"You’re The Best Thing About Me" - The Video

27 Sep 2017124

"Best Thing" - The Video - Watch it now.

'I can see it all so clearly
I can see what you can't see
I can see you love her loudly
When she needs you quietly…'

U2 first played New York City in 1980... and they keep coming back.  
The new video for "You’re The Best Thing About Me," directed by Jonas Åkerlund, sees band members reveling in the sights and sounds of New York City where, as a young Dublin four-piece, they played their first U.S. club gig in December 1980, beginning a love affair with the city which has endured for almost 40 years. 
Shot earlier this month while the band were on tour and featuring U2 in performance, the video is a fitting backdrop for "You're The Best Thing About Me" – Bono's love letter to his wife Ali – and serves as a visual tribute to New York,  a serenade to the city's iconic symbols of American compassion and liberty.

'I lift my lamp beside the golden door...'

Watch it now.  #U2BestThing #U2SongsofExperience #U2 

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Nice Video - Gives Song "Umph!"
For whatever reason, the visuals make the song come alive. It must be the editing and the environment of the shots. Nice opening and closing, highlighting the Statue of Liberty and the message of the poem inscribed on it's base. Good job. I cannot wait for the release of "Songs of Experience"!
Gogme United
Back to Amsterdam
Did you guys notice that the clip contains another Amsterdam 'snippet'? Not so strange, as New York used to be called New Amsterdam.
You're the Best Thing About Me
I really like this song and after hearing Blackout and Little Things that Give You Away, I think we are in store for another terrific new Album. Like most, I truly enjoyed hearing all the Joshua Tree songs( especially Red Hill Mining Town) on the latest tour and how the themes of the songs were reworked on the massive video screens as almost mini-stories! All that being said, I really admire that these 4 guys care enough to make new music and push in different directions!
"Best Thing"
This song is the type of song that Brings warmth to a cold and rainy night. the ending leaves you wanting more and especially of Edges Angelic Vocals, Larry's Drums and Adams bass. Love the video I wish that one Day I will be Fortunate enough to randomly meet them Like that.
Muy bueno
hola como siempre sorprendiendonos con sus composiciones muy buen rola como decimos aca en Mexico no puedo esperar a verlos el 4 de Octubre yea felicitaciones la mejor Banda de todos los tiempos ¡¡¡Gracias U2¡¡¡
I adore it
I'm so happy again ,a new cd is coming soon. I adore this song and blackout too...
can't wait any longer for a new album
To be honest I didn't really like this song until now I understood it... THANK YOU!!!
The Best Things really growing on me...
The new song is really growing on me. I find myself singing it often. I finally got to see the video. Love the NYC vibe and the fun you all look like you are having. Here is to some greta music ahead. Heard the Best things.. Live in New Orleans and that song and " I Will Follow" Made it worth the trip from NJ. Nice touch asking people to donate to help those in the wake of hurricane Irma. Rock On U2! You are my favorite band and always will be.
Thank you guys for such a joyful song; it has slowly grown inside of me and I keep singing it; I'm grateful for the blessing you gave me in such hard and bleak times. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in Italy. I was in Rome last July and I had one of the best nights ever
the bestest
you are the best! why am I walking away?
Another brick...
Another brick in the wonderfull wall U2 is going to build.
Simply the best!!!
New songs
love both new songs
You & Liberty
It is very suggestive to say that "you" can be "liberty". So, I think you can have an ideal opportunity for that. I do not know, it seems appropriate. Cheers! I'll continue to drink some beers.
I was waiting anxiously for the video release and...what a NICE surprise!!!! Loved the video and everytime I see it is with a smile on my face!!!
Magnificent Gift
I heard "Streets" this morning in my car for probably the zillionth time in my life. And without at all expecting it, I would stopped in my tracks at the brilliance of Bono's voice. It was just one word, sung a certain way... from this magnificent song from this most magnificent band. This is why we live. And all the shit and heartache life throws at us is wiped away. "Music is God's gift to Man, the only art of Heaven given to Earth, the only art of Earth we take to Heaven"
physical copy
love this song, how about a vinyl release through the fan club ?
Back to New York
A little interruption hearing the MSG concert included in the super deluxe box set "The Joshua Tree" to watch this great video in New York City. Wonderful !!
I've seen this song live in Phoenix
I'm happy that I've seen this song live in Phoenix with my dad. Belgian fan
About the acoustic version & Brazil!
