Get On Your Bike With Bono

18 Dec 201520

Bike ride with Bono ? You and a friend cycling through Central Park ? Just the two of you... and Bono. 

Flights to New York. Hotel. Bike. Ice cream. Share some stories, take home some merchandise. 

It's all part of the (RED) SHOPATHON to fight AIDS, running through the holiday season. 

If cycling's not your thing how about a visit to the Game Of Thrones set? A wellness retreat with Snoop Dogg in Colorado? A makeover with Kim Kardashian?

Co-produced by (RED) and Vice Media, the (SHOPATHON) is now underway with all kinds of celebrity experiences, limited edition pieces and iconic (RED) products up for grabs. And you're raising funds for the Global Fund To Fight AIDS through the online giving platform Omaze. (Every dollar raised will be matched by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, up to $20million)

Here's where you find more and take part.

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Make my Dreams come true
Hello, After a few years of dreaming, last year me and my girlfriend followed our dream. A dream that we had because of Bono and U2. Because of him we get the intrest for Afrika and all of the problems over there. Last year we die Volunteer work for 3 months in a orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania. We also had to deal with problems like HIV or kids who can not take a shower and many other problems. We followed our dream to Tanzania, so now we hope that we can Follow our next dream for a better World. That dream is: Meet Bono, talk a few words about our work in Tanzania and get a picture with my/our hero!
What a grand prize
I had the pleasure of meeting U2 at a concert in New Zealand on Love Comes to Town Tour and also met The GRET BB King. This prize is a wonderful gesture. Thank You Bono for your ongoing thoughts for others
It would be nice to win. The person I'd bring would have to be the rider cause I'd would fall just trying to get on the bike.
That would be a perfect day to remember
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Bike with bono wowwwwww
I qant to win with bono for my boy friend. He love his song and his band . Il m a fais connaitre le groupe en juin 2015 on a vu le spectacle 3fois a montreal , j ai adorer l ´expérience tour
I really want ^ - ^
Must be very nice too go on bike with Bono but i am so afraid
Better Odds than Pwerball
If I win the Powerball lottery on Wednesday I will buy up all the remaining tickets to try and win this contest also.
Metting and hanging out with Bono? Yes p
How many times have I daydreamed (or nightdreamed) about what it would be like to hang out or, better yet, a little acoutis (or not acoustic, the Edge can come by and plug in) duet with Bono of one my favorite U2 songs? too numerous to count. I named my son after you. He would be thrilled to meet you as well. and would show him that dreams can come true. and all for a great cause. "I will sing, sing a new song"
I want ice cream!
One ice cream is enough for me!!!! Thank you for give me my great life!!! Love you Bono!
Let's go for a bike ride
What about riding a Harley Davidson
Make it a Guinness or three
If by some amazing act of luck its me, I'm going to politely request we go for a Guinness instead of a bike ride. Not been on a bike for 31 years and I don't want to responsible for another Bono accident!!! :)
little stephen
Bono for Prez!
My heart melts when I hear my young daughters (10 & 8 yrs) singing to the ever spinning U2 tracks in my car. Your sound captured me the first time I dropped the needle onto "One Tree Hill" from my first U2 vinyl, THEN my spirit soared when I experienced the wonder and magic at CNE stadium from Achtung Baby in '93! I've never been to New York City but feel familiar with it through your words. A friend of mine sent me a picture of your condo in Central Park, maybe we could bike there someday and get ice cream - l'll buy :)
Bike Ride with Bono
You had me at ice cream!!
Hi Bono good tosee you are well
Me too. do you want to rock again? well I do with you. not so rude . but you have a very good singing voice. well that should still rock the world. ps I may be able to help. lots love. to you Paul , David Larry and Adam
I want
I want!! Meu sonho é conhecê-los pessoalmente! Seria lindo. Beijos. :)
Just another reason to love this man!
OMG! It is my life's wish to meet Bono! They say you should never meet your heroes but I so badly want to meet this beautiful man! Even if not for a bike ride....just a hello and a hug would do it! Here's hoping...
I'll take my chances!
What a great promotion for a worthy cause and happy to contribute. I've seen you briefly twice Bono at meet-n-greets (NYC and Chicago) but would love the opportunity for extended conversation and a little sightseeing while pedaling. When you look at the world, I'd love to know what is it that you see. Blessings and thanks for a great week in Chicago and hope you all are getting a little R&R after an amazing tour!! PS -- Paris show? Brought tears to my eyes! U2: partnering with and helping EODM and the people RISE ABOVE the smallness of evil.
witty as usual
I gave every spare penny i had out of my (little!) paycheck- proudly, whether I win or not, I am happy to participate in this humourous promotion. :) hope for a chance to meet and shake your hand! Someday.
New York looks like......
freedom has a scent, like the top of a new born baby's head. I?am ready for take of to ride with Bono around New York. Love and light my way Bono through New-York. Detlev Lassche, underground Oldenzaal town. Miss You Sugar. . .. ... ....
V Funny
Nice one Bono. Hoping I can get myself lucky and we can chat about the best Hip Hop albums
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