For the Italians who inspired it... for the Irish...

17 Mar 2020120

For the Italians who inspired it... for the Irish... for ANYONE who this St. Patrick’s day is in a tight spot and still singing. For the doctors, nurses, carers on the front line, it's you we’re singing to. 

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Lifting spirits
These guys have lifted mine, and others’, spirits on so many occasions....but in these times we could do with this more than keep these positive messages coming! And for anyone reading this, best wishes and stay safe.
Hey Guys, now we have enough Time to watch the Joshua tree tour at Home
Thank you for thinking of us Italians at this difficult time. Bono your voice is our medicine. Stay safe with your family.
Love IS bigger than anything in its way
A perfect gift at the right moment. Check out the self-isolating choir version's all over the interweb... Big virtual hugs to you, wherever you are right now. Stay safe, stay healthy, be kind.
Great song by a great man
Please Release this song in this dark times where many are in Qurantine. It will help many people through it. Greetings from locked down Belgium.
Hi U2 I am Brazilian and I am living in São Paulo. As you know in Brazil we have now the same problem, unfortunately, is around the world. We love your song here in Brazil, and this song helps us a lot. this song and your support are very important for us, you are specialized in share love in many situations. Obrigada Gracias, Grazie Thanks a lot !!
Please release this beautiful song to the world that's on fire! U2 proved themselves as 'hopegivers' in difficult times. This song needs a polished full bandversion with beautiful haunting, emotional vocals by Bono.
Hi Bono, I am half-blood Spanish and Italian and I am living in Barcelona. As you know in Spain we have the same problem, unfortunately, is around the world. Could you please dedicate that song for all people, honestly I consider that you are specialized in share love in many situations. Gracias, Grazie Thanks a lot !!
We are one
Nice one Bono, we are together in this. An act of support is special. Paul - Manchester UK
Thank you!
Siiiiiiiiinging your beautiful song in Waterloo, Ontario! You always know how to help us through a crisis, Bono.
Grigoris P.
I love U2 and I let this be known... I also have to say that loving each other means respecting... Respect the vulnerable people and respect yourself... Stay at home,listen to the official medical directions. All Europe is at the same condition... UK please show some seriousness please...Brexit was a hit , but ignoring human loss just to gain money ...I just cant describe it! Bono, I love you mate...Apart from amusing my ears for decades you are really cool...A nice person!
Bono uplifting
B~ What a surprise to hear you beautifully sing to provide a moment of joy for all of us . Your voice brings with it a calmness and for 4 minutes I forgot about the stress that I have been feeling . Thank you for always thinking about others ...and the important ones here ..medical providers working in the front line . You are a blessing , and you have no idea how happy you made us with such a simple gesture . The song is lovely . Keep yourself and your family safe . One love . One life . Tracy ❤️ Ohio , US.
Thank you Bono for your words. I'm Italian and I can't say how much I appreciated your dedication for Italian people and for the doctors, nurses, carers on the front line. These are long, sad, dark and hard days for Italian people. In these days is hard to see the light and if there is a light, it's very difficult don't let it go out. The words of "Let your love be known" are words of hope. Thanks! You have a kind heart! Irish and Italian people are kindred souls. We are ONE! Stay safe and stay home you and your loved ones. Stay safe and stay home Adam, Edge and Larry too. I hope to see and to listen to you soon in Italy, when the Covid-19 will be defeated. Take care! I send you a big hug, Love from Italy.
We are all in this together
Love is bigger...a thank you note
Today I woke up after one of the most exhausting weeks at work ever and a lack of sleep. Suddenly a thought came to my mind: "How good it would feel to read or hear just a single word from my favourite band U2". I turn to and find this beautiful song, more than I've expected. Bono you've lifted my spirit. No matter if we are rich or poor, the worry about our health and the health of our beloved ones is universal. We all feel the same. Together we can transform fear and worry into compassion. Love is bigger. Bono, your words always magically find me when I need them most. You are a wonderful soul and a compassionate human being. Thank you with all my heart.
Merci Bono !!!
Merci pour tous ces gens qui œuvrent pour la santé des autres… Vivement que l'on tourne la page…
Steve b
Well done Bono. Once again you say the right things at the right time.
Let Your Love be Known
Grazie BONO per questo grande messaggio.Quando canti non ci sono distanze tra il popolo Irlandese e quello italiano. "WE GET TO CARRY EACH OTHER" U2 Until the end of the World!
Darkest before the dawn
Your song has brought us some light. Thank you Bono. Stay safe and well Love from Oxfordshire UK x
Thank you
You are always there when someone is in need. Greetings from an Italian in Belgium xxx
This is so amazing and beautiful I hope you keep the arrangement please and put it on the new album
Thank You!
As always Bono has managed to make us smile. After I listened to this little tune I looked around, realized all that I have, everything that is so wonderful in my life, and said a big thank you for it all. Leave it to Bono to put things in perspective for us. Just sing. Thank you again brother.
I Love this song Bono! I swear some of your best songs are the ones you write off the cuff in the shortest amount of time! I’ll be expecting to hear this song again one day. Thank You, Bono!
What a timing. Cheers!
Thank you very much. Found the song via Twitter yesterday. It might have been recorded in Killiney. Walked up there once to see the home scenery of Bono and U2 who have inspired me so much in this life. It was such a wonderful sight. These times are sad and hard but the song is uplifting and precise. A very lovely gesture. And let's remember what is not so great for humans can be okay for the nature for a change. Have some bubbly and take care. Love from Finland.
Grazie Bono
Grazie Bono.It,s very hard days in Italy for COVID-19.Thanks for the Song.And Thanks for everyTimes of tour in the years in Italy.Especially Rome.
Thanks you.
You really are my model Bono. U2 inspire my life. Love you Guys. Orlando, from Portugal.
Grazie Bono
See you in Cologne. I hope
Let your love be known
Beautiful tune, sad moment. Love for all the nurses, doctors, lonesome heroes against a silent enemy... Let your love be known. Thank you
Thank you for your very inspiring words
My heart goes out to all the ones who are stuck at home, live alone, cannot smell flowers, feel the breeze. We will come out glorious all this mess! Wherever you live, Italy, Spain... I love you! I am in the USA, but my family is in Europe and I haven't been back for six years. Last year I wrote those words: I knew absolutely nobody in Dublin. It's a very strange feeling to live in a city an not knowing anyone, absolutely no friends, no contacts. Every day, I would walk two miles to town and back home. And Bono sings this: Yes, I walked through the streets of Dublin, and no one was near. Then I wrote: You don't know me, but you are about to. And Bono sings: Yes, I don't know you, nor I didn't think I didn't care. Well, our words somehow have crossed paths. But nothing never happens by coincidence. I believe in karma. Better things are coming our way. You will soon go out to your gardens, parks, and favorites restaurants again. You will soon walk your children to school. I send you a lot of hugs, from my desk to yours.
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