Day 2 and Counting

9 Sep 200910
Larry Mullen Jnr on the drums, Adam Clayton on bass guitar and flip camera. Two days until a beautiful night.

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Please Update!
Adam, We want to read more about YOU. Please update sometime soon. It would be greatly appreciated. Love you.
I love him
I only can say I really love Adam, he's so sentitive and is wonderfull to be in his world for a few minutes. Thank you very much
Awesome. Bass-a-thumpin'....
Adam has great filming talent...even with a flip camera hanging on his waist! Looks like drops of water in the sun reflecting all colours of the universe. Or just "human lenses", colourful iris. Beautiful! Great sense of beauty and esthetic sensibility.
Black Irish Pride
All I can say is WOW!!!!! The concert on Saturday night was awesome; way to kick off the North American tour. I went through a slight withdrawal process on Sunday after giving my ticket up in order to allow someone else to attend. However, just being a part of the crowd on Saturday was more than enough; for now. I am hoping to be able to catch the group in Europe the next time around, preferably Ireland, for I will move to Europe within the next few months. Now regarding the BLACK IRSH PRIDE. I am definitely black, but I am only Irish through a family surname; not with blood. However, I am truly proud to say that I always feel 100% Irish whenever the boys are in town. Also, it is nice to know that Adam is both mentally and physically well endowed (per Bono). Honestly, I think you’re just hot because of your hair, glasses and the way you play the BASE
No Room in Town ?
First of all, Thank you, U2, for opening in Chicago. It's been a long wait until your return to our city and all your fans here. There are rooms available, but is that what you're looking for? Hey, you could stay at my place. Of course we would have to have something to eat and drink, and in Chicago, that's easy. Plenty of good spots for both. I'm not a regular visitor to this site, at least one who ads comments, but I do pay attention, to the world, the country we live in and peoples strugles all over. I have to say that this band has done more for people coming together and making this a better place than any politician anywhere. That is one of the reasons you have lifelong fans worldwide. Is it an awesome responsibilty? Hell yes! But you guys handle it very well. So, welcome back to Chicago, welcome back long lost cousin Paul-we had a quick hello at the Popmart tour at Soldier Field-and a great laugh! Anything you guys need, just name it. Pat McGuinness
...beautiful nights...
beautiful night..Sunday sunny, high 79...evening Lake Michigan
Family Road Trip
Nine hours with seven people in a van to share one of the greatest spiritual encounters of my life with my wife, teenage son and daughter. I have experienced seven tours, and I long for my teenage children to experience the phenomenological experience of rock stars calling us to a higher more compassionate experience of consciousness and action. U2 has asked questions that others in power have systematically ignored. Surfacing questions and proclaiming the truth of love and power of the human experience is the draw of this vision quest. Thank You U2 for high decibel proclamation of dignity of the forgotten and the vulnerable.
Sounded Great
Walking my dog in my South Loop neighborhood and was lucky enough to catch the rehearsal and many of your new songs. Sounded Great. Can't wait til Saturday night.
Wicked shot of the crowd
I can hear his bass in my chest when I crank it. I can hardly wait! Welcome to North America! So glad to see you!
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