Call Me The Breeze

11 Dec 2003
'Like a noisy night out with all the people who made you', is how Bono describes a new novel by Patrick McCabe.

'In a small town in Northern Ireland, in the psychedelic-gone-wrong atmosphere of the late seventies, Joey Tallon embarks on a journey of selfhood, of redemption, and of rebirth. A man deranged by desire, and longing for belonging, Tallon searches for his 'place of peace' - a spiritual landscape located somewhere between Ireland and Iowa, and maybe between heaven and hell...'

That's a brief synopsis of a new novel, Call Me The Breeze, by the acclaimed Irish writer Pat McCabe, best known for The Butcher Boy and Breakfast on Pluto. His latest novel, already out in Europe and now published in the US, has been highly praised by Bono who calls it a 'dizzy drunk book'.

'Like a noisy night out,' Bono writes, 'With all the people who made you ­ the geeks, the girlfriends, the bullies, the rock stars, your gauche selves. 'Pat McCabe is back with a dizzy drunk book that leaves you the next day with a sore head and heart from the laughter and smoke of ideas too big for Joey Tallons pants until suddenly they're not and we see into an Ireland where everything seems possible, we watch Joey being born, he delivers himself.'

From Tallon's punk rock beginnings, to his stewardship of his prison's

literary society, to his brief tenure as director of the Youth in Action Creative Arts Awareness Scheme, and finally to his bull-like charge into the political arena, Joey's journey toward enlightenment and deliverance takes readers into the innermost heart of a man at odds with himself and the violent, sometimes surreal world around him.

McCabe is the author of seven novels including Music on Clinton Street, Carn, The Butcher Boy, a finalist for the UK's Booker Prize - and made into a film by Neil Jordan - Breakfast on Pluto (also a Booker nominee) and most recently, Emerald Germs of Ireland.

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