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15 Oct 202070

Elevation Live: Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind!

We're streaming the full Elevation Show Live from Boston to celebrate the 20th anniversary re-release of All That You Can't Leave Behind. Join fans from around the world, on October 30th (6pm BST/ 10 am PST), as we come together to get Elevated!

This was 2001's Elevation Tour in Boston, Massachusetts when director Hamish Hamilton captured one of the band's great live performances. The show opened with an electric 'Elevation' and closed with 'Walk On' almost two hours later. An unforgettable night in a favourite Irish town. 

We want to hear from YOU during this very special 'Elevation Live Watch Party 2020' event.

We'll be running polls and competitions, our Zootopia team will be hosting live chat and Edge and Adam will answer your questions.
So what do you want to know?!

Post your questions for Edge and Adam in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #ATYCLB

We're collecting questions from today and throughout the next week. See you on October 30th… and never forget. 
The goal is soul!

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Love you guys!
I have been a fan for so long and I want to say thank you very much for always speaking up about the injustice in this world! You never shy away from topics no one addresses like suicide. In concert I was at the Zoo tour in Florida and you never disappoint!
No Line on the Horizon unfinished songs
Will you ever return to some of the unfinished songs from “No Line on the Horizon” which were originally meant to be on the next album, which at that point had the working title of “Songs of Ascent”? Bono described them as meditative “hymns and Sufi singing”. The critics loved “Moment of Surrender”. Personally I would love to listen to a full album of songs in that vein!
Bad - Streets
Whose idea was the Bad - Streets transition?
Question #ATYCLB
#ATYCLB I've always been fascinated by the transformation from The Joshua Tree/Rattle and Hum to Achtung Baby. I remember sitting around waiting for the premiere of The Fly and was absolutely blown away by by what I heard. I mean just WOW! With the release of Night and Day on the Red, Hot and Blue album I suppose I should have seen/heard the shift away from The Joshua Tree...but what was the turning point to make such a shift? How did you guys make that jump from The Joshua Tree to Achtung Baby influence-wise? Was it a nod to what was happening musically at the time or was it let's just jam and see what happens? By the way Pop is actually one of favourite U2 albums. One sneaky last question...will you guys ever come back to play Cork
To Adam and The Edge
Congratulations on the anniversary of a truly moving and sensational album. I got my love of U2 from my father and I haven’t stop listening to you since. On the album “All that you Can’t Leave Behind” what song are you guys most proud of? Much respect, Tommy
The album that introduce U2 to my genera
I always believe that U2 have been the most versatile band of all time. This is the reason why you are my all-time favourite band. From Boy to Joshua Tree and from Achtung Baby to ATYCLB we have always seen many different ways of musical storytelling. As a musician I always wonder that changing your sound in each album is something you do intentionally not to repeat yourself, or it is a destination that music naturally lead you to? Love, Alper.
Who’s idea was it to do the house lights and blackout during Elevation? I heard a rumor you changed the intro at the last minute...is that true?
The song my wife has never heard (live)
Congrats on the Anniv to all involved. It meant everything the day I got the album. I remember it like it was yesterday. Maybe my wife's unlucky, but U2 don't seem to play All I Want Is You anymore. (Especially in Europe). Is there a reason? Glen&Kirsty.❤️
Pandemic live stream plans?
Hi, how are you doing during this pandemic? Hope you're all well! Thanks for streaming this concert!! Just what we need during these crazy times - when I look at the world, I often feel like I'm stuck in a moment I can't get out of...are there any near future plans for a live stream to lift our spirits? Love from the Netherlands!
What was the motivation / feeling behind Zooropa And why the heck have u not pulled me up on stage yet??? Luv, the girl Bono waves to during "Stay live in Boston"
Just a thank you
No actual question! Thank you for your music; this concert has always been my go to through the good times and the bad. I don’t know what I’d have done without U2! This is the best version of The Fly, that intro!!
#ATYCLB For a fan that never saw you guys live (would be a DREAM COME TRUE!!!) you guarantee us more tours in the years to come !!!? All love from Algeria
Tatto idea
