'Horizon' Arrives

27 Feb 200928
They were queuing up in Dublin last night to be first to get hold of the new record - scenes set to be repeated in other countries over the next few days.

And the early reviews suggest the five year wait since 'Bomb' in 2004, will have been worth it.

'It combines two moments,' says Blender editor Joe Levy, 'the epic grandeur of The Joshua Tree and the experimental audio research of Achtung Baby and Zooropa. They're at a point where they can be the biggest band in the world and still be edgy, with a capital 'E' in this case. They haven't come out swinging this hard and reaching this high since Joshua. On the surface, it's classic U2. Put on the headphones, and you hear an album every bit as sonically ambitious as Achtung Baby."

If you're in the UK, tune in to the BBC, it'll be hard to miss them today.

Have you got the record yet ? Let us know how you got it... and what you think ?

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snowy of astley bride
the new album does grow on you.However some of these tunes i just cant see them working live.Big mistake releasing Boots as first single.Huge mistake!
I read in The Times on Saturday that Moment of Surrender was poor and gavethe song 2 starts out of 5. How wrong they are !!!! This together with 'No line on the horizon' are brilliant. Bring on the tour.......
Getting Better With Age
Just when you think this band has toped itself they produce another big piece of sound and lyrics that take us to another place. I live in the U.S. and have gotten a preview through the website, and have been reading up on the critics reviews as well. I think the critics reviews, though heavely positive, almost completely negate the previous two records.I thought those two recordswere really quite something. So, that being said, this latest work is quite good. Sonically strong, and lyrically it may be Bono's best pen yet. There is a good mix of familiar U2 sounds, some funk, and some soul. My favorites on the record would have to be Magnificent, Moment of Surrender, I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, Unknown Caller, and Fez-Being Born. Looking forward to hearing the new material live, and some of the songs from ATYCLB and 'Dismantle". I love this band!!
Been listening here on U2.com. Wow, I haven't responded to a U2 album like this since Joshua Tree and "Zoo TV (not the album Achtung Baby, I disliked the dampened sound, but rather the sounds from the live show from Sydney). The dishers don't like "Boots" and more, I do now, in context. I didn't like it as a single, but I didn't like "Vertigo" at first either! My highest compliment (speaking as a musician as well as a fan) is that it all gets better with every listening. I am in awe, esp of the 1st three cuts, and the amazing "Moment of Surrender". I love the humour in "Stand Up Comedy".
Am totally blown away by No Line, bought it at midnight last Thursday in Dublin, wasn't sure about it at first but it keeps getting better and better with every listen, there's an amazing depth and scope to the album, their best since Actung Baby, think it will become a classic, up there with Joshua Tree and Actung Baby
addy john
Addy John
i reckon it's probably there best album ever, but how do you compare to like the Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby, all these albums are brilliant, thought with or without you was best sing ever, but now think moment of surrender is, then you've got i'll go crazy, that's awesome as well, then unknown caller, bought the album saturday and this album still grows on me everytime, moment of surrender gets better and better, been a fan since early 80's in hight school, some 29 years later, U2 still make my life, love you guys, you're the most creative ban in the world, your sounds your feelings
Achtung Fire...
Wow, classic U2 mixed in with a whole lot of spunk. I have heard this album many times and can say that there is one song I have to skip, but the album is great. I don't think it's the Joshua Tree, but I really think it is Unforgettable Fire meets Achtung Baby for sure. It has the sadness that Unforgettable Fire posesses but the new sound of Achtung Baby. Can't wait for the tour guys!
achtung 2.0
album not out in the states yet. been listenin' on u2.com. class. pure class..... i may revise to 5 stars tho
excuses accepted
there is so much self-confidence and energy in this album. this album is exactly the way it should be, a sort of homecoming. after hearing this album i understand what the problem with the last two albums was: they simply missed where this one hits bulls eye. sensational, thanks, U2!
Thank You!
I have heard the new album several times at U2.com, and I have goose bumps all over, again!! There is no one out there with the staying power of U2, and the new tracks prove once again, that the boys can still mix things up, yet remain true to their instincts. I have grown up a lot during my more than 25 years of listening to U2, and the music still takes my breath away. Thank you, very much, U2! 
