Back On Vinyl

29 Nov 201911

Back On Vinyl

First released in Ireland in September 1979, today the 'Three' EP returns, remastered and as a limited edition 12" vinyl release, to mark Record Store Day.

The EP features three songs recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin with producer Chas De Whalley – 'Out Of Control', 'Stories For Boys' and 'Boy-Girl'.

Details of participating stores here.


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Mick Harris 66
My record dealer done me proud managed to get me a copy from America to little old Guernsey C.I. , Vaughan's Vinyl Guernsey he is a legend.
Yes in DK
Peter Nordsmark, It could be bought in DK, 5 copies were sold in BEAT
Got mine...
Got mine .. two actually. I have one original from 1979 and now this one. :)
Who thought it was a good idea to put the numbered edition info label on the thin plastic wrap rather than the jacket???? Otherwise, it is a great remaster and sounds amazing on vinyl.
Peter Nordsmark
Why not in DK
How come U2 Three not on sale in Denmark ... 17.000 prints...???
U2-Three for me
This marks a great opportunity for me. I’m grateful for this LP for many reasons. The first being able to get a copy of this and secondly that I’ll be recording at Windmill Lanes next spring for the first time. Since the beginning when I heard U2 I become inspired to write my own music. U2 I thank you, from me 2U Sincerely, Isaiah
WANTED #594 U2-3 2019 RELEASE!! ~WHO HAS
WANTED #594 U2-3 2019 RELEASE!! ~WHO HAS IT~??.. looking to match to my original!
WANTED #594 U2-3 2019 RELEASE!! ~WHO HAS
looking to match it with my original u2-3-1979 version
I wish!
RSD - never available in Brazil :(
Great for My U2Collection ...... Got Our
Got Our 2 vinyls ....... numbers 11991 (very U2 ........) and 12012 cos I was born in December 10 .... ANYWAY .....
YEAH !!! Good for my U2COLLECTION ...
Picked 2 copies ........ YEAH !!! Good for my U2COLLECTION ...
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2 Dec, 2021

New in the store, everything Achtung Baby.

29 Nov, 2021

… you just might bump into Edge.

26 Nov, 2021

40th anniversary 12" EP on Yellow Vinyl, released today for Record Store Day.

24 Nov, 2021

Edge has been pulling the strings with an amazing auction to support musicians in New Orleans.


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