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15 Oct 202096

Elevation Live: Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind!

We're streaming the full Elevation Show Live from Boston to celebrate the 20th anniversary re-release of All That You Can't Leave Behind. Join fans from around the world, on October 30th (6pm BST/ 10 am PST), as we come together to get Elevated!

This was 2001's Elevation Tour in Boston, Massachusetts when director Hamish Hamilton captured one of the band's great live performances. The show opened with an electric 'Elevation' and closed with 'Walk On' almost two hours later. An unforgettable night in a favourite Irish town. 

We want to hear from YOU during this very special 'Elevation Live Watch Party 2020' event.

We'll be running polls and competitions, our Zootopia team will be hosting live chat and Edge and Adam will answer your questions.
So what do you want to know?!

Post your questions for Edge and Adam in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #ATYCLB

We're collecting questions from today and throughout the next week. See you on October 30th… and never forget. 
The goal is soul!

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Hello Edge and Adam! May I ask what is your favorite U2 song and favorite U2 album? Also, what was your favorite Filipino food that you were able to eat during your concert here in Manila, Ph last year? A question from my 8-year-old son, how many guitars/bass do you have? Thank you for your music U2! From: Reg, Eloi, and Lucas
Favorite unreleased song(s)?
Fellas, I am wondering if there is a U2 song or songs that you especially like, yet which have never been released for whatever reason - and, if so, what song, what vibe and why hasn't it been released?
Some questions
Hello Adam and Edge. I am Susana from Madrid. I would like to know wheter you fell when people is connecting with you or on the contrary, yo feel taht whatever you do, it is impossible to warm up the audience. Have you ever had that sensation in your concerts? Do you find that audiences are very different from country to country? Thank you for the gift of such a long-lived career. I hope you still have a lot of songs to write and sing.
Who Am I to asks you somethings? U2 are extraordinary creatures Take care of yourself p.s: my favorite album is pop Un bacio Marina
Future of the band
Is there still a few more years ahead for U2 or are you done with it? I have a feeling we are near the end, aren't you?..
What's your North Star?
Dear Adam & Edge, thank you for the amazing energy you're giving me with your music. What has been your "North Star" over all these years, what drives you in the creation of your songs?
Energy and atmosphere
Dear Edge and Adam, I think "Beautiful Day" is an amazing example of U2´s ability to connect big energy with a certain mood. One of my favourite lines is "After the flood all the colours came out". For me the music really translates those lyrics into an atmospheric sound. Considering material from other periods, I´m also a fan of more experimental pieces like "Fez-Being Born". Do you remember moments when sonic landscapes just happened by improvisation without thinking of particular lyrics? Greetings from Austria
Fly Baby
Back to your classic sound - ATYCLB?
First, let me say I've seen you guys on every tour since PopMart, sometimes at multiple shows, and have never been disappointed! :) I'd have to say that Elevation at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, CA was one of the most anticipated and exciting shows I've ever seen! Question for Edge and Adam: What are the main reasons you decided to reinvent your sound for yet the second time in your career...first by writing songs with a deeper, electronica sound on Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and Pop of the 90's, then switching back (to the most part) to your more shimmering, classical Edge type guitar sound with stripped down effects in ATYCLB in 2000?
I'm ready to celebrate!!!
Thank you for this streaming. Is not my favourite album, but I like it. My favourite song is Kite. Is that true that song was inspired or dedicated to Bono's father? I love that song. I like to hear it on my headphones and what make me feel is incredible. Thanks for all the great songs you created.
Gone, Live in Boston 2001
Hello The Edge, My name is Peter and my question is: Why did you throw your guitar down at the end of Gone in the Elevation 2001: Live from Boston show? Gone is one of my favorite U2 songs and I thought it sounded fantastic! Thanks
Two questions for Adam and The Edge #ATY
Dear Adam and Edge, I'm Matteo from Belluno, in Italy. I am a guitarist and I listen to your music a lot. I have two questions for you. 1. What emotions do you feel after a concert? 2. The creative phase fascinates me: does your music start as ideas in your minds or by playing your musical instruments? #ATYCLB Thank you! Matteo
My First U2
Although the tour was never held in Japan, it was broadcast on TV several times. I became a fan of U2 then.It's a memorable tour.After that, I was able to participate in two performances, and I will stay at U2 for the rest of my life.
What do you enjoy more?