no line
the moment of surrender is the one for me at the moment.as with every other u2 album just when I think its way too mellow something magical begins to happen ,the magic is starting to happen.
U2 back to save the world of music
Got it two days earlier here in the UK (Amazon pre order rules!) and I really can't get over how great it is. The review in the article is right, it mixes Joshua Tree with the groove and edgy sound of Actung baby. Its immense, beautuful, epic but laidback at the same time. Anyone of these tracks are gonna be awesome live as well.
More mature sound
Still evolving, more mature and am sure will better with age as has Achtung Baby and Joshua Tree. Too short!! Why not 12 songs? Hope singles contain new songs as b-sides not on album, otherwise how do you justiify 4 years away!! S17
Good not great album - again a fan from day one, now 50 only a few years ahead guys!! The Joshua Tree is still,for me, the best U2 songs ever written - why all the experimentation when you have already got it. I don't like the idea that Bono thinks they should be making music for a techno - generation,sounds like marketing!!
The new album shows out to new horizons
The album came out yesterday in Switzerland as well. U2, to me it's one of your best albums. I like the new sound patterns which are well mixed with the typical U2 basic sound and the poetic lyrics. Hard to choose a favourite song. My résumé: Great sound with great musicians - or: Magnificent! Something special to me is the album cover, because I'm living right here in the little village Uttwil where the photo was taken. :-)
Roy McBride
I was queuing at Midnight
Queued up for the midnight launch...got a few versions of the album. Enjoyed the hour long drive home with just the album for company...loud!
Tom - Dublin
fantatic album. as with all U2 albums you need to listen a few times to allow the enormity of how good the music is to sink in. magnificent, moment of surrender, unknown caller, absolutely fantastic. negative commentary is to me knee jerk. live interpration of this album will be where it will really come home.
Ignore Boots
The rest of this album is class....Sexy boots was just a curve ball the lads threw us!
Excellent - Magnificent
just listened the album... my first impression is that MAGNIFICENT is the best song on the album. Overall seems to be very good album especially first 3 songs including Breathe. Looking forward for the tour. cheers
No line on the horizan
I've got the album todat in the netherlands (27th). I got it from a pre order and it's the box version.
After hearing it I was realy amazed. i realy think its the best album ever by U2. It;s so experimental and so U2. I'm not sure if everybody like what they made but I'm more a fan of the experimental U2 albums so I think this is the beste! I was hoping for it to bring a new sound and what a sound it is! Keep on doíng the great stuff guys and amaze us fot years to come! Because this is in two words : PURE BRILJANT!
Wonderfull record
I ve got the new cd and its is a beautiful cd, i was a little afraid when i heard the new single. But that is not represent the cd. Its back to the achtung baby en Joshua Tree.. Thank guys.. you are still the greatest.. greetings from Holland San
New album global launch day matches Rory
Since your new album global launch day matches Rory Gallagher 61stB-Day, as a good Irish fellas, would be nice if. you bring Rory memoryto the media. I'm admin of the G-man FB fan community I'd appreciate itvery much. He showed the world the beginning of great Rock fromIreland. Rory would be very happy with your current success, U2
Skeptical at first
I must say when the single was released I was a bit dissappointed. But then hearing it in the context of the album changed my mind. This is a very good album
new album
I have been a u2 fan since the 80's I have seen them over 20 times live and almost every major experience in my life has a U2 song as its soundtrack. I am extremely sorry to say that the new stuff is far and away the worse music they have ever produced.They either don't care anymore or have completely lost it . I am sorry to say that I am afraid that this officially signals the end of the greatest most influential band of our time. Thanks for the memories
NLOTH, Magnificent & I'll go crazy tonight stand out for me, still the Worlds number 1 group and as innovative & creative as ever! Cannot wait till the tour!
I Like it but.....
I like the new cd. Have been a fan from the beginning. Ijust don't think it'sat the level of The Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby, as some are saying. I love the title track, like Crazy and Stand Up. I'm sure others will grow on me with time. It's the Live Show we wait for!!!
The boots have kicked me into groove
Album came out in Australia as well today - Sound is the big word for this album, i pity my neigbours who are getting an ear bashing at the moment with this record. Welcome back U2!
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