'Great to be back...'

9 Aug 201023
'It's great to be back,' says Adam as the band take to the stage in Turin and U2 360� opens up again in Europe.

Check out the first of those very fine new tracks, 'Return of the Stringray Guitar' ... and don't forget to put in your order for pizza.
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10.08.10 Frankfurt
I´m a U2-Fan since 1983 and I´ve seen many many U2-concerts. I´ve never been so disapointed in one of their concerts then today. What a shit-sound, what a Mickey-Mouse-Voice, what a commerce... I wanted to show my son my HEROES ... :( ... Maybe smaller would be better. Nevertheless I still love U2 and I always will ;)))
i can wait!!!!!! i will go to Paris only for U2.... im in costa rica... i cant wait....
Man who lives in a street with
can't stand mainstream no more
we don't want elevation, vertigo& boots no more. you've got music milestones, please play it to us
can't wait - when are u coming to Oz?
Bono and the band look so healthy, fit and awesome! Love the sound of the 2 new songs - cant wait to hear the finished versions. I know some of you are disappointed with the set list - but honestly U2 have so many fantastic songs there is always going to be some great songs to miss out - not unleass we can get U2 to play for three days straight - imagine that! ROCK ON U2
Hurry hurry!!!
Please southamerica can´t wait anymore, Chile it´s waiting for you.... I love U2!!!!!!! Saludos desde Valparaiso!
setlist change
You gotta mix it up, you can't play almost the same setlist for a whole two year tour! Take out Get On Your Boots, In a Little While, and Walk On (maybe a few others) and freshen up the show! The Electric Co., Discotheque, Pride, Exit, BAD. BAAAAAAAAADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!
sooo great
look at them! they are laughing ;))) sooo great tomorrow we will be in frankfurt to see you again :D for the first time my son will be with me to see BONO ;)
sooo great
look at them! they are laughing ;))) sooo great tomorrow we will be in frankfurt to see you again :D for the first time my son will be with me to see BONO ;)
Funny video
Do I have to ask for Pizza?...I'm on a diet...
sooo great
look at them! they are laughing ;))) sooo great tomorrow we will be in frankfurt to see you again :D for the first time my son will be with me to see BONO ;)
Setlist Change
U2 needs to shake it up a bit for a two year tour! Return Of The Stingray Guitar, Magnificent, Elevation, Beautiful Day, Mysterious Ways (with extended solo), I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Glastonbury, North Star, Until the End of the World, PRIDE, The Unforgettable Fire, City Of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Crazy Tonight Remix, DISCOTHEQUE, EXIT, Sunday Bloody Sunday, CRY / THE ELECTRIC CO., BAD / 40 (snippet), One, Where the Streets Have No Name. Encore(s): 22. Even Better Than the Real Thing/Ultraviolet/Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me 23. With Or Without You 24. Moment of Surrender Or even Drowning Man, Gloria, Two Hearts Beat as One, Gone, Stand Up Comedy, Bullet the Blue Sky, Electrical Storm, The Fly, Desire, All I Want is You, New Year's Day, or Out of Control. BUT ABSOLUTELY THE ELECTRIC CO. AND BAD!!!!!!
My first U2 concert
It was the best experience of my life. Since 7.30 am (when i arrived) to 11.40 pm... Something i can't never forget... JUST THANK YOU
Great great great !
Its great to have U2 back! Can't wait for October, to see you guys in Portugal :)
definitely great
to see "the boys're back in the town" :) roll on!
Its like they never left! cant wait until you guys are in new jersey! Viva la U2!
change setlist
last u2 tour and band dont play best songs =( where is i will follow, gloria, new years day, pride, desire, all i want is you, the fly, zooropa, lemon, mofo, staring at the sun? looks like those songs are gone.
The best band in the world
I'm also looking forward to Frankfurt,and Brussels(22 & 23 september)
Ultra Violet
erm...............where the hell was "Ultra Violet" in Turin. The tour is built around that song for me!! That also is not an intro - its an unfinished song!!!!!! Some pretty dissapointing decisions have been made on this tour.
View Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge back to 360º Tour... priceless! Brazil waiting for you in 2011! All my eternal love for you guys, Silvana - SP, Brazil!
Frankfurt !!!
After Gelsenkirchen 2009 (magnificient concert !!!), I'll be tomorrow in Frankfurt. Please, please. Play Unknown Caller and Ultraviolet. My best memories from Gelsenkirchen
Another great gig, another demonstration of great music and show....South America is waiting for you, guys!!!!
U2 rocks!!
They are just the best!!! Love from France, Abby Gaelle
See you in Frankfurt tomorrow!
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