'Gloria' at 40 - Out Today

26 Nov 202121

'Gloria' at 40

Released today for Record Store Day: a limited edition 12” EP on yellow vinyl  celebrates forty years of 'Gloria',  #RSDBF

Originally released in October 1981, Gloria was the second single to be taken from the album October and has been a live staple ever since. This special anniversary release includes the studio version of 'Gloria' plus three live versions from three different decades.

The 1990s are represented by the Point Depot show on the band's home turf of northside Dublin.  Although ticketed as 31st December 1989, the show started at midnight on 1st January 1990 with a live radio simulcast broadcast across Europe. 

Side B contains two previously unreleased live recordings of 'Gloria' – recorded at the Fleet Center in Boston during the 2005's Vertigo Tour, and at London's O2 Arena during the third night of their run of shows in the English capital as part of the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour in 2015.

And the full colour gatefold sleeve of this 40th anniversary version comes with a bit of a mystery - despite longtime research and a significant outreach, no-one has been able to figure out the identity of the photographer who shot the photos on the front, back cover and gatefold. (If you’ve got any ideas, add them in the comments below and band management will be sure to follow up.) 

12" INFO

  • 4-track 12” EP, cut at 45 rpm.
  • Pressed on 180gsm transparent sun yellow vinyl.
  • Full colour gatefold outer sleeve with high gloss finish, featuring portraits of the band.
  • Large poster (600mm x 600mm, folded) with montage of photos from the various live shows across the decades.


Side A
1.  Gloria (Studio Version) 
2.  Gloria (Live From The LoveTown Tour, The Point Depot, Dublin, 31st December 1989) – currently unavailable

Side B
1.  Gloria (Live From The Vertigo Tour, Boston, 26th May 2005) – previously unreleased
2.  Gloria (Live From The iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, London, 29th October 2015) – previously unreleased
Gloria is available exclusively at participating independent record stores on Friday 26th November. Full list of stores here

Record Store Day is the annual celebration of independent record shop culture. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the event and many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. There are over 240 shops participating in the UK with thousands celebrating around the globe in what's become one of the biggest events on the music calendar. More on the Black Friday Record Store Day here.

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Made a Cool Tshirt!!
Ordered this T shirt! Great retro design!
Gogme United
How about a download link for fans?
I bought my first U2 record in the summer of 1981 and bought every album and single ever since. First on vinyl, later on cd and now on vinyl again when Record Store Day comes to town. It would be great if we were able to download all songs, so we don't have to ruin (or buy) our record players.
A song that has aged well
I’d heard New Year’s Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday on the radio but it was discovering Gloria that got me hooked on U2 nearly 40 years ago, so this release means a little more than others. I love the various versions through the decades on this album and thought when I heard it live again in 2018 how well it fitted in the set list and among the new songs. Thanks for this.
I want
I want! Where to buy from Brazil?
Dean Allison
Great release
Great job with this one, offering up a couple of previously unreleased live versions of Gloria. I hope it’s something they do more going forward not just with RSD but commercially releasing more previously unreleased live stuff. Only thing that would have better is to include a download code with it but the material is great so no complaints.
New album producer?
U2 the best band of the pkanet.... I please... Trent Reznor like producer for the new album ❤️❤️❤️
U2 GLORIA Yellow Vinyl ; )))
the YELLOW Vinyl is Amazing ; ) thanks to my local store
Mystery Photographer?
U2 Gloria 40th Anniversary Edition. As a vinyl junkie I love this and the photos on the gatefold. I wish I could say I took the shots, but I didn’t. I am surprised given the resources and archives you must have that you don’t know who the photographer was. Paul Slattery? Bernard Farrell? I hope you find him it is a fine piece of work.
Avonrí 67
Delighted got mine today in Golden disc’s ,can’t wait to listen to it later,
I get the record store thing but come on
I love U2. Loved them since I was 12-13 years old 1998-1999. Is there anyway you guys could put these RSD releases on cd as well as vinyl??
Nice release
Just picked it up from my local store. Really nice release, the packaging is excellent
Black Friday
I hope I am able to get up early to try to grab this one for sure!!
Would make a cool t-shirt!
Would love to see a t-shirt with this design! I always have a hard time finding these releases. I usually have to buy on e-bay, which I guess still helps small record stores with online sales?
It would be nice to tour 40 :-). Just old songs. I love the old raw sound of guitars.
NY store?
Be great to know and be ready love vinyl
use of this
whats the use of this . i want new stuff
The Saint are coming! Be the light, feel the light seek the light. Love and light my way.
Gloria made me a U2 fan...
.. although I already owned "Boy", it was indeed Gloria & the October LP which made me a fan. Had to wait a long time to hear it live, but it happened on the E&I Tour :-) I MUST have this one !!
Glorious Gloria
Wow 40 years old, how the time has flown by !! will get my record dealer on the case to order for me hopefully. another great collectable.
Nice collector's edition
Great release. Nice u2 is doing these things for RSD. Maybe it's an idea to release cd-versions. Record Stores are selling cd's as well. Or better release a collection of these releases on cd for a fanclub release. Wide awake in Europe on cd would be amazing!
U2 fan from Australia
I’m a huge fan can’t wait for this such an incredible song and love the photo on the cover and the colour of the vinyl
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