'I Can Sing It To You All Night…'

11 Dec 201738

‘I Can Sing It To You All Night…’

'In total, ‘reports Billboard, 'U2 has now led the Billboard 200 with Songs of Experience, No Line on the Horizon (2009), How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004), Pop (1997), Zooropa (1993), Achtung Baby (1991), the Rattle and Hum soundtrack (1988) and The Joshua Tree (1987).’

Hitting the top of the US chart in 2017, means  ‘the band is now the only group with No. 1s in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s.’

And along with the highest first-week sales for a rock band this year, come glowing critical reviews for the record.

“One of the best albums of 2017.”— ABC NEWS

“A thrilling listen.”— ASSOCIATED PRESS

"U2 are earnest, defiant, and as epic as ever on Songs of Experience.”— ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY 

“Reaffirms the sound that has been filling arenas and stadiums for decades.”— THE NEW YORK TIMES

"In their strongest outing since All That You Can’t Leave Behind, the four-piece writes both sweeping anthems as well as some of the most effortless songs of their career.”— NO RIPCORD

"If experience has taught U2 anything, it is that a great new song can still feel like the first day of the rest of your life. Songs of Experience is that innocence renewed.”—ROLLING STONE

“Their best album in years.”— USA TODAY

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...from Mexico City to the world...
Thanks for ambrace México in your hearts. We are living tough times... these boys always brings us hope and faith. We must "get out of our own way".
You are rock an roll and U make me perfect again! Love and Light my way to Vertigo! Miss You Sugar. .. ... .... Detlev Lassche, the Vertigo Hunter.
Again, the best!
So glad the critics love this album as much as we all do! Many congrats and here's to the tour in 2018 - longing to hear the European cities and dates!!! Can't wait for 2018!
I don`t understand
New album is so poor. Dissapoint.
Congratulations on your latest #1! :) This is a GREAT album - I can't wait to hear some/most of it live.
I love SOE
The release lives up to what the charts and press say here and then some! Thank you U2 for this epic labor of love that you 4 have given us with Songs of Experience. [What a great video clip on this post! The anticipation is on.]
Thank you U2!
Another fantastic journey with U2. Thank you for this wonderful gift of an album. Number 1 on the charts and well deserved. Every song on Songs of Experience is an instant classic. Hope you play the whole album on tour! Way to go lads! You're always inspiring!
My sincere congratulations!
Wow!! Giving an appetizer to the fans because of good news is a great habit to keep. The clip for "Get Out of Your Way" seems to bring a positivity and I liked the use of this environment, since the day of the dead is a Mexican tradition of Hispanic origin that is a great example that somethings depends on the point of view to being positive or negative. For some, it's a day of melancholy and devotion, but to others, it's a day of joy and of offering to the dead what they enjoyed while alive. When it gives a double meaning is something that somehow always measure up with the U2. But, no forgetting, there's still the message of the whole, since "Best Thing" was filmed in New York and now for "Get Out of Your Way" in Mexico. For a good understander, two clips are sufficient to understand the larger scope of the message. My sincere congratulations!
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