Fifty Days and Counting

12 May 2009108
With the opening night of the tour less than fifty days away it got us thinking about the last tour, Vertigo 05/06.

Were you there ? What are your favourite memories ? Something during the show that took you by surprise ? A moment you'll never surrender ?

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bjh, cardiff
my 1st live U2 gig, sang all night along with the brilliant crowd, except for Sometimes you can't make it on your own', the feeling that Bono put into that song was electrifying, so I stood there with tears running down my face, same story for me, except it was my mum.They must do it again this time at Cardiff. Why not record the tour dvd there? the singing and atmophere were Magnificent.
jackie robson
Just Awesome
Saw the Vertigo tour in Manchester and it was awesome. City of Blinding Lights was amazing and when Bono talked about his father's passing it was very emotional. First saw them on the Joshua Tree tour and have been lucky enough to catch them on every tour since. Ihave been a fan since their very first album whenI was 15 (a long time ago!)Counting down the days now until August !! Bring it on!!!!!
i am twelve and have loved u2 since age 3 i hate t.i. jayz jonas brothers ect.i saw them twice the first show was 5/24/05 my 9th birthday my dad said lets go to boston and to the hard rock cafe to celerate he then said he called and there was to long of a wait only9 at the time so i said okay and he said there is a resturant were all of your uncles are meeting ( i new about the show and really wanted to go but wasnt expecting it because we had tickets to the december show) we went inand got a bothe at patty burkes right by the garden which at the time i did not know i ordered my food and my cousins odly werent talking to me suddenly our waitress ran to are table and said are you sean i said yes she said bono just ran in and gave me this to give you " i didnt know what it was it was a ticket the whole table had Known but were afraid to let the cat out of the bag great show december show also great i have tickets for foxboro show #2 ant wait !!!!
Vertigo Vancouver
It was one of the greatest experiences I've had! My husband was not a fan at the time, but went anyways. He loved it!! I think the greatest moments of the show were when fans from the audience were brought on stage for a song or 2. We'll never forget that show, and are looking forward to thenext onein October!!!
Croke Park, Dublin
Just walking the backstreets where they used to run on the way to my first U2 gig, I got chills. Hearing songs I thought I'd never get to hear live. The snare and opening chords - then yelling out "I Will Follow" as the Old Dubliner behind me tapped me on the shoulder and shook my hand, recognising my old time fan credentials. The poignancy of Sometimes you Can't Make it on your Own. Bono open and vulnerable without his shades. And Who's Gonna Ride your Wild Horses. A song that surprised me into tears. My brother's favourite, but he couldn't be there.Joy, sadness and many memories in equal measure.
Fantastic Day
It was Fathers day in the UK and I went with my Dad and best friend. To top it they belted out Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses and it was 30degrees all day long! Happy happy days.
GREAT Show! A great way to cap my 2 weeks in Hawaii and my honeymoon! ROCKO and Pearl Jam made it an even more memorable experience. An unbelievable rush of adrenaline from ARCADE FIRE's "Wake up" to Larry Mullen's "see you all soon".
vertigo 05 Cardiff
Seen the boys 18 times now. 1st saw them in '89 on the Lovetown tour. Going back to Cardiff brought back great memories of Zooropa '93 where I ventured into the "Confessional Booth" to have my proposal of marriage to my now wife recorded. It was subsequently shown during the interval and got a great response from the 60,000 crowd. Vertigo '05 was great, "Streets" will always be a classic live song from them.
seven towers
After having missed all of the previous tours since joshua tree in the 80's it was wonderfull to finally see the band live again in cardiff. Despite the prolonged hiatus from seeing them live (something I will regret forever) the gig reminded me of how much U2 have become part of my DNA. there simply is no better and more life affirming experience then the rush of adrenalin when the band take the stage, or when they hit the first few bars of their classics, or when their new tracks explode into the room. I simply cannot wait until august to see them again, long may they reign.
glorious nights in sydney
Three awesome shows in Sydney. Highlightemotional version of Kite closing the shows- including didgiredoo player, and of course the master Edge.Look fwd to next visit to OZ.
Phoenix was awesome
Phoenix was totally awesome. This July we are making the pilgraimage to Dublin!! See U2 in the mother land is going to be amazing
Vertigo Vegas!!!
Saw them both nights in Vegas and in Salt Lake. Second night in Vegas was the BEST! Mysterious Ways, End of the World, Zoo Stattion, The Fly, In a Little While and end with Bad?!?! WOW! Such a great show! Rivalled the shows from the Joshua Tree tour! Great stuff! I've only got tickets to the Vegas show on 23 Oct, but am hoping for more on another leg!
Gothenburg Ullevi 29 July 2005
My first U2 concert, I could not believe that I was there, breathing the same air as U2.AMAZING ! We gave the guys a very special welcome by "waving white" and what a sight it was. It looked like it was snowing in the summer , it was definitely a beautiful day !!!
Simply awesome
