Anniversary Vinyl Specials

24 May 201910

Anniversary Vinyl Specials

Two very special coloured vinyl releases arrive next month, marking more anniversaries in the band’s catalogue.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of release, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, the 2004 album which gave us ‘Vertigo’ and ‘City of Blinding Lights',  arrives on limited edition red vinyl,  complete with a 16 page booklet with lyrics.

The Unforgettable Fire - 35 years on from ‘Pride (In The Name of Love)’, ‘Bad’ and ‘A Sort of Homecoming’ - is released on limited edition wine coloured vinyl. Also with a 16 page booklet with lyrics.

At we have a two week exclusive pre-order window before the albums go on general release on June 7th.

Find our more and pre-order The Unforgettable Fire and How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

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U2' s best album in mho. Joshua tree fabulous but this has all the stadium hits like Bad and pride and those were the songs that really got them off the ground here and particularly in America, also where the stadium big songs gained momentum. Would love the Wine vinyl edition.
The vinyls look good
Unforgettable fire reissue!!!!!
Saw them milton Keynes bowl 1985 unforgettable live unforgettable album!!!!!
Unforgettable fire more like unforgettable album Superb first played it in 1985 still playing it 2019
Another outstanding vinyl
Great value outstanding addition to any collection
Thank you for the Anniversary Vinyl!!
When The Unforgettable Fire was released in 1984, I was 15 years old and lost in a high school blur of hormones, confusing choices, bullies, stupid popularity contests, and crushes on girls out my league. For me, listening to The Unforgettable Fire in my bedroom, by myself, after another depressing day at school was the best drug a kid could ask for! With the volume on my stereo cranked up, it literally felt like I had entered another world in which I could escape my depressing day and breath and live again!!
Please Keep them Coming
I really like the coloured vinyl reissues... These two albums are fantastic. UF is a masterpiece... I still remember buying it from Woolworths! I'm hoping the whole back catalogue gets the coloured vinyl treatment...
C’mon! Quit holding us in suspense and give us the track list of the subscribers gift!!! This is getting old!!
This’ll be cool
Rattle and Hum reissue??
All U2 albums have been reissued on vinyl except Rattle and Hum. I would love an R&H reissue with extras, including audio/video of entire McNichols Arena performance featured in the movie. And I’d like the movie to be made available for purchase via streaming. Get on it U2! :-)
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29 Nov, 2021

… you just might bump into Edge.

26 Nov, 2021

40th anniversary 12" EP on Yellow Vinyl, released today for Record Store Day.

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Edge has been pulling the strings with an amazing auction to support musicians in New Orleans.