'As the Trucks Roll Out of Town...'

2 Aug 201153
'Three o clock in the morning as the trucks roll out of town..'

After two years and two months, U2360° came to a close in Moncton, Canada at the weekend.

This is 'Stay (Faraway, So Close)' from the final night.

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Cannot believe tour closed in Moncton =]
Saw this show 3 times & wished it could have been more. Meadowlands & Moncton were around 10 days apart but it didn't matter. Drove from New Hampshire for both but Moncton meant the most because that is my where I'm from. Watching from the. next album cause that means another tour.....
thank you
I had a feeling before I bought my first ticket to this tour that it might be the band's last world tour. I feel that way even more after Bono's last goodbye. I was privileged to be in Chicago on Night #1, in North Carolina, and then finally in Denver (where I live) for the 2011 leg. Most amazing. I love these guys like they are part of my family. We have traveled together for over 20 years in our separate journeys. What a privilege to spend a little time with them. "Let me in the sound!
Thank you
i drove from western Maine up to Moncton and it was worth every second. the most amazing and beautiful concert i have ever been to. i am 17 and it was my first u2 concert... i really hope its not my last
This is not goodbye
Wow imagine that, U2-360 finally over after 2 years is it? Awesome show, I caught it in Perth where you played in my home-town for the first time since the "Love Come to Town" tour. Can't wait for the next tour
One concert a million years ago
Unfortunately, I have only seen U2 in concert once during the Joshua Tree tour when I was living in New York. It was definitely one of the most inspirational and awesome concerts I have ever been to. Have followed the band for all these years.... Hope to get another chance to see them in concert again in the future. JoAnn
The best ONE!
The final night is just the beginning of the next tour! See you soon...
Beautiful Moments
As a Belgian living in the UK I enjoyed the Paris show in 2010 on Flemish Day and Seville last year with my Portuguese friends who drove over from Lisbon, truly international experience! Thank and keep keeping us younger than we are :-)
Thanks for playing STAY in the tour... I
Thanks for playing on tour Stay. I\'m from Brazil and on 13 / 4 gave a letter to Brian about my life story that includes this wonderful music and I was very happy and surprised when I saw that Stay enter the set list. I went to Miami to hear it personally, but unfortunately not touched it. But sharing the good feelings to hear Stay with thousands of people around the world held me! Thanks! With love, Mérili Alcantara
why did not go to Brasilia/BRAZIL
Why you did various concert in SÃO PAULO and not did just one in BRASILIA? WHY? : (
Thank You U2!
What a great, great tour. I came to two shows and will never forget either one.
Time to rest until we see you again
hopefully sooner than later we will see the band on tour again. This was my daughter\'s first concert and she loved it! Apparently the kid has good taste in music just like her mom. I thank you for giving us the chance to feel the magic.
A lifer\'s thanks
I\'ve been to too many shows to count over the last 25+ years...You were my first concert. And as long as you keep coming, so will I. Everyday I look at the signed guitar hung in my office (thank you my love for BEST valentine\'s present EVER) and I smile...And more importantly I\'m transported to a memory of a magical place and a special time. Thank you.
Bono Skywalker
Muchas Gracias!!!!
Barcelona, San Sebastian, Sevilla Esta Gira me ha dado muchas satisfacciones. Please come back soon!
Thanks from Busch Stadium
Afterwards I spoke to my daughter, as it was her first time to a concert. I have good news and bad news. The good news - this was the best concert you will ever see. The bad news - this was the best concert you will ever see. U2 - Thanks for the great experience.
Thanks a lot. Four hearts make million hearts happy.
missing yous
i\'ve been twice to the 360 tour....it was an amazing tour show...... hope that i\'l have another opportunity in the future...... thank you from Malta
Loved it
What a pitty
I went to four of their concerts, but they haven\'t played this song on any of them. Keep on trying!!!
If I could.......stay..... at your concerts.........with this amazing energy..... thank you, natasa
Life is not,,
Bored, fulfilled, understood, in time, out of school, flat, in time, in rime, in understanding found, lost, forgot, remember, December, February, what is found is lost, found, peace of life is only a stare, fined life? Start, end. Some can pass, most can't.
U2 rock
this tour is unbelievable I wounder what's they gana do next tour cuz the claw is unbeatable.
BTW any one can tell me what will U2 do with that magnificent claw after the tour ends. I have room in my house if you dont need it XD
I thank U2 from Finnland, Scandinavia.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Edge, guitar hero!
See ya Soon!
Thanks U2 as I went to the July 20 concert in NJ. Great lyrics change in this! "As 360, leaves town..." :)
Thank you and come back soon!
What a wonderful final chords and lyrics from this magnificent band!! Thank you for this extraordinary tour and please please please come back soon! We are already waiting!!!!
My bucket list is complete!
Thanks so much for choosing Moncton for your final 360* show. Never would have dreamed that U2 would play in my backyard.(literally). Peace and Love!
I will stay
When Bono sings this wonderful song his voice is so overwhelmingly beautiful, strong, tender, passionate, soulful and also a bit melancholic. Only a few minutes reveal the grand complexity of a unique voice that shines in so many subtle shades. I love watching this video again and again. U2, please stay so close!
This was my first U2 concert and it exceeded my expectations. A very emotional event for me between the music and the message. Thank you so much for coming to Moncton. Peace.
Had a blast
Saw the opening show in Barcelona and managed to see 6 US shows on the 360 Tour. Thanks guys..had a blast.
Canada Loves U2
...I wish I could put words down..but there are none...
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