Wow! I am continually listening to the acoustic version of "Best Thing", what a delight of version. The tone of the voice, this low and slow tone, left the music with a taste too tropical. If I had thought of this from the original version, after this, it becomes more evident that I want to hear it on the seashore. Beautiful! I look forward to seeing you again on October 19 in São Paulo. One chance! I'm looking forward to hearing "Bad" and "Ultrabiolet", I have not yet experienced them live with you. Already on October 21, I return to Brasilia and I will certainly have my two-year-old daughter very homesick for her father and mother. Strong hug, see you in Sampa!
Remember seeing them...
I remember them playing Malibu night club, Nassau community college but I did see them the following day at Stoney Brook college... I'm honored to have been a small apart of an amazing radio station that broke the ice for them here in America The great WLIR!! Seeing them from back then... To Live Aid in Wimbley to last month in Croke Park in Dublin... 13 times... Still absolutely amazing!! Memories of a lifetime nobody can ever take away!!
Beautiful trip through New York City
This video really puts a smile on my face. The images of New York City, its sights and the band´s performance of this great song are impressive. It´s wonderful to see how much U2 enjoyed their trip through the city. Looks like they had much fun there. I love the uplifting mood of the video that captures life on the streets. It beautifully portraits the band as down-to-earth people interacting with fans, shaking hands and signing autographs.
Well Done.
Well done. :-), I really enjoy this new video guys. It is full of fun and positive energy. I can´t wait to hear and see this song live. And I hope I will. :)
Ennesimo album, ennesimo successo
Penso come molti che little things that give you away come quest ultimo capolavoro You re t... Sono proprio stila u2, un po' sotto stile blackout, ma va bene lo stesso, sicuramente le altre 9 tracce Dell album saranno di pari livello di quest ultima.. NO MORE NO WAR BYE
pure joy
This song and video is so fun and joyous, I usually prefer their more serious songs but with all the negativity in the world today, I think we need a little joy in our lives. Thank you U2 for all the wonderful music you have given and continue to give us.
Dear U2. I'm happy, ... this song have colors shining... inspiration... for all.. i to feel so good!!!... i to feel love with her!!!
I loved the video clip with all the great close ups of you all, and Larry you look like a real cool dude. I loved how you started the video. Love you playing on the roof top of a building. There's nothing like a band playing on the roof top. Great song and a great video U2. Brilliant video.
U2's songs, lyrics, and music are like Ralph Waldo Emerson is to poetry; like Shakespeare is to plays; like no other band that ever was. Their music is like no other. I fell in love with their music, their lyrics, and their causes years ago. I saw them on tour in Philly in the early 80's; then in NJ, London, and NC State. Thank you U2! Thank you for your perseverance and dedication towards your music, lyrics, and making the world a better place. Thank you for staying together as a band and continuing providing this fantastic music. You have brought inspiration into our lives with your music. You have brought awareness into our lives with your causes. As a result, we are making positive changes in the world. Thank you to our hero, the Edge. Thank you to the best bassist on the planet, Larry. Thank you, Adam, for your unbelievable drumming. Thank you, Bono for everything. And, of course, thank you to all of the people behind the scenes. Especially, your wives! Love the new song! A perfect song from U2 at this point in time and life. A song filled with love and heart. A song we need in today's times. Love what I call the U2-unique instrumentals. You always seem to come up with songs perfect for the time. Please add a tour date of North Carolina to your schedule! There are millions of people who used to live in the northern US states that now live in North Carolina and the South. Thank you again. Your music and your speaking out for causes has touched my and millions of others lives for the better. Keep Pounding. Rise up, rise up. Like wings like eagles. Cheers, Janet
Nice video...
I think it'is a nice video, anyone that has been to NY city can sense the feeling of walking in the best city in the world, behind Mexico City :) of course. Even though the best musical years of U2 are behind, the song is OK. They play this song in the encore during this fantastic Joshua Tree tour, so it really doesn't hurt the entire act. Blessings!
cindy Hill
"You're the best song" is a happy love song to Bono's wife. The video clip makes me smile and it is great to see u2 having fun and spreading love and positive vibes in New York and around the world. Keep rocking u2 xx
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