Final Sphere Concert, Interview Now Available On Demand

18 Mar 2024

Final Sphere Concert, Interview Now Available On Demand

In case you missed the premiere St. Patrick's Day broadcasts of the final U2:UV Achtung Baby at Sphere concert and the exclusive, new interview the band taped late last month in Las Vegas, both are available now on demand on U2 X-Radio (Sirius XM Channel 32).

Sirius XM subscribers can listen to the epic March 2, 2024 concert that closed their #U2UVSphere run HERE, including performances by special guests 'Danny Boy' Lanois on stage for 'One' and Neil Finn (via remote recording) for 'Don't Dream It's Over', as well as the perfect ending to the band's 40 nights in the desert at Sphere with '40' as the final encore.

In addition to the final night at Sphere show, the exclusive interview—a conversation between Bono, Edge, Adam, Bram, Pauli the PSM, and Gavin Friday about all things musical (and spherical) that was taped at the Zoo Station experience in Las Vegas late last month—also is available on demand HERE.

Both the concert and the interview are available on U2 X-Radio until April 17, 2024.

Follow this link for a trial subscription to Sirius XM.


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