Counting Down The Days

3 Nov 201937

Counting Down The Days

1 day to go...

2 days to go...

3 days to go...

4 days to go...

5 days to go…
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Mount smart Nov 8
Epic show last night, enjoyed every minute. The stage setting is incredible. For those that are going to see the upcoming shows you are in for one heck of a night.
Super Amped
OMG guys. Super excited to be seeing you AGAIN on Saturday night. It’s been too long since your last visit... I know it’s going to be AWESOME. Louise
Looking forward to Sydney
Been following these boys religiously since the late seventies, have been to practically every tour since then but could never afford to travel to other countries to see them, this time however I’m heading down under to see them in Sydney, traveling alone so hopefully meet up with some other fans from around the world ☘️
So excited.
Can't wait lads. Bring iiiiiitttttt!!!!!! :-)
Looking forward to Saturday!
2 Tasmanians, flying to Auckland for some weekend madness to see U2. Can't wait!
Not long now for Brisbane!
Looking forward to Tuesday night here in Brisbane! Can't wait...
Joshua Tree DVD
Are they or did they record this tour somewhere? One of the greatest albums and saw in Miami 2017 would be awesome to capture this on video or cd.
From Portugal to Singapore
I am tacking onde agaain my daughter to another show, this time in Singapore. The 30 November show is the farest one i am gonna be, after miami! It’s the first time I will the the four stars on this special day! Anxious to celebrate with you guys! And I still hope, after this 24 years (since pop mart tour in Lisbon) attending to all your tours in different countries also, you can give me the possibility to meet you! I already made the most important things in my life that I dreamed, once, except to meet personally my favorite band, the best one ever! 30 November I’ll be with my Frederica in Singapore. We never know if I can also receive the best (2 minutes) birthday gift ever! Pleaseeee See you there
U2 Joshua Tree Auckland
Its tomorrow. Looks great
Can´t wait....
Oh man!!! I´ll see you in Asia....and I can´t wait!!!! I´m soooooo excited - I just cab´t hide it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Crazy finns coming down under too :)
serioius U2 fan flyining down under for Melbourne. Adelide and Sydney shows :) yes, really flying 10 000km for U2 :) JT 2017 in Dublin was WOW. cant wait to see band again
1/7/1987 Elland Road, I was 19 and it was my first U2 concert. 32 years later, on Friday 8/11/2019, my 19 year old son will be attending his first U2 concert in Auckland in the shadow of One Tree Hill. Can't wait to see the boys again, last time was at the Millenium Stadium 2005 on the Vertigo tour, at the front, with my oldest son for his first U2 concert, our last in the U.K. before emigrating to NZ.
kisses from europe
enjoy the shows guys we love u
Road Trip for Auckland JT - One more nig
From Houston, TX. Saw the JT tour in Houston and Dublin. When I saw they brought it back, I had to roadtrip. Looking forward to meeting other U2 fans in the Red Zone!! ONE MORE NIGHT!!!
2 Nights In Auckland
Been.listening to the boys do there rehearsals over the past few days as I work close to the stadium. Can't wait for this weekend. Tickets bought for both nights and I'm taking my son to his first live music concert.
U2 Irish Fan Club
Hi Guys Some of us U2 Irish Fan Club Facebook page members heading to Sydney would love to meet up with.felliw U2 fans fro. Around the world in Australia. Like the page and we will arrange meet ups. Us on a night out with tribute act Zooropa from.Dublin
Hi, everyone, this is going to be a great gig, i have waited so long to get the chance to see the lads play, does anyone know what time U2 will be hitting the stage on the 9th of nov, i'm trying to sort out my travel arrangments but unsure of this. Cheers
I'm jealous!
The JT 2017 tour was AMAZING! I saw U2 in Louisville and Cleveland — best concerts I've ever been to. Here's hoping for a 30th anniversary Zoo TV tour in 2021-2022.
3 more sleeps to go....
until I get to see the Auckland show! I am super excited!
With GREAT anticipation of GREATEST ROCK BAND returning to wow New Zealand's Shores. U2 are such an iconic band and its is awesome that The Joshua Tree Tour has finally arrived with just days to go now. A huge Thank You to the lads coming all the way down to the end of the yellow brick road to Aotearoa New Zealand. I have been a huge fan since The Boy Album and have seen the band grow and mature into what I would consider the very best performers. Roll on Friday night....cant wait!!
Can't wait to see!
Can't wait to see! See you in Japan!
The boys i
I wish I was going to see u2 .I be stuck here in all u2 fan's going I no you will have a great time rock on.:)
Larry and Bono trying to tell Gaybo that they actually bought him a Harley.....
Fly me over , I'm lost at 50. RISE UP" "WISE UP" Dont stay under cover"..! Maybe ...Thats an order ..! Don't come out Until it's all Over. Their marching,For WATER. (((ON THE STREETS..!)) HIDE "LOOK THE OTHER WAY" BUT YOU KNEW"! WE WOULD RISE "ONE DAY" "WE TAKE THE POWER AWAY" WHERE ON THE STREETS ((AGAIN!)))) WE SEE through all (((YOUR LIES))) Where through..You ignore .. (((OUR CRYS)))) Hey you, "JUDAS" in Your Eyes. ((Betrayed THE PEOPLE)) Stay Under cover today. The troops coming marching your way .. It's the truth .! That's How They like to play. They don't like (((("RESISTANCE"!))) (RISE UP) (chorus1) "Rise up On the streets (((Rise up))) RISE UP While there's TIME (((Rise up))) RISE UP On theStreets ((RISE UP)) Reclaim What is "THINE"... RISE UP (end course) RISE UP BE BRAVE THEY'LL TRY TO PUT ME IN A GRAVE BUT AT LEAST I'm NOT A SLAVE ((Are you THE PEOPLE)))... "WE SEE" RIGHT THROUGH YOU "AND ALL" THE THINGS ((((YOU DO)))) Hay you Hay You "E.U" JUST WHO ..Do you..BOW TO ?
JT 2019
Great sound but we wait for the E&I tour DVD from Berlin.
U2 is bigger than anything in its way!
I think its bigger than the POPMART stage! They are one of a kind that`s for sure, always finding ways to impress us!
Adventure time!
I'm traveling to Australia for the first time ever, I am so happy to make this journey to meet so many wonderful people and to see the only band on Earth worth flying half way around the world for <3
Welcome, U2!
Only a U2 stage can look this massively impressive = M A G N I F I C E N T!
Wha, Toru, Rua, Tahi Ra
4 Days to go now, another beautiful day in the city of sails!! Haere Mai ki Aotearoa.
Un dos tres 14:
We? are on the road to Vertigo. Love and light my way. Miss You sugar. Detlev.
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