Remember the breathtaking 360° images we posted after the shows in South Africa?

The ones where you could zip around the stadium and zoom in anywhere - from your best mate to Larry's drum kit ?

Well - U2360° FANCAM is back!

Not only do we have sensational 360° images from the shows in Denver and Salt Lake City but U2360° FANCAM is going to be covering the rest of the tour as well.

And after each show we'll be posting the huge images from the 360° gigapixel camera on - so you'll be able to explore every corner of the venue, then zoom in and tag yourself or your friends.

And share the image with others on Facebook or Twitter or email it to friends.

Were you at the shows in Denver or Salt Lake City ?

Know someone else who was?

Here's what FANCAM captured in Denver.

And here's the image from Salt Lake City.

Coming to one of the shows in June or July? Want to look your best for the camera? Here's what you need to know.

The U2360° FANCAM imaging is executed about fifteen minutes after the support act has left the stage - you will see a camera set up at the downstage area during this time and if you see the photographer rotating the camera, raise your hands towards the centre of the stage to get in the shot as it's taken! Make it a special 360° live moment to keep and share with your friends!

(The FANCAM, in beta-mode with right now, is flash-based and may not be available on all devices.)


28 June, 2011
Gonna watch for fancam in Pittsburgh!!!! Soo excited can hardly wait!! 360 greatest show on Earth!! :) Gina
18 June, 2011
Awesome show Friday @ The Big "A"
Great show and set list nice to see a change in songs my wife and I have seen the band 4 times this go around still buy far the best show was Pasadena...Hands down!! Boston was great as well!!! The only problem I have was last night the sound was off or something we were sitting in section 205 and lenny sounded bad (although his performance was great) so i thought maybe his equipment sucked.... Then U2 came out and the same thing, it was hard to hear Bono sing... well going back tonight with VIP Tix so hopefully sounds better tonight in these seats but over all a hell of a performance by the Boys as well as Lenny.....
17 June, 2011
What about Mexico City!
17 June, 2011
Hey!! What about La Plata, Argentina, March 30th???? I´d kill to have images from that UNFORGETTABLE night...
05 June, 2011
What about Brazil??
It would be amazing to have that in Brazil....
02 June, 2011
Figures I would be sitting down when this picture was taken. You can see the void I made in the crowd with my husband...but now I have no proof I was there! Haha.
02 June, 2011
This is the future cop cam
WOW!!! I bet this will be at all arenas soon. Especially Dodger Stadium. You better hide when you take #2 to the game or show.
01 June, 2011
Through your eyes I can see
Dear, thank you so much for allowing us to view the images of the shows with this incredible FANCAM!!! I am very excited to see this. A very dear friend (you know who you are!!!), whom I found here in this wonderful U2 community about one year ago, attended the concert in Salt Lake City. So I was also there in spirit. Now it is absolutely unbelievable and beautiful to see the face of my friend from so close here! Distance is irrelevant, it;s not linear!
01 June, 2011
Everyshow should have this.
31 May, 2011
Great Quality.
Erm,any chance of having fancam in Ireland/UK sometime? Sharpness in the picture is almost scarey.Great stuff.
30 May, 2011
Crap, I went to the restroom when they took this!
30 May, 2011
and FANCAM from la plata :(
i would like the fancam in la plata :D
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