'Force quit and move to trash...'

12 Nov 200919
'Two birds flew into our little riad and we wrote this song, it's called Unknown Caller...'

As well as several million people watching on YouTube, the band were joined by a Global Chorus of voices on a special night. 'Los Angeles... you know your name, so punch it in.'

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Best repentance song
This is 'Amazing Grace' for today's slaves (and slave traders).
know our name! So we will punch it in.... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE .... from all over the world!!! To U2 and to every person in the world!
Force quit and move to trash
I guess the guys use a macintosh :P
for all Who know .... IT
Great song! One of my favorites that night. I was one of the lucky ones at the Rose Bowl that unforgettable night which I will NEVER forget. Amazing show, amazing guys. I'm so glad friends around the world got to be there as one. Can't wait for the 2 shows in Anaheim in 2010. U2 ROCKS!!!
360° Request
I haven't seen the show yet, but I have tickets for Brussels 2010!!! Can't wait. Her's a special request for God, aka as Bono ; please please please give us Wave Of Sorrow in Brussels next year. Such a wonderful song... Please Bono, and Egde and Larry and Adam. C'one, just this once...
Great Song
Love it on the album, and it's even better live. Can't wait 'til NY in July 2010!!
Unknown caller....
Describes where I am emotionally for this past year. I am looking forward to 'sunshine' in 2010! Soooo grateful for U2!
Favourite song
The best song from NLOTH. Thank you very much for playing.
Whoever wrote Unkown Caller is genious...Totally Nailed the SWEET SPOT of chill out...ahhhhh a little crystal ball : ).
Big show highlight in every city
Wasn't there for the Rosebowl, But in Toronto show 1, and Vancouver two weeks ago, Unknown Caller was too cool. Edge's guitar solo so crisp and inspiring. Loved every second of it. Looking forward to Seattle 2010.
UC is simply awesome
I can NEVER get tired listening to this song. It is my favorite on the album and my favorite on the tour. This song is becoming my favorite U2 song of all time.
Unknown Caller is one of my favorite songs on NLOTH. Breathe and Moment of Surrender are just as good, but Unknown Caller was just amazing live at the Rose Bowl. Who would not want to join in the chorus of voices!? It was quite a collective experience. Magnificent! Thanks for posting. Regards, ron
You know your name
"Everyting is perfect in this song" and the atmosphere seems relaxed, Edge's guitar sound very great and to see the underworld it is a great idea. A beautiful moment of this 360°Tour.
A fantastic song everywhere you have performed it. I was lucky enough to be at all 2 Croke shows - a pilgrimage so to speak - and I will never forget this song or the incredible feeling of being with all those fans seeing the greatest band in the world. Thank you, lads!
Excellent song
I love Unknown Caller, the chorus is very exciting! I saw the show on U2ube from my country in Buenos Aires, Argentina. U2 IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD !
Great moment
One great moment of sharing in this beautiful show, to Milano too. Thanks for this
Favorite song
Unknown Caller was my favorite song of the night. I actually was wearing an "Unknown Caller" t-shirt that I had made in hopes they would play it. I was not disappointed.
Great to see the 'Underworld'
During this performance of UC. Thanks again for a great show @ the Rose Bowl. I was one of the millions that watched it live on U2ube that night. Can't wait for Anaheim 1 & 2 next year! Is it June yet? LOL!
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