Do you enjoy more the process of creating new music or playing live? Love you all! #ATYCLB
When I Look at the World live?
Hello. ATYCLB and the Elevation Tour from Boston DVD not only made me a U2 fan, but made me start to listen to music! I always wondered why never chose to play "When I Look at the World" live. You only played a snippet of it once, in Kansas. I think it would sound amazing live. Best, Bjarne
The sound of guitars
Adam / Edge How do you value this album in the group's trajectory? The guitars and riff of both are very good, intense and strong. Congratulations twenty years later
Just love U2
This is a self portrait from 2016 at the Hollywood Bowl. Thanks for your music!!
Dearest Edge, thank-you for your beautiful smile at the start of the Brisbane concert last November. I'll treasure it always & hope to see you again. (I was so disarmed that I couldn't take a photo with the camera in my hand!) My questions for you is what comes first - the music or the lyrics? On the song 13 (there Is a light) who wrote the line " And the world comes stealing children from your room?" Why the 13? And finally, which song are you most proud of? Love xx
New Álbum and tour
Nice in write for thjis great Band!!! When go tô you haver a New Álbum and a New tour!!! Im tour fan since 1984!!! God bless the band and a hug for all ! DAGOU2!!!
Ok, one more for the wow factor.
Bring back "A Celebration" - just one time......
ah lads, good stuff
Heart Stage
Hi Adam and Edge! I saw the Elevation show twice, and it was fantastic watching you perform on the heart-stage. How did it feel playing your music on that stage compared to the other configurations that U2 has performed on? Thanks! Kevin Springfield, Massachusetts
New elevation ?
Hi guys, "One" at the commemoration of Samuel Paty in France, "All i want is you" at my wife's funeral ceremony; In these dark times, with this health crisis, we need new melodies, new Elevation !! Please, don't wait until the end of (the world) covid-19 to give us more songs, please. And when it's over, come and share love on tour. Laurent, a little (while) fan Love is blindess
Edge the guitar smasher?
Hey guys! I remember the first time I saw the Boston live version of "Gone", and I got quite surprised at the end of the song when the Edge violently threw away and kicked the guitar. Has that happened on shows before or was it mostly for the esthetics of this concert film? Thank you for all the great music!
Question for Edge and Adam
We've all been cooped up inside during the pandemic and starved for entertainment. I've paid a nominal fee to hear other artists play live shows on various streaming mechanisms. Would you consider playing a full album from start to finish, so die-hard fans like me could hear some songs we've never or rarely heard live? I would pay to hear the full Unforgettable Fire, for instance, just so I could catch Wire again. Would also love to hear Promenade. Or, would you consider playing a live online show of fan requests for never or rarely played songs? I would love to hear "This is Where You Can Reach Me Now," which I think was a missed opportunity for you on the last two tours. I hope you will give serious consideration to my request. It would mean the world to so many of your truest fans. Thanks for giving us a great life!
Question #ATYCLB
Hi Adam and Edge! I wondered what your three favourite songs of U2 are and do you know what Bono's and Larry's favourite U2 songs are? Greetings, Sofie (the biggest fan :)) #ATYCLB
This is amazing! My one question though for you guys is this. Will the audio for Live at red rocks ever be released on iTunes? #ATYCLB
Love you guys!
I have been a fan for so long and I want to say thank you very much for always speaking up about the injustice in this world! You never shy away from topics no one addresses like suicide. In concert I was at the Zoo tour in Florida and you never disappoint!
No Line on the Horizon unfinished songs
Will you ever return to some of the unfinished songs from “No Line on the Horizon” which were originally meant to be on the next album, which at that point had the working title of “Songs of Ascent”? Bono described them as meditative “hymns and Sufi singing”. The critics loved “Moment of Surrender”. Personally I would love to listen to a full album of songs in that vein!
Bad - Streets
Whose idea was the Bad - Streets transition?
Question #ATYCLB
#ATYCLB I've always been fascinated by the transformation from The Joshua Tree/Rattle and Hum to Achtung Baby. I remember sitting around waiting for the premiere of The Fly and was absolutely blown away by by what I heard. I mean just WOW! With the release of Night and Day on the Red, Hot and Blue album I suppose I should have seen/heard the shift away from The Joshua Tree...but what was the turning point to make such a shift? How did you guys make that jump from The Joshua Tree to Achtung Baby influence-wise? Was it a nod to what was happening musically at the time or was it let's just jam and see what happens? By the way Pop is actually one of favourite U2 albums. One sneaky last question...will you guys ever come back to play Cork
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