Back On Vinyl

29 Nov 201911

Back On Vinyl

First released in Ireland in September 1979, today the 'Three' EP returns, remastered and as a limited edition 12" vinyl release, to mark Record Store Day.

The EP features three songs recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin with producer Chas De Whalley – 'Out Of Control', 'Stories For Boys' and 'Boy-Girl'.

Details of participating stores here.


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Mick Harris 66
My record dealer done me proud managed to get me a copy from America to little old Guernsey C.I. , Vaughan's Vinyl Guernsey he is a legend.
Yes in DK
Peter Nordsmark, It could be bought in DK, 5 copies were sold in BEAT
Got mine...
Got mine .. two actually. I have one original from 1979 and now this one. :)
Who thought it was a good idea to put the numbered edition info label on the thin plastic wrap rather than the jacket???? Otherwise, it is a great remaster and sounds amazing on vinyl.
Peter Nordsmark
Why not in DK
How come U2 Three not on sale in Denmark ... 17.000 prints...???
U2-Three for me
This marks a great opportunity for me. I’m grateful for this LP for many reasons. The first being able to get a copy of this and secondly that I’ll be recording at Windmill Lanes next spring for the first time. Since the beginning when I heard U2 I become inspired to write my own music. U2 I thank you, from me 2U Sincerely, Isaiah
WANTED #594 U2-3 2019 RELEASE!! ~WHO HAS
WANTED #594 U2-3 2019 RELEASE!! ~WHO HAS IT~??.. looking to match to my original!
WANTED #594 U2-3 2019 RELEASE!! ~WHO HAS
looking to match it with my original u2-3-1979 version
I wish!
RSD - never available in Brazil :(
Great for My U2Collection ...... Got Our
Got Our 2 vinyls ....... numbers 11991 (very U2 ........) and 12012 cos I was born in December 10 .... ANYWAY .....
YEAH !!! Good for my U2COLLECTION ...
Picked 2 copies ........ YEAH !!! Good for my U2COLLECTION ...
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