Great Song. See you soon in Montreal
Love it
Love that song what a song u2at it’s BEST
great song, can't wait to hear it in Dublin!
Great message...awesome tune. Terminator on drums...i love it!! Roll on Dublin in November :-)
great song
Amazing song with a grandiose effect!!!
New Video
I like it. I like how they left the words and music speak for themselves. It's a political song on its own. I like how the video imagery does not push the message of the song. The video seems to echo rather than push futher as the GOOYOW video. I liked that one too. So this is what they were doing Grammy night. I wondered why they weren't at the awards playing live. I was not as fond of this song as others on SOE. As the past three months past; I've come to really like this song. I think it's going to kick butt live. I like this video very much.
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