Bambi Awards, Berlin

13 Nov 20146
Great reception in Berlin tonight, as the band were honoured at the Bambi Awards.

And another wonderful performance of 'Every Breaking Wave', complete with string section.

Catch the show? Let us know in the comments.
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Put this performance on an album!
This performance of "Every Breaking Wave" at the Bambi Awards is a standout, with a lot of power in Bono's vocal. It is the best live performance they have done of this song in the slowed-down format. It is worthy of being on an album!
sooooo cooollll....
Seen this great performance of “every breaking wave“. One of my favourite Songs together with “volcano“. Can't wait to see the new tour. Go on like this guys...
This coud be...
...and this is a message message for Someone..... Long way... If there is a light... Don't let it go out... .... ... .. .
Great show : There is no end to love you
Magnificent solo of piano for The Edge. Then Bono's voice comes, full of soft and powerful melody at the same time. Adam and Larry at on the top. Every time I listen this version, it give me shiver ! I'm waiting for the tour, seeing U2 again in my country : France. Hurry Up Guys we are waiting for U2 still long time ago !!!! Congratulations for this awards, many overs shall come....
brilliant live U2 !!!!
U2 live...... There is nothing better, they come alive, their audience come alive, seeing U2 is a very special experience for me, they are brilliant live as this live version of Every Breaking Wave shows, the only ever gig that came close to the special experience when seeing U2 îs when i finally got to see Morrissey live !!!! That was a very special night :)
Breaking every wave
U2 truly become alive on stage.....The Edge sweet piano playing to Bono's raw, emotional vocals and Larry's beating heart drums to Adam's magic bass....can't wait to hear you live soon and be there with you as you take over the world again with your Songs of give me hope. CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING THIS AWARD AND THE MANY MORE TO COME!!!!
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