'Best Live Act'

2 Nov 201624

Edge and Adam were at The Roundhouse, in London's Camden Town, tonight as U2 were honoured with 'Best Live Act' at the Q Awards and Edge was presented with the Les Paul Award.

'I've been doing shows with this band for forty years now, ' said Edge as he and Adam accepted the award for Best Live Act from Jack Garratt (pictured above), 2016 Q Breakthrough Act. 'And one of these days I swear we're going to get it right.'
He remembered how, just a couple of nights back, he'd been sitting on a terrace looking out over the ocean in France. 'And for some reason this Bob Dylan lyric from Idiot Wind came into my head and it was 'when you reach the top you realise that you're really on the bottom.' 
And I thought about it for a moment and I thought, 'That is such a load of bollocks! This is GREAT! I love it!'
'So I just want to say that we don't take this for granted in our band, we really try to make sure that every show is a great show and we are grateful to everyone who has ever bought a ticket or an album. Thank you very much.'

It was an 'amazing tour, ' added Adam. 'An emotional rollercoaster, due to the events in Paris last December and it was great that we were able to perform with the Eagles of Death Metal back on stage before the end of the year.'

Here's all the latest on the Q Awards site.

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Twice at the o2
I was so lucky to see the tour twice, first on the o2 arena floor, right in front of the Edge and in the corner of the walkway, and the second in the bottom tier seats. It was the best of both worlds, as got to rock out and feel the raw energy on the floor, and then on the second show, see the amazing visuals on the led screen. Please announce the second leg soon!!!!
Coming to Liverpool
Bono we met outside the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam last September 2015, I asked you when are you coming to Liverpool, you spoke to me in detail about the possibility, I can tell you Anfield the home of Liverpool Football Club welcomes you with open arms, please come and show Liverpool what they have been missing for too long
U2 Live Shows
I am a fan of live shows in general, and have been a U2 fan since discovering them New Years Eve 1984. More than any other act (including the likes of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Queen, and other innovators of live performance), a U2 show is more than a concert... it is a celebration. A celebration of life, humanity, love, and community. There is passion in their performance, as if they are straining to get across how deeply they feel about the songs they are playing. The day that U2 comes to your town is a holiday, and is worth taking off from work to celebrate.
Torino 2015
Every moment is impressed in my mind. I thank U for this, I hope to hug each one of you, one day!!! Luca
Atlanta, Georgia!!
I saw you live in Pittsburgh, PA years ago, but I had to fly there with my sweet mom. When are you coming back to Atlanta/Decatur, GA? I can't wait to see you in my home town! I will get the crowd going! Trust me! I feel your music like no other fan! lol!!
It couldnt of happened to a more passion
I've been following these guys since the Zoo TV tour and the journey has been nothing short of a religious experience.
It really doesn't get much better
I've been following the band since the 80's, got married in the early 90's and dragged my husband into the obsession. It really doesn't get any better! I tell friends it's like a religious experience that everyone should experience at least once if not dozens of times.
Tell me something I didn't know
I've been to U2 shows since 1984 and I've also been to many other concerts as well. But it's true, U2 are by far the best live act I have witnessed and had the pleasure to watch and be a part of. They are truly the best live act in the world!
My kids are waiting.,,.
Gents I've followed you to all points of the globe for 25 years - I first saw you in Vienna in 92 when all the fences fell over at that outdoor venue and thousands streamed in! Axl Rose made a guest appearance! Now settled with my beautiful family in Oz - please pay us a visit! We travelled to Berlin last year for Innocence - but we couldn't all come. Even if it's a sneaky incognito appearance at the Hordern Pavillion in Sydney, please swing by!!!
Nice award. Now tour Australia
Good job boys. Now get off your collective butts and tour Oz and Nz. Cheers/
The best I've ever attended
I've been to a lot of concerts, but Innocence/Experience concerts I attended in Phoenix Az were amazing. Well deserved award. Happy 40th anniversary, guys.
Best Live Act
Congratulations U2 ¡
father ted
They dont know top.
They love to make music. I love to listen.
Best Live Act
Well deserved. You guys are truly Amazing way to go on the absence of noise. SGT Q US Army
Brilliant to see the U2IE tour awarded, it was truly fantastic and a credit to everyone that worked on it. Well done Edge too on the Les Paul award.
THE best ever!
I cant imagine My life without You guys!! Love love and love U2
Simply U2
Congratulations !!! Always Over The Top !!! SEE YOU ON THE ROAD AGAIN !!!
"40" years and still the best
Congratulations U2. Hope to see you next year again.
On The Road Again
Happy for the 4 Lads from the North Side Of Dublin , long may they Rock N Roll;
Absolutely deserved!
You guys are the best in every way! You should win every single award that exists worldwide! You have always been, you are and you will always be the greatest !!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!
Well deserved!
Congrats on the award!
My favorites ever!!
Congrats, you are THE BEST. I was outside waiting for you Guys. ;)
Best ever!...where is Larry?
My favorite live act too!
Always has been - always will be. :)
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