The whole experience on the last tour was awesome. From the comraderie in the Zoo, helping everyone who didn't score tix get the sought after the first strains of Arcade Fire knowing what is next. The party in Vegas was awesome. Meeting some of the Zoo crew, Grzy, Stewie...looking forward to this tour.
Saw them for the first time in Toronto Sept. 05...I had been waiting so long to see them, that when they came on stage I was so overwhelmed that I started crying...AWESOME! Can't wait to see them again on Sep 16 in Toronto!
Vertigo '05 Minneapolis
Was a great show and a very good concert DVD as well. Favorite part of the last tour had to be closing on Yahweh with all of the band front and center like an accoustic set. Very memorable.
Philly shows
For the Vertigo tour, saw the lads four times - once in New Jersey and three times in Philadelphia. Best remember - Second show in Philadelphia in September05 ,when the "Boss" show up and sang withU2at the end - Bruce Springsteen and U2 - my sister and I thought wehad died and gone to heaven.
Copenhagen 2005
An amazing show, couldn't believe what i was really there that night. My favorite memory was when Bono counted 1,2,3, 14 in danish, what a rush, and we got vertigo once again, thank you, looking forward to wembley.
Sound quality was very poor. However, the atmosphere was brilliant and to make up for the poor sound I was able to listen to the Radio broadcast to hear what they really sounded like. Hoping to get better sound quality this tour in Cardiff!
Worth The Wait
A fan since the 80's, I finally saw U2 in Toronto Vertigo tour. Highlights included Pride In The Name of Love and One featuring Daniel Lanois on guitar. Both songs brought goose bumps and a little tear in the eye as my wife and I sang along.
Montreal 1
It was my 1st U2 experience and it won't be my last we have awesome seats for Toronto 1 and we can't wait.. We traveled in a Snow storm 21 hours from Halifax Nova Scotia, but it was well worth it I always tell people that a U2 concert itsn't a concert it is an experience. I can't wait for 360 so I can let everyone no what this experience will be like.
Appeared in Vertigo Tour DVD!
I flew from Mexico City to Chicago for the show (still didn't know if they were going to play in Mexico), made it to the ellipse, got interviewed and appeared in the DVD documentary (I'm the girl that says, we came from Mexico City just to see them). That moment will be there for eternity and for my grandchildren to watch LOL!
Saw my first concert in 1983 and everyone since. Don't think anything will top this last one though. Got picked to go in theeclipse. You would have thought I hadwon the lottery!I was on a high for the rest of the month.Truly blessed to have that experience. Going to the next concert in Oct. with my niece. She has never been and I can't wait to share that nite with her and she will finally see why her Aunt has been Crazy over this band for yrs! Love you - U2!
Brian Parsons son got pulled on stage!!
I absolutley have a great moment from the last tour...first of all, it was my 40th birthday when U2 played in my home town, and they closed with '40', and it had been something like 20 years since they last played Ottawa, so how special is it that they did it on my actual 40th birthday!! Then, the next day I took my son (who was 9 at the time) to Montreal for the show and during 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday' Bono pulled my son up on stage and my son chanted "NO MORE!!" with Bono in front of 21,000 people!! What a great moment that was! I was blown away!!!! Bono gave him a guitar pick and we got some great pics of the moment (thanks to members community!!)
Croke Park Friday
Saw them in 1982 in Gateshead supporting Police. Never head of them and was hooked. 23 years later found myself int heir home town. Felt like an outsider in a sea of Dubliners but it was fantastic; always wee a band in their backyard! Highlights? Set us off with Vertigo, brought the house down with I Will Follow and kept us up there til Vertigo closed the show! Magnificent, can't wait til Sheffield!
New Orleans
I saw them for Vertigo in Denver and Atlanta. It was amazing to see "40" again for the first time since Joshua Tree Tour. I've also seen ATYCLB in Atlanta and Columbus, Pop in Clemson and Atlanta, Zoo TV in Atlanta andLexington, and my first show - Joshua Tree - in Lexington, KY. I would love to see them on tour in New Orleans! Everytime I see them, the hairs on my arms stand on end. Everytime I see them, they sound amazing. I'm really looking forward to NLOTH in New York and Las Vegas.
Manchester 15/06/05
I saw my all-time favourite band in Manchester when they played 2 days in the northern city, my friend had been at the gig the night before and said no other show could top U2's performance and I agree with him. I took mom with me, who saw them in 1981; and we spent 2 days in Manchester. I was amazed I got to the front at my first U2 show, 6 months pregnant with Heidi, now 4, I wasn't going to let that stand in the way though cos I love the live music atmosphere. 4 years on, I've seen Snow Patrol, Oasis, Keane, and David Gray, all my favourites!
Vertigo - Denmark
An enormously wet Experience, but the best iever had.....the sky came pourin' down and nobody cared.
Best Band on Earth
Have seen U2 for every tour since Zoo TV. the're concerts are nothing short of a religious experience, when the keybords start and The Edge starts his riff for the begining of Where the Streets Have No Name and the lights start dancing, it never fails to give me goosebumps, can't get that in a church. "I want to Run...." To Chicago! 9/12/2009.
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