Elevation 2001, July 31st, Gelredome, Arnhem, Holland

31 Jul 2001
Some Words And Actions And Songs From A Concert........

* Until The End Of The World: 'Jesus, this is Judas,' says Bono, lying on the catwalk, reaching into the heart, biting a girls hand.

*Kite: 'Everything OK? Everything OK at home too? Have a nice day then.' jokes Bono, echoing a phrase from a public information advert on Dutch TV, to the delight of the locals. 'This is a song I would like to dedicate for my father right now. You write songs sometimes to see through the eyes of somebody or part of yourself that you're not owning up to, well, this is through the eyes of a father, this is Kite...'

* New York: 'New, new Amsterdam' sung to the tune of New York, New York. 'If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere, it's up to you New Amsterdam...'

* I Will Follow:
'Ring those bells Edge, make those bells ring,
wrote a love song on two strings,
20 years ago, ring those bells Edge,
The Paradiso, 20 years ago we walked down these streets,
20 years ago, same melodies, same beats
we'll never grow old, we'll never grow old,
our spirits will never grow old,
as long as your love never grows cold...'

* Sunday Bloody Sunday: 'Last week we found ourselves in a city in Italy where there was the meeting of the powerful G8 in Genoa and we saw a city like a war zone and we saw one young man laying dead on the ground and we feel angry, we feel very angry and we see a city protected by high walls and outside the crowds marching in the streets, some of them not sure what they were there for, some of them very sure. 'I was very sure, I was very sure 'cos I know for the price of the G8 summits we could rid the world of Malaria for a start and violence is never right but I am angry and you should be angry...'

* Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of:
'When I get home I'm going to see my girls,
When I get home gonna buy them a toy,
When I get home I'm gonna jump for joy, yeah jump for joy,
When I get home it won't be a sin,
When I get home I'll jump from my skin,
When I get home I'll be dancing in my bones,
Not tonight, when I get home ....'

All of which introduces the song which is for the late Herman Brood, Dutch artist and friend of the band who committed suicide recently. 'I hope Herman would have liked that, it's not a sentimental piece of shit, that's what I think he would have like about that...'

* Stay: 'Everything OK? This is a song started in Hansa Studios in Berlin in 1990-something, it's a beautiful song, maybe the most beautiful song that we've ever been given - the great songs you're given, the good songs you write yourself and the crap songs you co-write...'

.... 'London, Belfast and', 34,000 people shout, 'Arnhem....'

* Bad: 'Addictions...' says Bono before spotting a little girl in the audience and inviting her up on stage. 'Come on little girl...' and she finds herself on Bono's shoulders as he sings. 'She's wide awake, she's not sleeping, she's not sleeping...'

* Mysterious Ways: For which there is a lyrical change.'Running away from what you don't understand Edge, he's skipping, he's sliding down but he's gonna be there when you hit the ground...'

* The Fly: 'You walk into a sports hall, lights go down, everything changes, light and motion..' raps Bono, taking a fan's sunglasses and putting them on, strutting the catwalk, chasing the stage, reaching into the audience and, finally, splatting himself against the video walls.

* One: 'All that walking off and that walking on,' explains Bono, as Adam and Edge don't bother to leave the stage after With Or Without You. 'It's such a waste when you're got a train to catch south. Some of you are catching a train, right? Alright then, we can stay here all night.. 'I want to apologise for being late. Adam didn't get to bed until 7 o'clock, Larry didn't get to bed until 6 o'clock and I didn't get to bed. I want you to know it was work, we were working (on a video shoot) but that this doesn't feel like working - that did but this doesn't - thank you for giving us a good life, thank you for following us down the Jubilee road, thank you for that, thank you for putting up with me going on and on and on, I know I go on and on but that's the job of the singer....I mean Larry, he's the quiet one... 'This song is a prayer tonight for our country, for Ireland, it's a very important time this week for the peace process...'

* Walk On: 'This one's for Anton Corbijn forever, Walk On...'

What They Played:

Beautiful Day
Until The End Of The World
New Years Day
New York
I Will Follow
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Stuck In A Moment you Can't Get Out Of
In A Little While
Where The Streets Have No Name
Mysterious Ways
The Fly
Bullet The Blue Sky
With Or Without You
Wake Up Dead Man
Walk On


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