'Everybody having a good time...'

20 Feb 201230
'Everybody having a good time except you.
You were talking about the end of the world...'

'Until The End of the World' is one of 22 live tracks from U2360° set to feature on the limited edition double-CD   'U22'.

You'll find the other 21 here.

This was what 'Until The End of the World' was like in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2011 - what do you think ?

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Not pretend anymore
These four pretended to play (no offense intended) in the early days. WOW. Adam and Larry aren't the front men of the band, but they are the driving rithym, and the pulse- Bono and Edge providing the soul and the message.
Love U2
This is gonna be a cranking album~~cant wait to get my paws on it :) THANKS U2
U2 Morumbi
"Tonight is Saturday in Sao Paulo!", 09 de Abril de 2011
non ho parole qst sono profeti della musica....thank you u2 fabio crotone italy
Here in Peru
We love you Bono, I do hope you have a good time in Peru, please remember us for your next concert, we are dying to see you singing here. I love not only your music, but your ideas and involvement wit social problems. I am an educator and have the same feelings, we have to build a better world!!!!
Waves of joy
Watching this video feels like standing right behind Larry. I love the distinctive power of his drum beats and the intense passion of the whole music. The energy of that song truly raises the temperature in every venue. Can;t wait to hear it on U22!
PLEASE PLEASE TELL US WHEN YOUR SHIPPING IT OUT(And the running order would be nice!)
The Human Metronome
This little clip just showcases how amazing Larry´s drumming is, all the shows i seee i spend most of the time watching Larry, amazing riffs in The Fly,One and of course if they let him let rip BAD!!
I was there too!
I went on every show in Sao Paulo! Three wonderful shows! Too bad they did not play "Bad" on any night :(
what a night
The sound coming through my headphones was fabulous...even better than the real thing... minus the visuals. This video has a wonderful point of view, one we rarely get to enjoy.
naked drums
WOW, awesome to hear the Drums like that!!!! I'm sure you've got lots of footage like that which would make a good behind the scenes DVD. Lets have some more!!
love U2 until the end of the world
I was lucky enough to see them twice here in São Paulo. Good call for UTEOTW. Absolutely loved every minute of both shows !!!! U2 rocks our world. Lots of love from Brazil to the four of you2, guys.
I heard the live concert from my computer and was so great! :)
One of my favorites
UTEOTW was growing last years more and more on my U2 favorite list. I saw the live performance in Brussel in sept. 2010. The text and the music is very strong. Did you read this interesting article on http://www.atu2.com/news/like-a-video-until-the-end-of-the-world-or-a-lullaby-for-2012.html Greetings, John
carlson correia
Great show!
That was the best show of my life! I was there!!!!!
The waiting is killing me too!
Come on guys, send the CD!
The best show I ever had. Now, it will be immortalized! For ever!!!!
São Paulo loves you!
This is a great news!!!! The concert was amazing... I can´t describe what I felt being there. Thank you for this special moment in my life! Larry was spectacular! I´ve already missed you guys! Love from Brazil.
The wait is killing me....
....can't wait to hear this album it is gonna be so great =0)
I was there, and it was great!!!
I was there! Thank you for choosing this great moment of the show's Brazil!
Touching hands
It's one of my favourites; Larry obviously rocks with it! Since I saw the concert in Boston when Bono is "fighting" with The Edge and his guitar I prefer this song live; obviously in 360 is very touching when they're trying to touch their hands; nice metaphor!
larry feed
is that from larry's feed? lots of drums... :p
Love that view of Larry. Still can't wait to hear all of U22.
Avion Espia
Brazilian fans are loud!!!
Brazilians sure know how to throw a party!
paris 2011
Paris 2011 was absolutely stunning too ! ! I hope so much you all won't let the fans wait another 4-5 years for a next tour
I was there!!
That show was fantastic!!
Well it sounds as it should sound, GREAT! Can't wait for the rest.
Tros top la video Bravo U2 !!!!
Super video , Larry joue Hyper bien !!!
Always enjoy seeing the dynamic duo (Adam and Larry) in action. The burning question is, when will U22 see the light of day?
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