‘I Ain’t Done Yet…'

23 Jun 20157

When country music legend Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease he was told to prepare for the worst.

Instead, Glen and his wife went public with the diagnosis and set out on a 'Goodbye Tour'.

'Glen Campbell I'll Be Me' tells the story of the shows, and a great cast of contributors includes The Edge - along with Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow and Taylor Swift. CNN, this Sunday, June 28.

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An Inspiration
Glen Campbell is a true legend and a musical journeyman to us all. Music is a healer and this is a perfect tribute to Glen and his talent. Thank you Edge for being in this documentary….you're support and passion are timeless. Thanks to CNN for showing this very important film. All U2 fans really need to watch this. Peace.
Give a helping hand
Edge, Jack White, Jimmy Page. Give this guy a hand! Glen is a true legend! He can't go down like this. He has given us his heart, let's give him our hand.
Shine a light on Glen Campbell & Alzheim
Thank you The Edge and #U2Family #U2Friends for shining a light on Glen Campbell's Doc.! CNN This Sunday! June 28, 2015 Any light that shines brings hope and Love to Caregivers and Many Beloved Family members whom suffer and battle the fight every day! #Blessing and #U2Love To Mr. Campbell, (Music Legend Indeed!) & All those affected by Alz. every day! :)) xx PS: I remember watching The Glenn Campbell Show as young girl with my Mom! :)) #ENDALZ
A true Legend
All I can say is Glen is a true guitar legend, along with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce Eric Clapton...... And the list goes on. Long live the great guitar players, including, The Edge!
I screened Glen Campbell's DOC last year and was moved to sobbing... As someone with a family member suffering through the hell that is Alzheimer's, I can't recommend this film enough. It is SO well done, it is so real and it entertains as it breaks your heart. Glen's family, friends, and everyone he met along the musical way, including The Edge, is so supportive and brilliant in this film. I never knew Glen Campbell was funny! I've been a fan my entire life. I pray every U2 fan watches this important reality film this weekend. It is not the reality TV you may be used to, but this is REAL LIFE with ALZ. To The Edge: God bless you for participating and well done! Kimbirly
Thank you for spotlighting Alzheimer's
Glen's story represents the millions of us out here who have cared for, and lost our loved ones to this horrible disease. Thank you for bringing this darkness to light. Awareness brings funding, and with funding, maybe one day, a cure. #ENDALZ
I Ain't Done Yet
Glen Campbell is an amazing talent. When I was a kid he lived down the street from us, and he hosted a talent show we performed in. He is way cool, and he's is right, the best is yet to come. God bless Glenn !!!
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