'Pipe Dream'

29 Nov 201137
Bajagirl - Claudia Espinosa as she's known when not on the boards of Zootopia - is a seriously big fan of the band. If you visit our community area, you'll know her as one of our longtime moderators, and if you followed shows online in Zootopia, Bajagirl was often your host. Her 'U22' setlist, she says, is the pipe dream of an 'uberfan.'

'Making this list is like choosing your favorite among many things that you love for completely different reasons. During the U2360Tour  discussing what songs were played and what SHOULD have been played was a conversation that never ended: we all come to U2’s music from different places, so what one song means to one fan can be completely opposite to another. But choose I must, and choose I shall: a setlist based on a pipe dream of this uberfan - that I know is completely unrealistic and a bit non-canonical.

My 'U22' starts with Breathe which will always represent the 360º tour to me, then let’s shake up things by adding Streets,  like the band did in Anaheim. After that, no one knew what would come. Lets follow with a bit of dance, some deep bass, and light. Next some rarities, songs that longtime fans  dream of hearing live - Zooropa, Mothers of the Disappeared (a personal favorite), and Electrical Storm. Then back to the groove with COBL, a bit of classic U2, and lets throw Crazy (Remix) in there, a song I fell in fun and joy with during the tour. In this last section a song squeaks in which would not have made it (WOWY) if not for it having the addition of the 'Shine like stars' lyrics.  To ramp up the ending, some heavy hitters with groove, and,  to close my U22 set list, a song that signifies a sentiment  a lot of fans share: I will follow...'

1. Breathe
2. Where The Streets Have No Name
3. Even Better Than The Real Thing
4. Magnificent
5. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)   
6. Zooropa   
7. The Unforgettable Fire
8. Mothers Of The Disappeared
9. Electrical Storm     
10. City Of Blinding Lights     
11. Pride (In the Name of Love)
12. Out Of Control
13. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
14. All I Want Is You/Love Rescue Me
15. One Tree Hill
16. Stay
17. With Or Without You
18. Return Of The Stingray Guitar
19. The Fly
20. Until The End Of The World
21. Bad
22.  I Will Follow

(Let us know what you think of Claudia's selection below. You can follow her on  twitter: @U2BAJA)
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The Buzz Setlist
Vertigo Get on your boots I will follow Beautiful day
I would choose...
...only the songs not listed on 360º DVD or in any other greatest hits selection... What I would change on Baja´s list is "Return of Stingray Guitar" for "Angle of Harlem" and "I´ll Go Crazy..." for "Beautiful Day/In God´s Country" :)
Beautiful list
I really like the setlist of Bajagirl. I am glad that she selected Breathe as its beginning, because this great NLOTH track was a fantastic show opener that built up a lot of excitement. This list represents a very complete and varied U2 concert that contains both unforgettable hits such as Streets and some wonderful rarities like Electrical Storm and One Tree Hill. But I miss Unknown Caller, one of those gems that combine experimental sounds with a lot of positive energy. I would have loved to see Moment Of Surrender, too, because in my opinion it was one of the most moving and haunting live highlights of every show.
No Moment of Surrender?
Nice list ... I would swap I Will Follow for Moment of Surrender. 40 or Scarlet would be nice to see as well.
Where's the unknown caller???
The Unknown caller could never have been left out! It's just amazing and perfect on live performances! Not to mention 40, one of may personal favorites of all timas!!!
Completely Missed!
How "40" doesn't make the list....I'll never understand. Most phenomenal ending to a live show EVER!
Choose Songs that are not already on the
There's 23 tracks on the 360 DVD that can be bought anywhere. If we all come together and vote for 22 songs that are not on the DVD, then we'll have a total of 45 SONGS from the tour! Let's do it everyone!!!
Please vote for this, it's the best live version I've heard. It was such a surprise on the tour.
alone dirty day & lemon maybe
What's with all the abbreviations? Why would someone think it's easier to write PITNOL (6 letters) when they could have written PRIDE (5 letters)???????? Just a thought.... For the record Out of all the previous set lists, I like this one the most. I particularly like the "encore". I thought MOS (sic) was a dreary end to a fantastic concert. Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, but it would have been nice to be sent home with an upbeat tune. Something like Out of Control or Vertigo perhaps?
I do not understand why people want songs that are on every Live release and DVD. Get something new. Love this setlist as it represents a "Deeper" U2 fan. Solid choice Bajagirl
Why not those instead
I am kind of dissappointed because it looks like that i will follow and 40 will not make the cut for this U22 double album. It would have been nice to have them since that those songs were on the set list on the last show in moncton,nb,Canada and it would have brought back good memories. Ooohh well, we still have a chance... go on and vote for those songs....
S French (Roko)
Agree with Breathe first, but...
Breathe first for sure! But, I like Magnificent 2nd...no Moment of Surrender??? I would actually like a non-remix version of 'Crazy', just because U2 already released a DVD with the remix (did they even perform a non-remix version?). What about Mysterious Ways! Anyway, all great songs... oh yeah, need Vertigo, Beautiful day... sorry, you can tell my list was different
Nice, but...
I would like that vertigo and elevation go to the setlist :D but that`s nice this way too
malcolm calder
No Moment of Surrender
For me 'Moment of Surrender' didn't work live - obviously I'm not the only one. If there's a way of having both 'Breathe' and 'Stingray Guitar', also '40' and 'Bad', then I'll be happy. ......and 'One Tree Hill' is a must!
It is Ok - no setlist will fit all
Well, most likely no setlist will satisfy everybody. So, let's leave these choices as they are. Anyway, the final setlist version will be a compromise.
I will never Surrender to a set without
Really! Breath represents 360 but not Moment of surrender? Loved the set this for the second set of shows two years after breath in NJ, And couldnt be happier the one constant in all shows we MOS in the final encore!
Great List
Been following this thread all week - this is the best set list I've seen.
mediocre list due to PITNOL and WOWY in it which have been staples for years and have been played to death. There's a few rare songs to take their place. Perhaps Spanish Eyes for the Spanish mod?
Walk On
Walk On noticeably absent. Scarlet/Walk On a highlight of the tour.
i love this setlist and they should play it where the picture is taken. in TORONTO!!!!!! :)
where's ONE?
I would be very disappointed to not see ONE on there.
Awesome Setlist!!!
WOW one of the best setlist I have seen!!
How long are they going to milk this CD? When is the release date for this? I can't wait
Perfect setlist!
This setlist is awesome! I'm glad you included songs like :Magnificent, Real Thing,The Fly,and Ultraviolet! The only problem is no Moment of Surrender :(
Baja Dream
Baja, if that is your dream concert from the songs they played, I want to be there. Awesome choices and great to see our ZooMod being featured.
another noONE
great to see another set list without \\\ONE////.. not 1 of my faves either
best songs of the tour
1) Even better than the real thing, 2) mysterious ways, 3) the fly 4) until the end of the world, 5) one, 6)magnificent, 7) zooropa, 8) pride, 9) i will follow, 10) beautiful day,11) stay (far away so close), 12) the unforgettable fire, 13) city of blinding lights, 14) i still haven't found, 15) with or without you, 16) bad, 17)ultraviolet, 18) Where the streets have no name 19)out of control 20) moment of surrender 21) all i want is you 22) sunday bloody sunday.
I like this. It should be the setlist i hope to. give it to me now. i can not wait for this:)
if u2 will play there angels!
play more pop songs they were great and can only be made better if finished! PLEASE was a great tune
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