At the 71st Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles tonight, the band took home the award for 'Best Original Song' for 'Ordinary Love'.

All four band members accepted the award, for the song they wrote for Mandela:Long Walk to Freedom.

"This really is personal for us," said Bono. "This man turned our life upside down, right-side up, a man who refused to hate, not because he didn't have rage or anger or these things, but that he thought love would do a better job.
"We wrote a love song because it kind of is what is extraordinary about the film — it is kind of a dysfunctional love story. That's why you should see this film. You know about the global statesman, you don't know about the man, that's why you should see this film. We're good at the dysfunctional love stories."

Also nominated for Best Original Song were Coldplay's 'Atlas' for The Hunger Games, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez's 'Let It Go' from Frozen,  Ed Rush, George Cromarty, T Bone Burnett, Justin Timberlake, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen's 'Please Mr. Kennedy' from Inside Llewyn Davis and Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff's 'Sweeter Than Fiction' from One Chance.

Here's the band backstage after the show, with Bono talking about the song - and the honour of winning.

More reaction and photos coming.


17 January, 2014
Loving new U2 activity!
Adam looks really goooood in all these photos! All the guys do (but, especially Adam) ... and great work btw!! -A forever longterm fan!!!
17 January, 2014
Great achievment.
From the very young of my age I always liked U2 & still like & will be always liking U2 till the end of my life. Therefore U2 achievement is my achievement too. Its really great movement for me. CHEERS.
16 January, 2014
I'm SO happy for you, guys!! 2014 will be amazing!
15 January, 2014
Well said!
I love how the guys expressed such gratitude for winning this award, but Bono's "expletive" ending with a ornery sparkle in his and and that sideways grin was the best! Love you guys with the power of my whole heart and I cannot WAIT to see what 2014 brings! Whatever it is, I'll be there for sure.
Miriam Jonker
15 January, 2014
Well deserved!!
Thanks for the beautiful words.
15 January, 2014
:D :D
Congratulations U2!!!! You really deserved this !! :D Can't wait for the new songs and album :) Lots of love from Poland :)
14 January, 2014
PROFICIAT U2 !!!!!!!!!!
Great job guys. They are looking cool on this picture. What will they 2014 bring us.............................. Wish you succes
13 January, 2014
once more.
My friends are ready to take the world again..... :-)
13 January, 2014
Way to go, guys!!!
Congratulations on a well deserved win. I was on the phone unfortunately, but I was screaming and jumping up and down on the inside (and the outside, as soon as I hung the phone up). A great start to 2014!
13 January, 2014
Congrats on the Golden Globe win! Beautiful song!!
13 January, 2014
U2 sounding as U2 won....CONGRATULATIONS
this the way guys. this song is incredible. the new album will be great.
13 January, 2014
2014, just a start
Congratulations to my musical Gods, I know you'd do it. Excellent song, awesome lyrics, love the music. One award for many to come. I hope the movie arrives soon, too!!!! P.S. Album please!
13 January, 2014
Thank you Larry Mullin Jr. for acknowledging a Holy Catholic Ireland!
13 January, 2014
13 January, 2014
Congratulations U2! My daughter and I were screaming about bouncing around the room. Well done!
13 January, 2014
Just seen presentation on uk news. Well done to the best band in the world . Love U2 forever.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12 January, 2014
2014 - One of those years....
Golden Globe, new album, new tour, still more to come from our band! 2014 will be one of those U2-years - "I feel it coming" YESSSS!
12 January, 2014
It´s GREAT!!! The guys are back! They deserves all the good things - also the Golden Globe!! Well done, guys!!!!!
12 January, 2014
Congrats on the Golden Globe!
Congratulations to the band on the Golden Globe win. They truly are the best freaking band ever! "Your heart is on my sleeve, did you leave it there with a magic marker" #U2Forever
12 January, 2014
Congratulations U2
upside down, right-side up Round And Round
12 January, 2014
Avion Espia
12 January, 2014
This is an award well deserved. Cheers!
12 January, 2014
Ahora por el oscar se lo merecen es una hermosa cancion
12 January, 2014
A beautiful start!
Adam and Larry have spoken, this is the beginning of a beautiful era!
12 January, 2014
We won!
Congrats!! You´ve deserved it! The song is perfect for the movie, very emotional and touching! I´m so happy for you!! I´m sure this is going to be a big year to our community. Love from Brazil
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