I want to get a tattoo from the ATYCLB era. Maybe something along the lines of just having "All That You Can't Leave Behind". What do you think? Any other ideas apart from the typical suitcase with the heart?
TO Edge or Adam
What is something you have learned or something that has changed inside of you from staying home more often during the pandemic?
Question for Adam
I really like "New York" from #ATYCLB; it seems like the core of the whole song is about drums and bass guitar... How much of the song was written by you? Thanks for this chance. Love
The Full Show, please!
Ok, this at some stage was played by my then 2 to 3 year old sun on repeat, and the DVD case shows this. However, I have a big ask. Does this watch party include the full show (complete with Gone and Mysterious Ways)? The inclusion of the latter which looked amazing with the screens would make our day, I think.
ATYCLB boxset
Thanks for your music, the soundtrack of my life!! I consider myself as a longtime die-hard fan and with that fact I was somewhat disappointed in the content of the ATYCLB-box. There are 'only' four mixes and one unplugged song that hadn't been released before. I was hoping for a kind of 'kindergarten' version with demos or just some unreleased songs. I also missed a blu-ray with a HD version from the Boston concert. Why did this not happen? Were there any fans involved in compiling the material?The package though is very nice, the book looks great! Hope to see a more surprising Pop-superdelux box for it's 25th birthday in 2022....
To Adam & Edge:
Dear Adam & Edge, ATYCLB is one of my favorite albums of all time and When I look at the world is my favorite song. It's very special to me. Do you ever look back and wonder what if you played some songs you didn't (like When I look at the world) ? What does this song mean to you? Do you think it can be played now or has the era gone and you feel like its meaning & feeling then are different from now? Thank you guys. Your music has saved me! ROCK ON!
0nline U2 Live Concert 2020 or 2021
Dear Edge and Adam, Is there a chance for a U2 Live Online Concert anytime soon? We really had a blast in Singapore for the Joshua Tree Tour 2019. We miss your live performances. Though nothing beats a real, face to face concert, we would love to watch you live again and interact with other U2 fans online.
New album
Dear Mr. The Edge, Do you think you will have a new album in 2021 and if you do can you start your tour in Australia this time? Thanks Josh N
New Album and Achtung Baby Concert
Are you guys working on a new album? Is there a hope for a Zootv - Achtung Baby concert soon?
Don't forget Limerick City.
Firstly, hope ye are all well during these difficult times. If and when we all come through this pandemic would ye as a band ever consider doing something special in our city where Mister Clayton once acknowledged "it's where U2 became U2". Thanks again for the many years of magical music and memories.
To Edge
Can you describe the ATYCLB era in 3 words?
To Adam
To Adam Personally what does the ATYCLB era mean to you?
JT 2017 concert film
When is Heartland going to be released?
Creative Roadblock
Hello Adam and Edge! I hope the two of you are doing well and enjoying your time off the road. My question is how do you handle "writer's block" when it comes to creating new music. Sometimes I find myself in a creative desert and I can't write anything worthwhile, and other times I might have a good start on three different tunes in the span of half an hour. What helps you to stay creative and inspired in your writing? Thank you and have a great day! Love, Patrick
Inspiration and influences
Dear Edge and Adam, I always love U2´s wide diversity of sounds and continuous ambition to develop new creative ideas. After the influence of electronic dance music in the 90s "All That You Can´t Leave Behind" concentrated on the intensity of grand melodies that could be heard on the radio. With the more recent albums you created a connection to U2´s early days and punk roots. If you work on new songs, from where do you now gain inspiration and what are your current musical preferences? Do you already know a sort of theme or direction that could be relevant for a possible new album? Stay safe and healthy. Greetings from Austria
Do you know if the joshua tree tour concert will be released on dvd?
Dani Nava
Songs of the concerts
Hi from Spain! I have a doubt since a lot of years ago. How do you decide wich songs to be played in each concert? Thank you very much!
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15 Oct, 2020

Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind! 

15 Oct, 2020

Four unique stamps from An Post, celebrating four decades of U2.

8 Oct, 2020

… and see it in HD.  Beautiful Day, now remastered.

7 Oct, 2020

A special release of the band's debut album as Boy reaches forty.


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