'Evening's Empire'

11 Jan 201016
'The Year Is 1967. In England, and around the world, rock music is exploding - the Beatles have gone psychedelic, the Stones are singing 'Ruby Tuesday', and the summer of love is approaching. For Jack Flynn, a newly minted young solicitor at a conservative firm, the rock world is of little interest - until he is asked to handle the legal affairs of Emerson Cutler, the seductive front man for an up-and-coming group of British boys with a sound that could take them all the way...'

Flanagan's novel centres on a British rock manager trying to keep his band together in London in the '60's, in LA in the '70's, in New York in the '80's and across Europe, America and Africa in the years after. Bono's read it and loves it.

'Evening's Empire is an alternative history of the sixties generation that feels truer than what really happened. This is a funny, sad testament to the lost boys who wouldn't grow up.'

Read an extract and watch Bill discussing the novel.

Bill, of course, wrote the compulsively readable 'U2 At the End of the World', after following the band on the Zoo TV tour in the early 90's. Put him together with Steve Lillywhite, who has spent more time in the studio with U2 than, well, anyone... and you're set for a great evening's chat.

So if you're within striking distance of New York on January 21st, head down to Barnes & Noble (Lincoln Triangle, 1972 Broadway) when Steve will be interviewing Bill about the novel... and doubtless letting slip the odd U2 story along the way.

And for the benefit of those who haven't read Bill's 'U2 At The End of the World', some of those of you who have... might like to add a short review below. Thanks!
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At the End of the World
I have read it several times, cos it's that good. Great book full of stories and shinanigans along the Zoo TV years of U2. Lots of stories about Bono with his clothes off! So if that isn't enough to entice, I don't know what is. Must Read for U2 fans!
Great Book
This really is an interesting and informative read. If you enjoy rock and roll music and want a seriously in-depth look at U2, read it asap.
When I read this book many years ago, besides the inside look at early U2, I was struck by Bill's "draws you right in" writing style. I look forward to reading this new book and I plan to go to the book store as well.
Bill... your next book should be...
The 'U2 At the End of the World' was truely a landmark culture-clip of the times... especially as the world map was majorly re-drawn, and the digital age was starting to dawn to full light... Bill... your next book should be U2 At the Birth of the New World... since the band has sonically mapped what we've all gone thru over the last decade, and pointed to the next 10 years... somehow, the inside U2 story reflects the larger outside reality
The view from within
I read BF's 'U2 at the end of the world in the mid-ninties after all the ZOO TV hoopla had died down and being an ardent fan, I was taken by the breadth of the vision of the narrative; it succeded in placing U2 firmly in the midst of a great turning point in rock history. It really was a warts and all story, but equally very sympathetic to the boys plight. I think it diod a lot to humanise the view of our favourite rock stars away from the glitz and glam of the tour and their preceeding 'evangelical 80's image' to reveal a very ordinary bunch of people who had made good and were trying to find their way in a rapidly changing and very mad world. The highlight though had to be the story of Bono waking up with a crucifix and a python in Tokyo, crowning him 'King of the Zoo' from his old mate Gavin Friday - crazy days!
"End of the World" is an Amazing read! So well-written...terrific insights and such a fun peak into the U2 universe. Get it!
U2 at the end of the world is . . .
AGreed With You All Folks ! Surely the Best U2Book I've Read, And I'm French ! Thanks Mr Flanagan for this ZOO TV tour journey, very very close to the Band (too much ? not sure . . . )
U2 at the end of the world is a fascinating read. Flanagan gives us an inside look of life on the road with the ZOO TV tour and it is simply a must for all serious fans. Its an illuminating and insightful guide to the barely controlled chaos of that amazing tour. Seeing the band almost off the rails in Tokyo is a personal favorite section
bills book
'At the end of the world' is a stunning read, every U2 fan should have this book, im on my fourth copy of this book already. essential reading!!
For those of you who haven't...
Bill Flannigan's "U2 At the End of the World" Truly GREAT read! A MUST read for big U2 fans that's for sure. In need of a good book to read lately... I just re-ordered a new copy (lost my first one) Looking forward to loving re-reading again. CLU2!
Very Insightful
AT THE END OF THE WORLD, is a long great journey for those like me who have always wondered how cool it would be to travel on a U2 tour. It is also a great insight for those that didn’t get to experience the great ZOO TV extravaganza!
A must read for U2 fans
I have been hunting down U2 books and buying numerous out of print books. This book U2 AT THE END OF THE WORLD was by far the best read. It was funny and exciting. I felt like I was on tour with the Lads and partying with them too.
U2 at the end of the world
If you havent read it, you have to - it is by far and away the best book about a band - any band - that has been written and gives a real insight into the band as they were 20 years ago!!!! get it and read it!!!!
U2 at the end of the world
If you havent read it, you have to - it is by far and away the best book about a band - any band - that has been written and gives a real insight into the band as they were 20 years ago!!!! get it and read it!!!!
U2 At The End of the World
This is a genuinely good read. It gives an honest, back-stage view of what U2 get up to when they're not performing. Although it reads like fiction at times, it is not! It is just the crazy world of touring U2-style, as the band mingle with presidents, popes, politicians, heavyweight rock stars and models. What amazes me is (a) how U2 gave Flanagan such 'all areas' access, including a lot of their private lives, and (b) how they were happy to let him write it all up. The most amazing thing for me is how relatively grounded and normal each band member appears, despite the craziness of the global Zoo TV tour. Gripping stuff and essential for any diehard fan.
at the end of the world
One of the best rock band books i have had the pleasure of reading. Bill done a fantastic job and thanks to the band for letting him in so deep.
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